Turmeric Milk


Turmeric Milk, Nutrition Stripped, Turmeric, Golden Milk

If you’ve never heard of Turmeric Milk, you’re in for a treat. Turmeric Milk is my absolute favorite night time drinks other than hot tea. This drink is not only completely comforting, relaxing, and soothing at night, but extremely nutritious. Turmeric contains loads of nutrients especially antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which make this a win-win in my book. Another benefit, it simply tastes delicious! Turmeric has a warm, slightly spicy, bold, and earthy flavor and when mixed with a hint of sweetness makes this the new night cap beverage (sans the alcohol).

Turmeric: the queen spice.

Most of us here in the Western culture (US) have some story of a mother, parent, grandmother, etc. who have told us to drink warm milk before bedtime because it’ll help us sleep. The theory behind that originated due to the tyrptophan content in milk (same with the turkey theory, which is false, it’s simply because we eat way too much and our energy rushes to our digestive tracts to digest that load of food, not because of some amino acid- end rant). Honestly, I can’t show any research that supports this theory (instead this one says different), but we’ll go ahead and chalk it up as it’s simply comforting. Anything warm in the evening hours provides soothing effects on our digestion and almost instantaneously relaxes us.

Most traditional recipes will use whole cows milk, but I choose a different option that’s a little more friendly to our bodies and digestion, especially those suffering from digestive issues or intolerances to dairy. Traditionally Turmeric Milk comes from many Ayurvedic practices and medicine in Indian cultures. Turmeric is nothing new to Eastern cultures, in fact it’s been known as a “healing spice” used to help anything from sore throats, colds, flus, stomach aches to wound healing, abrasions/skin issues due to it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, I wrote an in depth post on turmeric and of course, it’s always a spice in my pantry and routinely use this spice in some fashion daily.

Turmeric Milk, Nutrition Stripped, Turmeric, Golden Milk

Turmeric milk is not only high in antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds, healthy fats (especially when using coconut milk), but also manganese and iron (found in turmeric). In traditional recipes, which include peppercorns, actually enhances the absorption of curcumin (the main component found in turmeric) in our bodies. The ingredients in this recipe actually work in a synergistic fashion, which is fascinating! I love using turmeric in curry dishes, a spice used in One Bowl Skillet Meals, Spicy Coconut Curry with Sweet Jasmine RiceCurry Cauliflower soups, dressings, sauces, and a dash in my Stripped Green Smoothie for added health benefits. All of these recipes are incredibly delicious and embrace the flavor and health benefits of turmeric without it being too bold or unpleasant. Many of my clients who I have incorporate Turmeric Milk into their plan, start out by adding more honey or maple syrup to sweeten and find themselves gradually decreasing it overtime!

My favorite way to make this is when I’m unwinding for the day, put on some relaxing music, cozy slippers, and simmer a pot of this on the stove letting all the flavor of turmeric, peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger, and coconut milk or almond milk marry together beautifully. Actually, the longer you simmer this over low-medium heat, the stronger and more intense the flavor is, which I prefer. Even if you’re on the go and want to enjoy this, you can still reap the benefits by just adding about 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric, a dash of cinnamon, and sea salt into some almond milk, shake it up and go! But I promise, the experience of making this over the stove and enjoying it warm is one to be experienced first.

Turmeric Milk, Nutrition Stripped, Turmeric, Golden Milk

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Turmeric Milk
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A classic comforting warm and boldly spiced turmeric milk with a hint of sweetness.
Recipe type: beverage
Serves: 2
  • 2 cups of homemade almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon local honey, optional
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, optional
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1 cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • small pinch of black pepper and grated ginger (fresh is best)
  1. Simply pour all ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a light boil, whisk to combine ingredients. Reduce heat to low and simmer for up to 20-30 minutes.
  2. Strain the milk if you have large pieces of ginger, cinnamon, peppercorns, etc. To serve, add honey or a dash of cinnamon.
  3. Enjoy warm is best!
* You may use whatever milk you prefer: I recommend coconut or almond milk.
LOWER SUGAR // use stevia to sweeten

Make it a latte!

