Maca (mah-cah) is an adaptogenic root vegetable (from the broccoli family) grown in Peru.

It’s been used for centuries by the South American cultures for hormonal balance, aphrodisiacstamina, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, physical strength, endurance, and mental focus/clarity. Although the scientific evidence for the claims of maca is at times not at a significant level, the pure mineral and vitamin-rich content justify this root to be a “superfood”. Maca is a great “superfood” and has a malty, nutty, and rich flavor, along with a rich mineral nutrition.

How to Use:

Maca is a fine powder that can be added and used in anything from breakfast oatmeal, granola, cereals, desserts, smoothies, and baked goods. The powder is easily mixed into anything you choose and you don’t need a large volume to get the desired taste.

Nutrient Breakdown of Maca:

*per 100g (about 7.5 tablespoons)

Protein — 14g per 100g, contains amino acids

Fiber — 7g per 100g

Vitamin C — 475% DV

Vitamin B2 — 21% DV

Vitamin B3 — 29% DV

Vitamin B6 — 57% DV

Calcium — 25% DV

Iron — 82% DV

Potassium — 57% DV

Copper — 300% DV

Manganese — 39% DV

Fatty acids

Where to Purchase:

Health food stores or online retailers (Organic Burst)

Tips and Tricks:

When you’re trying maca, start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase — check here for more on serving sizes.