Wood Sorrel

A nutritious edible weed. 

Wood sorrel grows in a similar shape to a four-leaf clover, where some flowers are green while others are yellow. Otherwise known as oxalis, wood sorrel has a lemony taste and a soft texture. 

Health Benefits of Wood Sorrel: 

Like most other non-starchy vegetables and plants, wood sorrel is a good source of antioxidants, water, and fiber. Its antioxidant composition associates it with reduced free radicals which can result in the prevention of various chronic diseases. Its fiber content helps to aid digestion and promote optimal blood sugar and lipid levels. 

How To Use:

Wood sorrel can be added to a salad or even blended into a smoothie or juice. You can also steep wood sorrel and make tea with it. 

NS Recommends:

Always be sure to check with your physician before deciding to add any natural home-remedies to your diet.