We’re a small team and we love hearing from you — however small we’ve impacted your life, we’d love to hear your story.

Here’s what some of our community is sharing, from their favorite recipes, health stories, mastering meal prep, to how our method and framework in private sessions have impacted their health.

Nutrition Private Sessions and Wellness Coaching

“Before deciding to try McKel’s framework, I didn’t think I’d have the time or willpower to really change my lifestyle and eating behaviors. After experiencing the framework, I’ve realized that I can take baby steps towards living a healthier life and I’m encouraged to make the guidance my own, listen to my body and find the routines that work best for me and my lifestyle. I now have the tools to sustain this healthy lifestyle — they serve as a reference guide that I can return to time and time again!” – Christina F. 

“I thought that the plan and “to-do” items would be too time-consuming or difficult to implement in my life. McKel used information about my current lifestyle and habits (and health) to create a framework that required implementing small changes over time that positively impacted my day-day life. If you’re on the fence, if you think this is a magic button, it isn’t, but it also isn’t hard. Be as honest as you possible can about the timeline of your day and your habits. This will enable you to create a plan to support your health and your goals. If you commit to small changes over time, you can change the way you think about nutrition and positively affect your everyday life.” – Amy S. 

“I’ve always been able to find a great connection with Mckel and actually apply what I’ve learned. Some factors were for me and some were not however that’s when I was able to use intuitiveness and make the final decision! It was the beginning to my understanding of food nutrition and now have literally taken and run with my health! I think we spend 6 months in total together! I have never felt as amazing as I do now, and always stem my appreciation back to you steering me in the correct direction!” – Britini M.

“When I started coaching with McKel, my goal was to learn how to feel good and strong in my body. I would wake after 8 hours of sleep feeling tired and I wanted that to change. After reading dozens of books and articles about personal development and health and wellness, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have a framework to incorporate the various prescribed strategies and practices into my day-to-day. Enter McKel. Her approach is a simple, back-to-basics one that is accessible and actionable. She provided a nutrition plan shortly after our first session and we worked together to tailor the plan to my food preferences and schedule. She taught me how to batch cook, which quickly became one of my favorite weekly activities. In short, she empowered me to take charge of my nutrition and exercise habits. My energy levels were noticeably up in just a few weeks and continue to improve. We also worked quite a bit on self-care and career transition. McKel asked the hard questions and encouraged me to spend time each week thinking about my values and what I wanted to feel and accomplish with my work. I’d been struggling with this transition for a long time. McKel’s approach helped me get unstuck and back on the path. I know obstacles will appear along the path again, but I now have the tools to work through them and get to the other side. Aside from her impressive qualifications, McKel is just a great human. She’s cheerful and encouraging but firmly encourages you to do the hard work. I felt supported every step of the way. At the end of our 3-month journey, I can say that the changes I’ve implemented with her help are real and sustainable. Know that you’ll be in good hands.” — Kristyn J.

“McKel and I worked together throughout several phases of marathon training, insane work schedule, inconsistent eating routine, etc and it was truly a beautiful time to explore those topics with her. I was constantly reminded that my goal is to find balance and not to look a certain way or to be a certain weight. I would look forward to sharing my accomplishments and finding new goals in between our sessions. It was helpful to have someone walk alongside my journey through eating and be open to trying new meal plans and changing things up to work around my schedule and needs. Overall, I feel much more balance and joy in my everyday life, eating, and training routine. I would highly recommend Nutrition Stripped Services, especially if you are struggling in any of these areas!” — Steph B.

“Approaching 50 I knew if I didn’t change my lifestyle I was destined to suffer the health challenges and diminished quality of life that has plagued my parents. Having never worked with a dietician before I didn’t know what to expect.I’ve been working with McKel since November 2015 and it was the best decision/investment I could have made for my well being. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She’s always encouraging and helps keeps me accountable and motivated. I look forward to our sessions and always feel more focused on my goals afterward. The Nutrition Stripped website has been another valuable resource for information and great recipes. McKel’s passion for wellness is contagious so if you’re looking for a coach and a cheerleader on your path to a healthy lifestyle she’s your girl!” — Joelle F.

