Cucumbers are refreshing and crunchy due to their abundant water content.

Cucumbers are a delicious, water-rich, refreshing summertime vegetable (technically a fruit). Cucumbers are in the summer squash family alongside zucchini, and come in a variety of forms including sliced, pickled and seedless English. Cucumbers have a green, yellowish color with a smooth peel and juicy white flesh.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers:

Cucumbers not only taste light and refreshing but also contain unique antioxidants and polyphenols that have been studied for their numerous health benefits. They have been shown to reduce some risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammation. They also have antimicrobial properties.

As with most fruits and vegetables, cucumbers contain great amounts of fiber which keeps our digestive system moving, keeps us fuller for a longer period of time and releases a steady flow of energy into our bodies.

Nutrient Breakdown of Cucumbers:

*Per 1 cup

How To Use:

Cucumbers are great when used raw in salads, sauces, dressings, smoothies and juices like Stripped Green Smoothie and Stripped Green Juice. They can also be used plain or with a dip as a quick snack!


Crunchy Cucumber Rolls With Herb Cheese

Cool Cucumber Soup

Cucumber Salad With Citrus Dill Dressing

NS Recommends:

Cucumbers are mostly water, about 96% water, no wonder we call it a hydrating vegetable! When using cucumbers in meals, maximize their nutrient content by keeping the peel on. If you peel cucumbers, you’re missing out on some key nutrients and fiber.

Keep your water tasting delicious by adding sliced cucumbers and mint to your water. Check out more Simply Infused Water ideas using cucumber!