Using a blender: simply add all ingredients into the blender + 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and blend for about 1 minute. It gets beautifully frothy!

Subtle variations

  • Add 2-3 whole cardamom pods while boiling
  • Add 2-3 whole black peppercorns
  • Add 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Add more honey or maple syrup to sweeten
  • Add vanilla extract to taste


Turmeric Milk, Nutrition Stripped, Turmeric, Golden Milk

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Have you ever tried Turmeric Milk? I love seeing your recreations of this one already so be sure to continue using the #nutritionstripped so I can see on my Instagram. Enjoy this daily or as part of your 7-day Whole Foods Reset & Rebalance!

xx McKel

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  1. Leahsong says

    Has anyone tried this using kefir made from cow’s milk? I figure heat all the ingredients (without kefir) in a little water, then add it to kefir. I don’t drink any milk of any kind except homemade kefir from organic cow’s milk.

  2. Bu says

    Whenever I have a cold I make myself a cup of warm turmeric milk – come morning I’m feeling a lot better. It’s like the miracle spice!! Definitely recommend it.

    I find it actually does help me to sleep to be honest. Maybe it’s psychological but it’s definitely tasty!

  3. Ravi Karthick S says

    Antimicrobial property.. Indian traditional Ayurveda medicine!!
    During the south Indian festival Pongal, a whole turmeric plant with fresh rhizomes is offered as a thanksgiving offering to Surya, The Sun god.

  4. Charlie says

    I used to be a consume turmeric milk daily . But after 7-8 months my nose started bleeding infrequently, maybe too much heat in my body.So I stopped it and the bleeding stopped.Maybe the qty of turmeric was too much.I dont know whether to start over.But one thing I must say, I was free from commnon cold for the time I took it.

  5. Manoj Gautam says

    Couldn’t have agreed more. Whenever I have flu and dry cough simply does not go away, I use warm milk in a glass with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and voila, it’s simply amazing.

  6. Ashley says

    I just made this for the first time and it’s surprisingly delicious!!! Definitely my new go to nightly drink! This is a great way to incorporate tumeric into your daily diet. Thanks so much for sharing and I can’t wait to share it with others (giving you credit of course!) :)

  7. Edith says

    Isn’t cinnamon a stimulant? I stopped putting into any food or drinks after 2-3 in the afternoon years ago…I had found my entire family had difficulties sleeping when I cooked dinner with it…

    ..the recipe looks great. I add tumeric to my Holy Basil tea (+ cinnamon + lemon+ fresh ginger) each morning,,,

  8. Sarah says

    I have been making something similar to this for a while. My one addition is a table spoon of coconut oil. Of recent though I have been experiencing some problems and I was hoping someone could maybe come up with an explanation to what is happening. I add all the ingredients to the saucepan, milk, turmeric, ginger and coconut oil and heat it gentle and then pour into a mug and then add the honey to taste. Now nearly every time I make it the milk seems to separate and I end up with these big clumps of ginger covered in milk fat. The first time this happened I realized I had forgotten the coconut oil, so I figured that’s what the problem was, but the next time I make it I am feeling all chuffed with myself because it looks just perfect. I sit down to enjoy this wonderful drink and as I take my first sip I am smiling but as I go take my second sip it’s become this huge clump in my mug??? Today I tried again but it all separated in the saucepan?

    • says

      Coconut oil will melt upon heating, this shouldn’t be the cause. My guess is the type of milk you’re using and the heat used- as milk with curdle at high heat. I use almond milk in this recipe and have never had an issue with clumping. Also when you’re heating the milk you don’t need to bring it to a boil, just simmer until it’s warm. Hopefully you have better luck with this next time!

