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If you've ever had this thought, learn the best way to approach this situation and care for your health.

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Join us inside of the Mindful Nutrition Method™ program — a transformative 12-month experience with online group coaching, coursework, and private community for creating balanced eating habits that help you be free from food and diet obsession, maintain a balanced weight, cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body, and ultimately find joy in nourishing yourself.

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Get inspired! Our Mindful Nutrition Method™ has helped thousands cultivate balanced eating habits, hear their story.

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"Before deciding to sign up for coaching, my biggest skepticism or hesitation was that I'd be pressured into making unnecessary or arbitrary changes since I was recovering from an eating disorder. This was my first time seeking treatment after many years and while I started this process voluntarily, I was still highly skeptical after my previous interviews with other nutritionists.

Now that I've had a chance to experience coaching, my perception has done a 180. Erica has been able to meet me where I am. She's been able to balance providing me with fact-based, logical and clear explanations for recommendations with the support and understanding of what I was struggling with. Her optimism, positive attitude, and blameless approach have allowed me to learn without feeling the need to rebel, therefore inspiring more action on my part.

One specific takeaway that’s impacted my life is that eating should be viewed on a scale from eating for experience to eating for health. The goal isn't to be on one side all the time and where you fall on that scale varies each day or each meal.

The impact that coaching will have on my life in the next 12 months is monumental. As someone recovering from disordered eating habits and ridiculously high standards for myself, I'm now able to enjoy food I used to be terrified of and enjoy experiences without thinking I need to push my body or "make up for it" after. It's still hard and takes conscious effort, but it's happening.

If you're considering coaching, you should 100% try it! Erica is adaptable, encouraging, filled with knowledge that she can convey in an approachable way. The knowledge that I've learned and our touchbases have kept me grounded in my recovery and it's worth taking the first step.

Erica has made a huge difference in my life at a time when I was emotionally raw, mentally exhausted and struggling. She got me to a place where I could stop ruminating about food and judging myself too harshly. She's been a support system and teacher that I'm extremely grateful for."

Elissa Wellness Coaching

“I didn't realize how consuming eating was in my life and food — I was thinking about it all the time.  Everything was kind of, "Okay, where am I going to eat? What is that meal going to be like? Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? Is it a good or a bad food? How can I get back on the wagon? Oh, I've fallen off the wagon, therefore I'm going to eat a whole pizza tonight." It consumed so much of my mental energy was just thinking about how am I going to eat, what's the right way to eat, how do I get into the best physical shape that I needed to be? So it really used so much of my emotional and mental energy thinking about it. And I didn't even realize it until I started really digging in and using the Method. It's been a really freeing experience to be like, "Oh, I don't have to spend so much time and energy anymore thinking about food…. I'm in law school. I work part-time. I have an internship. I'm taking five classes and I need all the energy and mental space I can get because I have a lot of responsibilities…. I didn't realize how much it really was affecting me until I took this journey and can look back now and be like, "Whoa, so much has changed."

Kelsey The Method Membership

“I think my experience before was filled with the idea of failure and that I had very little control over things. And what I've learned with the Method is that there is no one way of doing this journey. And that it's important to understand and to be curious and learn about, what are those things that work for you and that could be a combination of nutrition and check-ins and coaching, or it could be new recipes, or it could be just having community to check in with. And so any one of those things is available with the Method and that has been just a complete game changer for me. It's worth taking the time to seek out an answer for yourself and finding a way of doing things that work for you. And this has just been such a great opportunity to learn a little bit about me and to learn a little bit about the things that work to help my life work better. Not just with food, but with all kinds of things. And so if you like me, have spent all of your life, adult life, trying to find a box to fit in, this is definitely not the box, but I think that's why it works. This has been such a light in what has been a weirdly dark time." — Mara

Mara The Method Membership

"I was looking for a one-size-fits-all diet that would help me lose weight fast, and was skeptical of an alternative, wholesome approach to wellness and its effectiveness. That perception has dramatically changed! I have truly realized the importance of approaching my body with more love and compassion and I have learned the importance of shifting the focus from losing weight to having a healthy relationship with food in order to see long term results. One small trick that has helped me since my first session with Erica is making sure every meal is a Foundational Five meal. Although it might seem so simple, I have learned that this shifts the focus from restriction to abundance with food, and is also the best way to nourish my body to eliminate cravings! I will definitely keep applying all of the knowledge I have learned from Erica for years to come - from building Foundational Five meals to viewing and talking to my body differently, and so much more!"

Jade Wellness Coaching

"My holistic wellness is my biggest priority, so I invest in it. After working with Erica, that investment has been returned ten-fold. There is no one-size-fits-all for health, and this Wellness Coaching process has taught me just that. Having someone guide me as I figure out what works for ME has been invaluable. I've laid the foundation for my overall wellness with Erica these first four months, and I hope over the next 12 months I can build my house, so to speak. Commit to the first steps and I promise you'll be hooked from there. THANK YOU ERICA!!!"

