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Summer Treats, July Style Your Screen | Nutrition Stripped, inspirational desktop wallpapers

Happy July everyone! There’s so much to celebrate, first it was my birthday on the 1st (Wednesday) and now most of us here in the states are getting prepped for the holiday weekend ahead of us to celebrate July 4th! Many of you might be taking road trips or traveling and one questions that always starts to pop into my email is about “how can I travel healthfully?”- check out my Healthy Travels and Survival Kit here, Healthy Travels Part IPart II, and In-flight Edition, and remember to have fun! I hope you all enjoy this summer inspired desktop wallpaper, they’re watercolor popsicles that I painted a couple weeks ago. Wishing you all a lovely holiday weekend!

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Interview with Whitney and Danielle of Sakara Life



First off, how adorable are Whitney and Danielle wearing the “Avocado Love” Nutrition Stripped tee?! I’m happy to introduce you to two friends from NYC doing it big and making healthy eating on the go effortless, delicious, and uber healthy. Danielle and Whitney are the duo behind Sakara Life, which is an all organic meal delivery program sharing healthy meals all over NYC and now they’ve expanded to LA. Meet these inspiring ladies and learn how they turned a dream into a career, what they favorite foods are, and how they manage to stay motivated amongst the busy-ness.

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Campfire Banana Boats


Campfire Banana Boats, healthy recipe | Nutrition Stripped

THIS. This recipe is something I used to make almost every summer night when I was a kid. Those nights where all of the neighborhood kids would gather around after playing “jailbreak” or a heavy game of tag with flashlights running around for hours! We’d be famished afterwards and aching to sit down around the fire pits with our parents while they were all enjoying drinks and gossip- we were all about these desserts and refueling. To be honest, we used to beg our parents to make “foil bananas” which were peeled bananas sliced and stuffed with chocolate chips, coconut, and chopped peanuts wrapped in foil and put on the grill or open flames. Campfire Banana Boats are my grown up version of this classic summer treat.

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Love is Love


Monday Mantra Love is Love | Nutrition Stripped

I think this says it all! Love is love and cheers to that! Also, this is a watercolor I did that is actually a little sneak peak of this weeks Style Your Screen live on Friday. Hope you all have a beautiful start to your week!
xx McKel

Top 15 All Natural Deodorants That Work

Natural Beauty

Top 15 All Natural Deodorants That Work Nutrition Stripped

I did the dirty work for you so you could sit back, smell good, and get on with your day. I tested some of the most popular brands of all natural deodorants on a couple measurements; #1 how well they smell, #2 how sweatproof they are (after walking around Nashville in the summer) and working out, #3 how they feel on your skin, and #4 price point. For all of these, my top favorites from the bunch are the first top 5. The rest were good-great and still recommended depending on your access and price point. I hope this helps save you time and the awkwardness that is body odor. Here are my Top 15 All Natural Deodorants That Work!

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