    • David says

      Fresh ginger will turn milk into pudding. Look up “Ginger Milk Curd”. I got around this by partly cooking the ginger in a steamer first, which apparently inactivates the protease.

      The local health food store recently started carrying fresh turmeric root, which is what I use to make turmeric milk. I preserve the roots by first soaking them in water overnight, then breaking the root into usable pieces then putting them in a bag in the freezer.

      • says

        Hi David,
        In this recipe, I use almond milk- it’s not intended for fresh/raw cow’s milk although you may use it- I believe the action of just adding ginger to milk does not make the milk itself curd unless you’re making the specific recipe for ginger pudding curd (from what I’ve read). I hope you enjoy the turmeric milk still!

    • sheila denton says

      I made a variation on this drink all last winter and LOVED it. This winter I’ve made it again four or five times and i’m getting clumping too. Using whole cow’s milk JUST LIKE I DID LAST YEAR. Kinda odd…but yes, warm turmeric beverage is what it’s all about.

  9. says

    Good evening, I tried turmeric milk for the first time tonight!! Surprisingly it is really good! I just warmed up the milk (next time I would prefer to use almond milk, but using what I had at hand!) and powdered turmeric. I am trying it as a home remedy for throat inflammation. This is delicious! I cannot wait to try your recipe tomorrow night! xx

  10. Alisha says

    I’ve made this for 2 nights now and it soothing and delicious! My toothbrush is permanently yellow now, haha! Thank you for such a fabulous, healthy night cap!

  11. alia kharmeta medina says

    hello from indonesia!! :) im a big fan of your blog, i lovveeeeeeee your blog. me&my daughter are trying to eat healthily without adding salt & sugar to our meal except the natural ones. no precessed food no fastfood at all. im quite strict actually. but since we are living in a different continent i found a lot of the ingredients in your recipe is hard to find here :( so i modified and do some adjustment. this tumaric milk is quite similar to myhubby&mine fave traditional drink. it is tumaric with tamarind (latin : tamarindus indica) it helps the cramp on my period, reduce my hubby’s body odor since he sweat a lot. maybe one day you can post our traditional drinks/meals that you can modified :) pleaseee do keep posting recipes ….

  12. Rebecca Saenz says

    I’ve been devouring myself in this little concoction over the course of 2-3 weeks after I stumbled across it on Pinterest. I must say, this is the best “night cap” ever. I am head over heels in LOVE with this drin!. My only wish…that I had discovered in sooner.

    Thanks for sharing your version of the drink.

  13. Jamsy says

    Hi McKel, stumbled across your site while surfing for info about tumeric in milk.
    Can you tell me if qtr tsp turmeric powder to 250 ml milk is a good ratio. That’s how much I put in. Also, I just mix it in with cold milk, is heating (or boiling) required from a nutrition perspective?

    I’m going to add some freshly ground black pepper next time.

    Btw, nice site and you have a wonderful first name.

    • says

      Hi Jamsy, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! As long as it tastes good to you that ratio should be fine- the heat does help the turmeric and the other flavors meld together, but it’s not a mandatory step if you don’t like it warm. It’s better to drink it cold than not drink it at all ;)

  14. Johnnie says

    I’m making this right now on a cold, rainy Southern California night. I like it in the morning. I make it like you but just with grated ginger, turmeric and freshly ground black pepper. It stays out all night cooling and then I have enough for two days worth in the mornings. Naturally I re-heat a portion and I add a bit of Half&Half lol like I would to coffee.
    I once had a stage three melanoma (skin cancer) where the doctors gave me 5 years to see if it got into my lymph nodes. They removed a good part of my right biceps where the melanoma was. I built that back through exercise except for a horrible scar. I was really scared for a long time during those five years.
    At 55 years old, I’m still alive after more than 20 years and eat turmeric at every chance! It’s supposed to be excellent against skin cancers and others. Who knows? But this “milk” is great. Thanks for telling people about it ! It’s tasty ! God knows I’ve stayed out of the sun for decades but it is known that if you tanned, or God forbid, had sunburns yourself in youth, later on it doesn’t matter if you avoid the sun– the damage has been done. I found that out with seven more procedures after the scary melanoma on different parts of my body. BUT, I depend on avoiding the sun and drinking turmeric milk. I haven’t needed a skin cancer operation for a long time now. Oh! the stupidity of youth LOL ! Drink this Turmeric Milk people ! Thanks again for educating us McKEL !

