Oats are a great pantry staple to have handy for a variety of different recipes!

Oats are a hearty, naturally gluten-free grain filled with fiber, minerals, and starchy goodness. Oats are incredibly versatile and can be used for morning porridges, cookies, cakes, bread, pancakes, and much more. Oats are also very soothing on the skin and have been used for centuries in oat baths to calm sensitive skin.

Health Benefits of Oats:

Oats are known for their cholesterol-lowering effects due to their high fiber content, mainly in the form of beta-glucan soluble fiber. Studies have shown that consuming this type of soluble fiber helps reduce overall cholesterol, especially LDL. This decreases the risk of heart disease and also aids digestion. Oats also help maintain stable blood sugars to keep your energy steady and even over the course of the day.

Fiber isn’t the only key player in oats, they also have antioxidants and have been shown to have cardiovascular benefits and aid immune health. The magnesium content of oats also aids in the secretion of insulin and glucose among enabling many other enzymatic functions.

Oats are heart healthy for all groups of people, including those with celiac disease. Just be mindful of the processing center and be sure it’s certified gluten-free!

Nutrient Breakdown of Oats:

*Per 1 cup dry

How To Use:

Oats are incredibly versatile! They’re great in hot cereal, muesli, granola, bread, muffins, cakes, brownies, desserts, truffles, smoothies, overnight oats, cold cereal, or as a gluten-free breading.


Overnight Oats Three Ways

Chocolate Fruit Bake

Simple Protein Cookies

NS Recommends:

If you’re used to eating oats in a particular way, switch it up! Soak overnight in almond milk versus cooking them on the stove for an easy breakfast that takes care of itself while you sleep. The almond milk soaks into the oats for a nice porridge consistency.