What We Do

Hi, welcome to Nutrition Stripped!

Our mission is to support you in reclaiming balance in the way you nourish yourself and embodying a mindful life where you feel empowered, aligned, and at peace with your eating habits.

We teach you how to let go of diets, trends, and a restriction mindset in order to cultivate inner trust and confidence to nourish yourself well with balance and how to do that consistently by creating habits that are sustainable.

We do this by empowering you with free education and tools, free workshops, free coaching consults, and paid offerings like our proprietary Mindful Nutrition Method, coaching services, and professional mentorship.

Mindful Nutrition Method™

Our Framework

Founder and Dietitian McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN created our proprietary Mindful Nutrition Methodwhich is rooted in science, habit change and honors our unique three main pillars: mindful mindset, mindful eating, and mindful living.

How We Can Support You Further

Join The Mindful Nutrition Method™

The Mindful Nutrition Method is a year-long online course, community, and group coaching program to help you reclaim balance with the way you nourish yourself. By the end of this program, you’ll cultivate balance, peace, and ease with your eating habits. Join us here for less than $2 a day →

Watch The Free Workshop

Join our free workshop to learn how to let go of diets, restriction mindsets, food rules, and start to reclaim balance with your eating habits. Watch it here →

Book A Free Coaching Consult 

Want to dive deep and get the one-on-one support you’re calling in? Our team of wellbeing coaches and Registered Dietitians are trained in the Mindful Nutrition Method and can work with you to personalize your balanced eating habits. Book a free consult here →

Join Our Eating Well Made Easy Mini-course

Presented by the Mindful Nutrition Method, this Mini-Course will teach you how to create simple meals that nourish your body, so you can feel your best every day while also supporting your long-term wellbeing. This is one tool of many we teach within the full Mindful Nutrition Method™ program. Join today for just $49 →


We are grateful that our work touches the lives of readers in 180+ countries! We welcome all walks of life, ages, gender identification, sexual orientation, political affiliations, Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, body sizes, and physical abilities as part of this community.

By joining our compassionate community, we hope we share the same value of respect for the well-being of everyone. We want each community member to feel welcomed and as they belong to a community they are proud of. It’s a beautiful vision, one we know is going to take a lot of work and practice from our small team to actualize.

Our Team


We’re a small and mighty women-led and operated team that cares deeply about our community.

We Believe Health Is A Daily Practice™

We honor that food plays a crucial role in physically nourishing our bodies on a cellular level and we also honor that food plays many roles in addition to that, including the experience of food, the tradition, culture, pleasure, and joy! 

Nutrition is that first step in taking care of yourself creating a positive impact on other pillars of your life too — mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

By following our Mindful Nutrition Method™ to design a way of mindful eating and living that’s completely unique to you — we focus on the practice and progress over perfection. Taking small daily actions for your health, add up.

We Love Learning (and Teaching!)

Think of us as your compassionate (and at times nerdy) friend who reminds you of all the ways to take care of yourself. We like to talk about the science of health, but also everything in between that makes us human, including physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental practices that contribute to our wellbeing. 

We Find Joy In Supporting You

We support the community with hundreds of free evidence-based health and nutrition articles, publishing several new articles each week, weekly and monthly newsletters, videos with NS TV, free courses, and our free online workshops that have helped thousands. 

We care about you and the connection we’re building from customer service, replying to emails, to your entire experience being part of this community.

We Give Back

We’re a small company, but every bit can support the collective wellbeing of humans.

As we grow, our goal is to be able to support organizations in much larger ways with every sale, but we have to start somewhere, and somewhere is here. If you’re a customer of any of our products, thank you for supporting our work so we can continue doing what we do, and also supporting others.

We Believe Integrity Is Key

Any research-heavy article we share, we will highlight where those resources were found in case you want further learning, who or what inspired a recipe if we’re partnering with a brand — more often than not if we’re recommending products, it’s simply because we love them! If they’re included in our affiliate shop, then those follow our affiliate policy and if we’re formally partnering with a brand, we call it out and we’re very proud to do so.

We Practice What We Teach

We know that we have to show up for ourselves fully in order to give back to you in the way you deserve, so we practice what we teach here at NS. 

As a small women-led and operated business, we’re really proud to offer PTO days and holidays, fully remote working opportunities, and we’re working our way up to a 4-day work week #goals! We believe when we’re taken care of in this way, we can take care of you 1000x better

You Make Our Day!

We wake up every day focused on how we can support you even better — we dream big and continually ask ourselves what else we can do to empower you in reclaiming balance. Thanks for keeping us learning, aware, and inspired, we’re grateful for you!

We love hearing from you, whether it’s replying to one of our NS Insider Newsletters or simply reaching out to [email protected] to share your story, your health journey, and how NS has supported you. We save emails like this in a folder where we read them whenever we need a pick me up!


Have questions? Need customer support? Want to say hi!? Please visit our Contact page for customer support, article feedback, and to say hi!

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