  15. Robyn says

    I’ve just drank turmeric milk with a tsp of cocoa and some vanilla. It’s wonderful and I’m really hoping it will kill a cold that’s trying to attack me :-) I’m going to buy some almond milk and try with that tomorrow.

  16. Sandi says

    I am glad I came upon this site. I want to try something for my arthritis knees and I have been reading a lot about the benefits of turmeric but I don’t like the idea of taking large doses of turmeric for inflammation and this milk recipe might be worth a try. I read that 3 cups of this kind of milk may help. What are your thoughts on it? Sounds like a really delicious drink though! I will try it!

    • says

      Hi Sandi, Thank you so much for sharing I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post about turmeric and the recipe. Turmeric a very anti-inflammatory and a great spice to incorporate daily, check back to my Spotlight On Turmeric post for more detail information :)

  17. Sandi says

    Thanks Mckel. I just tried this basic recipe using coconut and almond milk blend and it tasted quite lovely.:-) I will add some vanilla next time for more flavor though. But I will definitely drink more of this often, now that winter is upon us. Thanks so much for your great ideas on your site.;-)

  18. sana says

    Being an Indian……turmeric plays an important role in our culture…..and i have been drinking turmeric milk from last six months….trust me….it works wonders…….right from glowing of skin to pain of periods !!
    Glad to see it on your website :)
    Hope to see more beneficial posts !!!
    Thankyou !!

  19. says

    Thank you for the interesting recipe. So glad to have followed someone’s pin on Pinterest here. I’m not Indian and turmeric is a spice that I rarely use though I do have some. The beautiful photo in your blog was lure enough and now I’ve got to try this with almond milk since insomnia has been a problem for me for nearly half my life and has gotten worse now in mid life. Even if it doesn’t help me sleep I’m sure the other benefits will make it a new favourite. Thanks again!

  20. Mohammad Nasir ali says

    The drink is really very delicious.Being anti-inflammatory is very important to the body functions. I hope it will cure my Bronchitis and avoid taking the antibiotics.

  21. `Leslie Cann says

    Just finished a delectable mug of turmeric milk. I found when I added the ground turmeric & cinnamon it settled on top & would not whisk into the milk (coconut). So I used my braun whip & it mixed up into a frothy latte. Nice & creamy. My new best evening drink.

  22. Heidi says

    Wow! I’m looking forward to trying this, it sounds delish!! I had a spinal fusion operation last May and my friends advised me to take turmeric as an anti imflamitory. I bought the capsules but couldn’t face taking them. This is more like it!! I’m going to get the ingredients tomorrow!! Thank you for sharing, I think it could start a new family tradition, I think my boys will love it :) xx

  23. says

    Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine butt when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to giive you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, wonderful blog!

  24. Binny says

    I know this is great. Turmeric has a special place in Indian Ayurvedic treatments. Add Ghee (clarified butter) to it and your constipation problem is gone.


  25. Rebecca says

    I tried you recipe last night and this morning and it has worked great for my arthritis so far! I was actually able to use my hands without pain! I did notice both times I tried it I got a headache. I haven’t been able to find any information about Turmeric causing headaches. I am not taking any meds, so there are no interactions to anything. Got any ideas, or ever heard of this? By the way, YUMMY drink!!

