Pecans are a heart-healthy nut packed with healthy fat.

Pecans have a buttery, creamy flavor with a softer bite to them as opposed to most other nuts. They’re grown in the south of the US but can be found just about anywhere in the country in your local grocery store or health foods store. They’re a great addition to any diet and super versatile too.

Let’s chat about why it’s considered to be a heart-healthy nut!

Health Benefits of Pecans:

When we think heart-healthy, we often immediately think of healthy fat. In the case of pecans, this is spot on! Pecans have monounsaturated fats present, which are particularly great for lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and raising HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

This healthy fat also helps keep you full and feeling satiated after meals, which is always a great feeling! Pecans have fiber, antioxidants and even some brain-healthy polyunsaturated fats as well.

Nutrient Breakdown of Pecans:

*Per 1 ounce

How To Use:

Pecans are great as a snack on their own, tossed into your favorite salads or even mixed in with a brownie recipe. You can also mix them into a trail mix or roast them and add them to butternut squash!


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Sweet Potato Pecan Tacos

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NS Recommends:

Store your pecans in an airtight glass container to keep them fresh longer. You can even store them in your freezer to store them in bulk!