Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a sweetener that can also be a great binder in vegan desserts.

Maple Syrup is a delicious, thick, sticky syrup made from the sap of a variety of maple trees. It has a rich brown color with a tint of red which varies based on the different food grading of maple syrup. In the states, we grade maple syrup into either A or B. Grade A can be divided into three categories: light, medium, or dark amber. Grade A typically has a lighter taste than Grade B. Grade B is rich, thick, and has a bold maple flavor and is typically used in baking or cooking.

Good quality maple syrup can come with a high price tag. Keep in mind that quality is important though. Its expensive prices are due to the sustainability of the industry; it typically takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup!

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup:

The major difference between maple syrup and other varieties of sweeteners is the presence of vitamins and minerals. It also has an abundance of antioxidants present, which is particularly high in Grade B maple syrup. While maple syrup is a great choice when in need of a natural sweetener, it is still sugar and should be treated as such!

Nutrient Breakdown of Maple Syrup:

*Per 5 tbsps, 100g

How To Use:

You can use maple syrup as a natural source of sweetness. It’s great with pancakes, waffles, oatmeal and porridges. You can also use it as a sweetener in desserts, granola, cookies and cakes. It’s also great to use as a binding agent in vegan desserts such as truffles!


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NS Recommends:

When measuring maple syrup in a measuring cup, spray non-stick spray or grease to allow for a more accurate measurement without leaving any sticky maple syrup behind in the cup!