  26. Rob Kennedy says

    Hi I’looking forward to trying this!
    Some thoughts:
    Adding honey to the other ingredients only after heating process has finished would be preferable don’t you think? That way there’s no chance of denaturing the honey through excessive heat…


    Also, for the person who suggested drinking turmeric milk with kefir, perhaps it would also be worth trying this with coconut kefir…


  27. says

    A chiropractor told me a long time ago to drink turmeric milk every night. This post has encouraged me to begin again in earnest. I use turmeric and black pepper on my egg in the morning. I cook it very gently in coconut oil. I will use this recipe and try some of the suggestions in the comments too. Loved reading them! Thank you for posting this.

  28. David says


    Love it! I now have it the last thing at night, if it’s the last thing I do! lol

    I wondered if there’s any research on when I drink this whether it might help cure my mother-in-law’s pessimistic worldview and improve the low esteem she holds me in? (Would be great if it could help with her obesity at the same time!)


  29. Sandy says

    Hi, I really love the look of this, sounds soo delish!! But I just dont get how u are supposed to get the milk from the turmeric?! I tried to squeeze it really hard (even tried a vice!) but it just kinda dents and no milk comes out. Is it a special turmeric that u use? thanks a bunch!!

  30. says

    Just out of curiosity, does your homemade almond milk curdle or separate when you heat it? I have given up making hot things with my homemade milk because of this problem and use the packaged kind.

  31. Jess says

    you ever just have to have something! when I read this recipe i knew I had get up and make this! only have canned coconut milk on hand and let me tell ya! AMAZING!!! going to mix up a big batch and serve it to my family after dinner! we all have a little cold and putting good vibes into this getting us over it! thanks for your beautiful write up!

  32. Kathy says

    I am in awe of this wonderful spice, I brush my teeth with it every morning and night, it has helped heal my gums removed the plaque from my teeth and has also healed my receded gum line. My bottom teeth were getting loose and are now tightening!I have had my teethe whitened by a dentist and they still had a grey dingy colour to them, my hubby can’t believe nor can I how much whiter my teeth look after only two weeks! I have a rare form of dystonia called Cervical Dystonia which causes non stop pain in the neck and spine, I must say, I am looking forward to trying this milk!

  33. Nikki says

    This looks yummy. I try to give my fiancé turmeric as much as I can to help his asthma.
    I want to try this as I have a chronic pain syndrome, but i have read if you have gallstones you should avoid turmeric, I know you aren’t a doctor, but have you heard anything about that?
    Wonderful site by the way :)
    Kind Regards

    • says

      Thank you for the kind words! All that I disclose in this blog post about turmeric and possible interactions are the ones from a nutrition standpoint- I can’t say I’ve ever heard them in relation to gallstones. Always check with your MD if you have reservations, best!

  34. JennG says

    Love the pics and writing in your blog! I started very recently drinking this, with some healthy oil added, and it’s hgreat for helping me get to sleep. I like to add stevia to sweeten , use unsweetened coconut milk, a cardamom pod and freshly grated ginger then strain into a mug . I love this drink, but can’t seem to get the powdered tumeric to dissolve and it ends up settling to the bottom of my mug…making my drink gritty near the end and most likely less effective since I’ll not getting the full dose. Do you have any ideas on how to get the etheric to dissolve, or is this to be expected in golden milk? Though I’ve searched, i haven’t read of anyone else having, this problem.. Since tumeric is fat soluble, perhaps mixing it with some healthy oil might help? Any toss on this? Thanks again for the blog and many happy writings!

    • says

      Hi Jenn,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying this recipe! The turmeric may settle to the bottom, it’s only natural and you’ll still get the benefits of turmeric in the drink. I like adding coconut oil to the milk to give it a thicker quality and it does help the turmeric incorporate better with the milk. Hope that helps! Best to you and thanks for sharing

  35. Payal says

    I have never had any luck boiling home made almond milk. Does anyone else have this issue? A day old almond milk, or fresh almond milk sort of curdles when I boil it. Any recommendations on what I may be doing wrong?

