How to: Create a Spa at Home


NATURAL BEAUTY SERIES | How to create a spa at home

Part of living whole and eating well isn’t just based on what you eat, there’s so much more to it than this! We, myself included, all need to take a little more time to ourselves, to relax, rejuvenate, de-stress, and pamper ourselves for everything we do. Trust me, you deserve it! I’ve been working so many hours, basically from when my eyes are open till when shut, and it’s realllllllly easy to overwork when you absolutely love what you do- so I can’t complain there. Luckily, over the years through learning what it’s actually like to “burn out” from work, and through practicing meditation has allowed me to stay pretty in tune with my body (i.e. I can hear it loud and clear when both my body and mind need a break). So even though I’d much rather spend a break by the beach, traveling with loved ones, or in a 5-star spa; I’m much more realistic and maybe that day will come after the cookbook eh? Here’s my way of treating myself in my own home, I truly hope that you all take the time to do this for yourself too and show your mind and body some extra love!

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Workout with trainer Adam Rosante



Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing you to personal trainer Adam Rosante (if you didn’t read his interview I recommend reading his advice here!), today he’s back and has created a one of a kind workout for Nutrition Stripped, how awesome is this!? I actually started my morning with this workout and LOVED it- I normally go to a gym to workout, just because I like to get out of the house, but you can totally do this one in your home, especially if you’re pressed for time.

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On my Desk: Nourish Snacks


Snack time Nourish Snacks | Nutrition Stripped

When Nourish Snacks contacted me to try out a fellow registered dietitian, Joy Bauer’s new snack line, I jumped at the chance to try them! I’m always looking to find new brands and companies out there providing healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go, put in your lunchbox, and that are full of good quality ingredients. All of her ingredients are gluten free, dairy free, free of artificial colorings and preservatives, non-gmo, and no more than 200 calories (if you’re calorie conscious).

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Interview with personal trainer Adam Rosante



I’m overwhelmed with the response and emails from you all getting excited about the new fitness portion of my Inspired series; in case you didn’t know, I’ve teamed up with the top trainers to share at home workouts, their secrets to living well, and ways you can make small simple changes in your fitness routines to meet your goals. It’s a lot of fun and only the beginning of it! Today, I’m introducing a well known personal trainer for Cosmopolitan magazine (Cosmo Body), host of other large brands, and not to mention named one of the sexiest trainers in 2014. His technique is all about efficient workouts in a short amount of time yet bringing your max effort to the table. Welcome Adam to Nutrition Stripped! Learn how he stays motivated, what his favorite meals are, and what exercises he can always count on to get his clients in tip top shape!

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Popcorn, Four Ways

Recipe, Multi-ways

Popcorn, Four Ways | Nutrition Stripped

I have the fondest of memories enjoying popcorn as a snack especially in the evening with my parents as a child; it was almost a nighttime ritual. My parents would make popcorn, I’d stand and stare anxiously and dance around the kitchen waiting for it to finish popping, most of the times eyes glazed towards watching the corn pop in fascination. We’d pour the perfectly popped kernels into a giant bowl and pass it amongst the four of us while sitting on the couch watching movies unwinding from the day. I absolutely love this memory- to this day, whenever I think of popcorn, my dad pops into mind (ha pun intended) because he’s the biggest popcorn lover of all. Some of the toppings were quite inventive (I’ll give my parents credit on this one), topping popcorn with shredded fresh cheese, grated parmesan, cinnamon, black pepper, spices, loads of butter, and good ole’ sea salt. Nowadays, living dairy free and a bit more health conscious than my 6-year old self, I’ve transformed my childhood popcorn favorites into a more sophisticated group. Meet the delicious foursome taking back popcorn: Matcha Dark Chocolate, Herb & Cheeze, Turmeric Spiced, and Cinnamon & Sea Salt.

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