Monk Fruit Sweetener

A natural sugar substitute derived from monk fruit.

Monk fruit sweetener has been around for years, yet its popularity has grown in recent years due to the increase in availability. Monk fruit sweetener, also known as monk fruit extract, is directly derived from monk fruit.

The sweetness of monk fruit sweetener comes from the presence of antioxidants called mogrosides rather than sugar. Naturally, this sweetener can be up to 250 times sweeter than traditional sugar. Because of this, oftentimes monk fruit extract is combined with sugar alcohols such as erythritol to subdue the sweetness.

Health Benefits of Monk Fruit Sweetener:

Monk fruit sweetener is a viable alternative to traditional sugar. When substituted for sugar, monk fruit sweetener may aid weight loss efforts due to a reduction of sugar intake. The antioxidant mogroside that’s responsible for monk fruit extract’s exceptionally sweet taste is also linked to possible anti-inflammatory benefits, which may help prevent the development of many disease states.

Nutrient Breakdown of Monk Fruit Sweetener:

*Per 6 grams

How To Use:

You can use monk fruit sweetener in place of sugar in various recipes and daily uses.

NS Recommends:

Try using monk fruit sweetener in place of sugar in your coffee to help wean yourself off of sugar without losing that sweet taste!