Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a hot, spicy, “warming” red spice from the capsicum family.

Cayenne pepper is a hot powder made from the seeds and pods of red chili peppers. It has a moderately hot, spicy taste with a slight aroma. Originating in the Cayenne region of French Guiana, it is now found widely in the US, East Africa, Mexico, and India.  

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper is known for having quite a few health benefits! Due to its moderate heat, it can actually slightly boost your metabolism. Studies have shown the effects of this metabolism boost generally lasts for about 20 minutes after consumption! Additionally, despite cayenne peppers’ “heat” and reputation for causing stomach ulcers, it actually does just the opposite! Cayenne pepper has been proven to help prevent ulcers. The warming effects of cayenne pepper stimulate the digestive system to release buffering juices, which help protect the stomach lining from ulcer formation. If you have GERD, cayenne may irritate it, but this can be determined on an individual basis. 

Cayenne has also been known to clear up congestion and mucus in the body, which is great for the common cold. It can even help fight inflammation in the body. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, it inhibits a neuropeptide in the inflammatory process. Since cayenne works to fight inflammation, it may be particularly helpful for conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes neuropathy, and other pain-associated disease states with inflammatory conditions.

How To Use:

Use cayenne pepper to add a bit of heat to your favorite dishes. It’s great in smoothies to help diversify the flavor and boost your metabolism. It’s also awesome when mixed with chocolate as a treat. Whether sweet or savory, cayenne pepper is a great addition to any dish!


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