    Btw love this recipe. Will start doing this more regularly instead of only when sick with a cold.

  36. Maha says

    I’ve just tried this drink, It’s awesome sue to its powerful anti inflammatory effects, but it does have a very spicy or sharp taste to me, although I added only one teaspoonful of turmeric powder, I hope when I do this again and decrease the amount to the half to be much better :)

  37. Magly Cabrera says

    Hi, I just got in your web for the very first time and I LOVE IT!!!! The information, the images are just sooo good!!! Congratulation!!!…… about the trumeric milk I have one question, I am trying to cut for a few days all the oil (even de good ones) in my diet have you ever try this recipe with Rice or Quinoa milk?….Cheers, Magly

  38. Sadhana says

    When I was a kid my mother used to offer me turmeric milk. However, as I was not aware of the benefits then I refused to have it. But now after reading your awesome recipe, I tried again. It was delicious. The dab of ground cinnamon made it very tasty. So I can now grab a glassful of Turmeric Milk :) Thanks!! McKel.

  39. melody says

    Hello: I purchased some tumeric root yesterday…turns out I only need a bit for turmeric milk. Any ideas on ways to keep it longer. It was quite pricey.

  40. Maria says

    I am so grateful for discovering this recipe. I made a batch last night and it was delicious! Also, my home smelled like heaven. :) I saved a little of the extra and chilled it over night to drink in the morning. It was also yummy cool. I was wondering if it is possible to make a large batch of the milk to drink / heat later. How long will it last? Also, to note, I am not using homemade almond milk because I already had some from the store (if that alters your response).

    Thanks again for this lovely post and recipe!

  41. says

    I will definitively try this, have seen a recipe before, but never put it into practice. I do use turmeric frequently, but I’ve recently read it’s rich in iron which makes me want to use even more of it! Combining with a non dairy milk alternative is an even better way of absorbing the iron, isn’t it? I am also looking for an alternative to my morning tea, as I want to reduce acid food :)

  42. Nathalie says

    Thank you for this great recipe! I just love it! I tried it last night, and it was sOOOO delicious, heartwarming and tasty! And it’s exactly what I need since I have liver damage !

  43. SherriAnnelle says

    I have been reading more and more about the keys to aging well are anti-inflammatory foods and supporting connective tissue in the body. I’m excited to find your recipe on Turmeric Milk. Thanks so much for posting and linking on Instagram, I follow you there and love your posts. Excited to explore your blog.

    Best regards,

  44. Katy says

    I am drinking this for the first time as I type and I love it! I don’t currently have honey in the house so I used stevia but I will definitely try making it with honey after I hit the local farmers market tomorrow. I am always looking to add foods that are anti inflammatory to my diet as I have Lyme disease. Thank you for the recipe!

  45. Uk says

    Hi MCKEL,
    I just discovered the benefits of Tumric not long ago and i hve been enjoying it .I have noticed that my memory have improved and i also sleep better when i take it.But my question is this,should i be concerned about Tumeric discoloring my teeth?We all know that Tumeric has a deep yellow color.

  46. Tasha says

    I’ve just started drinking this, using your recipe, and I love it!! It’s so nutritious, and has helped me over the end of a cold/cough! I’ve tried coconut and almond milk, and both are fantastic!! Thank you!!!

  47. Karen says

    Hi great recipe. I recently started taking turmeric because I’ve been ill for six months now. It’s too early to say if it’s going to help but I thought I’d say what I do because it makes life easier. I make a paste an refrigerate it. I add about 100 ml of turmeric powder to equal water and gently heat. Making a paste. You have to add different amounts of water depending on the powder. Then I add a tea spoon and a half of freshly ground black pepper. Then 100 ml of coconut oil. I add maple syrup no added sugar to taste and cinnamon vanilla and ginger to taste. I cool and add to sterile jars and pop in the fridge. Then when I need iritis there. Heat milk add about a teaspoon of paste or to taste either stir in or blend it electronically to get a frothy brew.

