A sweet, vibrant fruit packed with nutrients. 

Papaya (also known as papaw), is a tropical fruit originating from Mexico. It has a waxy, yellow-green outer skin with a bright orange fleshy inside. They also have a seed-filled center. Surprisingly enough, their seeds are also edible! 

Health Benefits of Papayas: 

Thanks to their lengthy list of vitamins and minerals, papayas have been tied to a number of possible health benefits. From preventing heart disease and some cancers to improving digestion and blood sugar levels, papayas are connected to it all. 

Nutrient Breakdown of Papayas:

*per 1 cup, 140g (1)

How To Use:

Papayas are delicious when fresh on their own, thinly sliced with a bagel similar to lox, mixed into a fruit salad, or even blended into a smoothie!


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