Alyza Wellness Coaching

"Before working with Erica, cost and time were my biggest concerns. Yet I soon realized that if I wanted to make change happen to benefit my life, I have to make the time, put in the effort and make the investment in my health. The cost was absolutely worth it!  I have felt so much better physically, mentally and emotionally since making the changes Erica suggested. My hormones have also felt more balanced and in control thanks to this coaching! The education, the progress, the growth, the support, and the changes truly made a huge difference in my body and my mind. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey with wellness coaching. I am so impressed with my coach Erica. She went above and beyond for me. She was so educated, especially for my special medical needs (PCOS). She was also so friendly, encouraging and supportive. I look forward to every call I have with her! All the plans, articles and suggestions Erica made for me and gave me have helped me so much. I've had so much fun learning about how to take care of myself and feel so much better because of it!"

Vicky Wellness Coaching

“Working with Erica at Nutrition Stripped gave me the knowledge I needed to create a foundation for healthy eating habits for me and my body. I have a demanding career and travel frequently, Wellness Coaching taught me how to maintain my habits outside of the home even when things get crazy. Everything I learned is flexible and applicable to my life no matter where I am. I’m proud to say that I have maintained these new healthy habits for 4 months now!”

Amanda Wellness Coaching

The Method is beautifully comprehensive. Healthy life choices extend past nutrition choices, and this program blends all aspects thoughtfully and effectively. I have long been a fan of NS’s Meal Planning, but this added so many more layers to improve my established routines and expand the tools in my healthy-actions toolbox. Highly, highly recommend! All things check-in have been huge for me. It’s so simple. It needs no planning. It rushes me back to the present and my priorities, but it is not something I have ever thought about before. The way this program has catapulted my mindfulness in this area is massive. I am so grateful for this expanded toolbox. It is already providing real impact in how I show up for myself and for others (both personally and professionally). If you're considering this program, DO IT. Run don’t walk. This is a fantastic long-run investment of your time and attention. The videos are such a good avenue for checking in on how you are really living. The videos alone felt like enough to warrant the time and resources to work through this program. However, there is more! The robust resources and tools the NS team has compiled is extraordinary. I am already excited to work through the content again as my life evolves. I’m sure I will hear new things and engage new thoughts during future life chapters. Highly recommend for today and for long-term use!

Molly The Method Membership

"I wanted to clearly identify my food intolerances to strengthen my immune system and lose a bit of weight healthily. Erica and I worked together to create a way to use the 5x5 Framework that allowed me to easily determine where my food intolerances were stemming from. The plan was also tailored to my individual needs to promote healthy weight loss through a lifestyle approach rather than a diet. After two months of working on this with my Erica, I no longer had any sensitivity outbreaks and my clothes were already starting to fit better from weight loss!" 

Holly Wellness Coaching

"I felt as though I wasn't confident when making food choices, and when outside of my normal routine, I felt like I was a bit too restrictive and rigid. I wanted to be able to let go of the idea that there is a "right" thing to eat. I sought out Wellness Coaching with Nutrition Stripped to help guide me through this, and working with Erica did just that by teaching me The Method and the 5x5 Framework. We discussed the importance of food freedom and went through the basics of nutrition so I felt confident when making food choices, but not as though I had to select the "right" thing all the time. I now feel like I can relax and celebrate occasions when I go out to eat. Overall, I feel so much less vigilant and rigid when it comes to eating than I had in the past!" 

Sarah Wellness Coaching

I’ve always been able to find a great connection with Mckel and actually apply what I’ve learned. Some factors were for me and some were not however that’s when I was able to use intuitiveness and make the final decision!  It was the beginning to my understanding of food nutrition and now have literally taken and run with my health! I think we spend 6 months in total together! I have never felt as amazing as I do now, and always stem my appreciation back to you steering me in the correct direction!

Britni Wellness Coaching

I thought that the plan and “to-do” items would be too time-consuming or difficult to implement in my life. McKel used information about my current lifestyle and habits (and health) to create a framework that required implementing small changes over time that positively impacted my day-day life. If you’re on the fence, if you think this is a magic button, it isn’t, but it also isn’t hard. Be as honest as you possible can about the timeline of your day and your habits. This will enable you to create a plan to support your health and your goals. If you commit to small changes over time, you can change the way you think about nutrition and positively affect your everyday life.

Amy S. Client Wellness Coaching

Before deciding to try McKel’s framework, I didn’t think I’d have the time or willpower to really change my lifestyle and eating behaviors.  After experiencing the framework, I've realized that I can take baby steps towards living a healthier life and I’m encouraged to make the guidance my own, listen to my body and find the routines that work best for me and my lifestyle. I now have the tools to sustain this healthy lifestyle — they serve as a reference guide that I can return to time and time again!

Christina F. Client Wellness Coaching

“I can hardly believe how amazing I feel after such a short time of fueling my body right. I have significantly more energy and feel an overall lightness in my body. I usually feel very sluggish and sick after eating and I’ve felt nothing but fantastic these past few days. Thank you, McKel, for sharing this great knowledge, I’m so excited to continue learning!”

Emily T on Wellness Coaching

I’ve been amazed at how much easier my world has been once I really started trying to simplify what I was eating instead of trying to concoct super fancy, insanely involved recipes every night.

Brittney M on the Meal Planning Program

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