  48. Jean says

    I came across your site last week in search of a good smoothie bowl recipe and loved all the different recipes you had going here. While drooling from recipe to recipe, I happened upon this one and decided to give it a go tonight after reading about some of turmeric’s benefits. I made a cup with 1/3 t honey and it was phenomenal!! Just the right touch of sweet but really, I fell in love with the subtle heat.

    Thank you for spreading nutrition awareness through your recipes. I can’t wait to try my hand at the pumpkin spice granola next!

  49. Elaine says

    I also heard that turmeric had cancer-fighting properties and had even shown promise in helping to shrink tumors some folks already had. Eastern medicine is amazing. Can’t wait to try McKel’s recipe.

  50. Chrisanna Robins says

    Just happened to have some turmeric in my spice drawer. Loving the flavor of honey, cinnamon and turmeric together! This is my new favorite drink!!!

  51. says

    Living in India since birth; turmeric has been the go to home remedy for all the times as the immediate primary remedy. Ground turmeric can be applied directly over cuts, bruises,nicks, etc. Turmeric is a part of the daily cooking and used widely across the nation.
    I just had this though can fresh cow milk be used instead of almond / coconut milk?

  52. Maria Feldman says

    Very soothing and comforting. Wonderful texture. I used coconut milk and instead of black pepper-organic chilli pepper, as it has more healing properties. Highly recommend it after hectic day.

  53. Sharon Legeret says

    Hi, I’ve just discovered the benefits of turmeric and would love to try the milk. However, I’m vegan and allergic to nuts (including coconut) so what other types of milk could I use?

  54. Cyndi Egold says

    Made the milk this morning and OMG!! Had to use WF vanilla almond milk because that’s what I had in the house and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I can only imagine how good it would be with homemade almond milk! Thank you for sharing! Happy to have run across your site.

  55. rohit says

    It’s nice to see this traditional indian ayurveda recipe here. One thing to point out, when I read someone had a bleeding, is turmeric is considered a body heat producing spice. We balance it out by adding “ghee” to the milk. Ghee is clarified butter. That should help.

  56. Laurie says


  57. Kim says

    Perhaps you covered this already…but I don’t do almond milk, nor do I know how to make it. If I use unsweetened coconut milk, do I have to add coconut oil? I use the half gallons in the dairy case, not the canned shelf milk. Thanks :-)

  58. Ashley says

    I know this is your most popular recipe (for good reason) & you get a ton of comments on it but I have to share my experience too. My 3 year old woke up this morning with a sore throat & this recipe immediately came to mind. I wondered how she would like it, turmeric is a strong spice. I added a little more coconut oil & honey, frothed it in a blender & called it her special, sweet, Halloween milk. She took one sip & said, “Mmmm”, she loved it! A minute later, “Mommy, this milk is making my throat feel better!” Thank you, McKel. This mama needed some help today.

  59. kookie says

    I have really bad muscle spasms and joint pain. I make a turmeric paste every Sunday enjoy for the week. 1 teaspoon of Turmeric paste, coconut milk , pepper, cinnamon and I add some Udo’s oil to mine right before I drink it. I no longer drink coffee in the AM, I drink my golden Milk instead. I try to drink it at least 2 a day. Absolutely love it.

  60. Kriss Sargent says

    I love the turmeric tea and the milk. I prepare both on Sunday so I can enjoy benefits and flavor all week. I think McKel that you and I have the same palate (praising your measurement of ingredients) I rarely alter your recipes. Keep them coming! Thank you.


  1. […] “Turmeric milk is not only high in antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds, healthy fats (especially when using coconut milk), but also manganese and iron (found in turmeric). In traditional recipes, which include peppercorns, actually enhances the absorption of curcumin (the main component found in turmeric) in our bodies. The ingredients in this recipe actually work in a synergistic fashion, which is fascinating!” (source) […]

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