The Mission

Hi, welcome to Nutrition Stripped founded by McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN.

Our mission is to support you in feeling confident, balanced, and at peace with food! This is a place where you’ll learn how to nourish yourself and embody a balanced life where you feel empowered, aligned, and at peace with your eating habits.

You’ll learn how to let go of diets, break free from the stress and obsession with food, and release a restrictive mindset in order to cultivate a positive relationship and experience with food, for life!

We do this by empowering you with education and tools found here.

Our Balanced & Mindful Manifesto

Whether you’re looking to create more balanced eating habits, find your balanced weight, or manage a health condition with more mindful eating, if these statements below resonate with you, then you’re in the right community! 

We embrace the individual, not strive for perfection.

We focus on intentional action, practice, and progress over trying to obtain perfection. Taking small and practical daily actions unique to our well-being creates sustainable habits.

When we strive for perfection with our health, we are in a state of imbalance — it keeps us feeling stuck, not enough, overwhelmed, overanalyzing, and out of the present moment — it doesn’t support your physical, mental, or emotional well-being on your journey to nourish yourself with balance. 

We honor the many roles food plays in our lives.

We firmly believe food is more than physical nourishment on a cellular level. It’s also about honoring the many enjoyable roles food plays in our life experiences such as our culture, traditions, social connection, and pleasure.

It’s possible to experience food that’s both nourishing to you and enjoyable to you — the two are not mutually exclusive as diets will lead you to believe. 

You can have both sides of the spectrum. 

Balanced eating adds to your life, allowing you to enjoy all the social gatherings, celebrations with friends and family, traveling, and experiencing other cultures’ foods, all while nourishing yourself with the nutrients you need.  

We deserve and are worthy of long-term health.

We practice embodying the balanced version of ourselves we want to become in the future. By acting in this way, we actually become that version of ourselves.

We are worthy and deserving of putting our health first and thinking of ourselves in the context beyond the 30-day plan or the quick fix. We know this is a long journey that takes a mindset of growth, learning, and expansion, not a fixed mindset focused on the short-term result.

We check-in to reflect on our unique needs.

We honor our unique bodies by cultivating self-awareness and a grounded mind-body connection to check in with our needs and wants — not ignoring our needs for the sake of following a plan or checking generic boxes. 

We know ourselves best and reflecting on thought patterns, feelings, and actions around our eating habits is key to rebalancing.

We cultivate compassion and curiosity.

We speak to ourselves with deep compassion and curiosity about our eating habits, not shaming, stressing, or putting pressure on ourselves to get it right or to avoid failure and challenges.

We know that non-judgemental observation, compassion, and curiosity go a long way to deepening our inner wisdom and rebalance.

We strive for balance.

We find balance by nourishing ourselves by moving with the flow of life, aligning, and recentering on The Balance Spectrum™, not swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to another or cycling between the two.

We practice calibrating to the center, the happy medium, rather than engaging in mindsets or behaviors that promote strict or extreme eating, or one way of nourishing.

We are open to a journey that’s easy and enjoyable.

We design a way of eating and living that’s completely unique and aligned to our bodies and lifestyles creating a sense of peace and ease. 

We know following diets or plans not made with us in mind, requires force and creates resistance – nourishing with balance comes easy when in alignment with what we truly want.

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We are grateful that our work touches the lives of readers in 180+ countries! We welcome all walks of life, ages, gender identification, sexual orientation, political affiliations, Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, body sizes, and physical abilities as part of this community. By joining our compassionate community, we hope we share the same value of respect for the well-being of everyone. We want each community member to feel welcome.


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