Delicious cooked cornmeal with Italian roots. 

Polenta is simply cooked cornmeal (dried, ground corn) in water and salt. It’s traditionally consumed in a porridge or oatmeal-like format, making it very versatile. There are three varieties to choose from: blue, yellow or white; yellow and white tend to be the most popular!

Health Benefits of Polenta: 

The key to ensuring you’re benefiting from polenta’s health benefits is to make sure you’re choosing whole-grain cornmeal. This just ensures the germ of the corn kernel is still intact! When included, the germ provides fiber, vitamins, and minerals, particularly B vitamins. 

Nutrient Breakdown of Polenta:

*Per 1 cup, 122g (1)

How To Use:

When traditionally cooked in water, polenta can be used as a warm grain dish. You can top it with additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and various other components to boost the flavor and add some versatility! You can also use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs when looking for a gluten-free alternative. 


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