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by McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN, founder of the Mindful Nutrition Method and Nutrition Stripped

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Learn how to eat mindfully, create balanced eating habits, and cultivate a positive mindset with food.

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Bright Balanced Spring Salad | Nutrition Stripped

Mindful Eating

8 Factors That Can Alter Your Food Portions

See what to be mindful of as you're choosing your food portions for your meals so you can feel confident that you're nourishing your unique body well.

Mindful Eating

How to Change Your Relationship With Food

Looking to change your relationship with food for the better? Here are the 5 steps you need to do so.

Mindful Eating

How to Find the Right Amount of Balance With Your Food Choices

Balanced eating can seem like such an abstract concept — what does balance really mean and look like when it comes to food?

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See how others have balanced their relationship with food using our programs.

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"I really feel like I am at this point in my life, the healthiest that I've ever been." “I was thinking about food all of the time. It consumed so much of my mental energy was just thinking about how am I going to eat, what's the right way to eat, how do I get into the best physical shape? I just feel so much better now. I really feel like I am at this point in my life, the healthiest that I've ever been. 

Kelsey M., Washington D.C. Mindful Nutrition Method

"I’m feeling so in control of my food, nutrition, and overall well-being...It’s not hard anymore.. I truly can’t believe how much has changed in my overall relationship with food."

Shannon B., Georgia Mindful Nutrition Method

"In the past 4 months I've made peace with my body and how it looks and feels. When something doesn't fit I just don't wear it anymore I stead of feeling like I need to change myself. I'm also viewing food as just that and starting to notice what makes me feel good and nourished and what doesn't, rather than in terms of weight loss or gain or good or bad."

Jessie S., Oregon Mindful Nutrition Method

"It's a mindset change. Now I don't feel the need to get it right 100% of the time, or saying 'you can't have or shouldn't have.' Now I know it's 'What do you need to get that balance?' It's so different."

Pippa M., United Kingdom Mindful Nutrition Method

"What's really shifted is that I'm more conscious of what I'm doing and more present and that's had such a positive impact to stop overeating."

Ann B., New York Mindful Nutrition Method

"I really feel like I am at this point in my life where I'm the healthiest that I've ever been. I’m looking at my health as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all of it, and that's something I've never done before with myself or my health.”

Kelsey M., Washington, D.C. Mindful Nutrition Method

“I was overindulging and emotional eating. I would try so hard but always gave in to bad habits and it was frustrating...This has helped me to finally stay on track with healthy choices and in the process, I lost 15 pounds.”

Jessica R., New York Mindful Nutrition Method

“I’ve struggled with food and my weight for most of my life. This has helped transform my life. I have gone from feeling miserable, depressed, and very stressed around food to now feeling excited to cook and to eat. I feel more alive. I feel happier and healthier, which is my goal.

Kristin O., New Mexico Mindful Nutrition Method

I’ve been amazed at how much easier my world has been once I really started trying to simplify what I was eating instead of trying to concoct super fancy, insanely involved recipes every night.

Brittney M on the Meal Planning Program

The latest Recipes

Nourish yourself fully — food is nourishment & enjoyment!

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Ultimate Breakfast Tacos

A simple and flexible breakfast taco recipe to enjoy using fresh and nutritionally balanced ingredients.


Crunchy Cucumber Tomato Salad

This Crunchy Cucumber Tomato Salad is a staple in our home from spring until the end of summer and I hope you enjoy this simple salad too! 

Minty Spring Pea Dip | Nutrition Stripped


Minty Spring Pea Dip

Whether you're grabbing a quick snack or hosting a fun weekend get-together, this Minty Spring Pea Dip is a nourishing option anyone will enjoy.

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Make Each Meal A Balanced Meal. Learn about these foods and the Foundational Five elements of nutrition that nourish your body.

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Founder of Nutrition Stripped and the Mindful Nutrition Method™

McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel is a mindfulness-based Dietitian, mentor, and author, named "Top 20 Role Models" by Arianna Huffington. In her work, she teaches you how to create balanced eating habits easily using her Mindful Nutrition Method to cultivate a positive relationship with food and joyfully nourish yourself. Featured in Oprah.com, Women's Health, Today's Dietitian, Healthline, and more.

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