Did you know avocados are also known as alligator pears? The avocado is technically a fruit and is used traditionally with savory dishes due to its high-fat content and creamy texture.

The flesh of the avocado is light green and has one large seed in the center. Avocados come in many varieties, but in the US we’re most familiar with California or Florida varieties. These fruits are frequently referred to as a “superfood” due to their vitamin E, fiber, and healthy fat content!

Health Benefits of Avocados:

Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fats, particularly monounsaturated healthy fats. Fat is super important in our diet for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s the main macronutrient responsible for keeping us full and satiated throughout the day. Avocado does a great job at doing this! Secondly, monounsaturated fats like avocados are responsible for helping out with our cholesterol levels, they increase our “healthy cholesterol” (HDL) which helps to keep our “unhealthy cholesterol” (LDL) in check.

The healthy fats in avocados are also responsible for keeping our hair, skin and nails in soft, supple shape!

Nutrient Breakdown of Avocados:

*Per half of 1 avocado

How To Use:

Avocados are known for their extreme versatility. Think outside of the box when it comes to avocados! The thick, creamy texture is particularly perfect for non-dairy recipes. Use them in ice creams, mousses, desserts, smoothies, salads, or as a mayo alternative in sandwiches.

You can also stick to some more traditional uses such as avocado toast!


Avocado Boats

Pesto Green Eggs & Avocado Toast

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse

NS Recommends:

After slicing an avocado in half, squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice and wrap tightly in a wrap or store in an airtight container with a cut open onion to keep the avocado from oxidizing quickly (turning brown)!


If you have a latex allergy, avocados are one of those fruits (as are bananas and kiwis) that contain compounds that are associated with a latex-fruit syndrome, a cross-reaction. If you have a latex allergy, be mindful and cautious when eating these fruits you may have a reaction such as itchy throat/mouth/nose/ears, hives, or stomach issues.