Maca (mah-cah) is an adaptogenic root vegetable (from the cruciferous family) grown in Peru.

Maca has been used for centuries by South American cultures. It’s a cruciferous vegetable and therefore related to cauliflower, broccoli and kale. Maca is often found in powder form that is primarily made up of the root of the plant – the main edible portion. Maca is a great addition to any diet with its malty, nutty, rich flavor!

Health Benefits of Maca:

Maca consumption has been associated with hormonal balance, stamina, anxiety and depression reduction, physical strength, endurance and mental focus or clarity. Maca has also been said to enhance fertility and libido. Although at times the scientific evidence for the claims regarding maca’s health benefits are not significantly supported, the pure mineral and vitamin-rich content justify this root to be a “superfood”.

Nutrient Breakdown of Maca:

*Per 100g

How To Use:

Maca is a fine powder that can be added to anything from breakfast oatmeal, granola and cereals to desserts, smoothies, and baked goods. The powder is easily mixed into anything you choose and you don’t need a large volume to get the desired taste!


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NS Recommends:

When you’re first trying maca out, start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase — check here for more on serving sizes!