“In just three short months I’ve formed new perspectives on health & wellbeing and was able to alter my lifestyle to one I believe everyone should live and experience; loving yourself, loving what you do, what you eat, how you move, and how you dream, believe & achieve! Talk about an all-over lifestyle leader this lady is fearless in the pursuit of helping you achieve your goals. She makes this possible through hard work and determination to connect with you personally on several of life’s different pillars. I was surprised to see how my sessions flew by and were wanting more. Great job McKel, keep inspiring women and doing what you do best, it is truly appreciated.” — Britney

“Mckel is a life changer. Nutrition is just a part of my life now, not a daunting task. I would recommend her to anyone!” — Ali A.

Guide To Master Meal Planning

“I’ve been amazed at how much easier my world has been once I really started trying to simplify what I was eating instead of trying to concoct super fancy, insanely involved recipes every night.” — Brittney M.

“Learning how to meal prep has truly been a game-changer, especially while I’m in school. I’ve noticed that when I don’t take the time to meal plan for a certain week, I end up eating less and having less energy. I would’ve never learned how to meal prep effectively without Nutrition Stripped, so thanks, McKel!” — Jacy

“I have a group of folks I can ask about a variety of things. I personally love suggestions of places to eat when on the road. Also, I like that it has educated me so I can also help others. The ability to make the food is great. The ability to understand and share why it is good for you is even better.” — Lisa

“My kitchen is clean! I feel like if my kitchen is messy/disorganized, I reach for foods that I tend to not choose or even go out to grab something instead of making foods that I have. When I keep my kitchen clean, I eat foods/meals that are extremely nourishing and vibe with my day” – Kelsey

“The meal plans allow day-to-day flexibility which is incredibly helpful for a wife and mother with a busy schedule!” – Brittney

“I’ve LOVED being a part of the Nutrition Stripped community. The meal plans have saved me money and time and have made me feel incredibly healthy.” – Elizabeth B.

“It has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal of obtaining all my nutritional goals through whole foods and still embracing my love of cooking and being a foodie!” – Michelle

“I can hardly believe how amazing I feel after such a short time of fueling my body right. I have significantly more energy and feel an overall lightness in my body. I usually feel very sluggish and sick after eating and I’ve felt nothing but fantastic these past few days. Thank you, McKel, for sharing this great knowledge, I’m so excited to continue learning!” – Emily T.

“I’ve been using the meal prep guide for a few months now and really love the recipes and the ease that meal prepping brings to my week!”- Ali A.

NS Society — Monthly Membership

“Personally, what sets apart NS from other blogs is that it encompasses more than pretty food-styled photos or inspiring quotes – you, McKel, and your team take time to educate and provide factual, fascinating material that translates so easily into reality. That, to me, is why I keep coming back – and recommend the blog and cookbook to anyone who will listen!” — Natalie Y.

“With the Society, I was able to approach a more mindful and balanced way of living with a community of others interested in doing the same thing. Connecting all over the world, asking questions, overcoming similar habits/hurdles, and sharing our lives with each other really makes it feel like you’re going on a health journey with friends. NS promotes progress, not perfection, and enjoying the process all along the way to achieve an overall happier and healthier you!” -Karsyn

“The meal planning and prep that I have learned through NS and the Society have virtually and radically changed my healthy eating world! I’ve gone from being single to married and now a mother with NS and have been able to manage life and feeding myself and my family well because of the principles I have learned through McKel and her many outreaches.” – Cate A. 

More Love For Nutrition Stripped

“I loved all of these articles and I just wanted to send you some positive vibes and a huge shout out for being such an amazing source of information. You are my go-to girls when I have a wellness or health question because I can always count on NS to strip it down to the facts regardless of what everyone else on social media is saying. Your posts are evidence-based, thorough, and so fun to read. Keep up the absolutely amazing work!” — Anna M.

“Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I have been LOVING Nutrition Stripped so far this year. You guys have been posting a lot of in-depth nutrition articles (like the microbiome article posted today, or the one nutrition deficiency or the article about low-fat vs. low-carb).  I seriously love these posts so much. I obviously enjoy your recipe posts and enjoy trying new foods, but getting more info about nutrition itself and why eating whole foods is so good for you has been really eye-opening. I trust your information since McKel has the science and education to back up all her posts and it makes me feel well informed and educated about nutrition (which can be hard with all the stuff floating around out there on the internet)” — Kelsey M.

“I love reading your articles and am subscribed for the weekly newsletter. You have taught me so much and are such a great example of someone who loves what they do and has succeeded at it. I am in the dorms right now, but when I have a kitchen I am planning on starting meal planning and using your guide to do so. Thank you so much for inspiring me!!” — Ashley P.

“I have been following your Instagram for a while and just recently got more into your blogs, what I love about your blog is that you give such education advice about Food and the science behind what is going on in our bodies. I follow several health food pages and yours is definitely unique in that way, anyone can take a pretty picture of a healthy meal but not anyone can tell what the meal is actually going to do in the body.” — Shelby J.

“I’ve been a longtime subscriber to your newsletter, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of the incredible content that you’re sharing each week. I’ve been following the blog for a while now, and I’m so happy to see how much it has grown to become a trusted, welcoming resource for all things wellness. Your team is doing an amazing job, and I’m grateful for every single article, recipe, inspirational quote, shop item, nutritional study, fitness tip, playlist… Whew! See? You guys share so much with this community! 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. You are making a difference in people’s lives. I wish the entire Nutrition Stripped team continued success and recognition.” — Sarah M.

“I love it that you guys choose to focus on actual studies and the scientific side of things. I recommend you as a health news resource to my friends, and I’m proud to have found you in the age when many media sources choose form over substance. Thank you for your amazing work.” — Vera G.

“I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, website, and Instagram accounts! I am studying Dietetics in school at the moment and I get so much enjoyment seeing someone in the field I’m studying towards doing something so unique and interesting! Not to mention the recipes I have tried out of your book are phenomenal!” — Stephanie H.

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the wedding diet article that you wrote. I married my awesome husband on may 19th, and I had really been struggling with the pressure, the anxiety, and the lack of control – most of which was completely self-inflicted! Cooking with your cookbook has been in our wheelhouse for a few years now, but the idea of moderation and ENJOYING our engagement and wedding was a beautiful reminder. I credit some of your go-to recipes and tips with some pretty excellent wedding skin and energy levels as well. Thanks so much for all that you do!” — Amber I.

“Recently read your article on creating a morning routine which I found very helpful/inspiring. Since then, I have been attending a 5.30 Ashtanga yoga class week mornings, followed by some sauna action, and then ‘Headspace’ meditation. Makes me feel INCREDIBLE and still make it to work by 9!”-Anthony B.

“Nutrition Stripped always writes such well-researched and informed articles relating to health issues. The recipes on NS are very PCOS friendly i.e. dairy and grain free and low in sugar and have really been a lifesaver in my quest to be as healthy as possible. I just really wanted to thank you, McKel and everyone else at NS, you all are doing a great job, real quality work, it is appreciated.” – Traci C.

“I wanted to reach out as a New York-based aspiring RD! I’ve been following your page for a little over a year now, and I just wanted to mention how inspired I am by your brand, content, and lifestyle. I love the way you present information and include science and facts behind your statements. I find your page to be so refreshing and even calming! “-Mary

“LOVE your blog and Instagram and think that you have such a great message and educate others about the importance of nutrition in the best way. So, thank you for being an inspiration!” -Stefanie W.

“I’m so thankful for your blog and the advice and consistent motivation it provides me. I have a strong passion for eating in ways that make me feel amazing and your recipes and nutrition filled articles are a HUGE reflection of this.” – Shannon M.

“I am a huge NS fan! Your emails are one of the very few I actually open regularly amidst an inbox otherwise cluttered by spam. 😉 “- Laura S.

“Your emails have so much helpful information on this new path I’m on to becoming an RD and I’m learning so much. “ -Erin F.