Let Go and Be Still

Monday Mantra

Inspirational Quote Let go and Be Still | Nutrition Stripped

Let go and be still. This phrase was inspired by several things in life, one of them being a client of mine who is challenged by racing thoughts about food, at all times of the day, what it’ll do or not do to one’s health, and how she looks; constantly wanting to “be” something in the future sense and then she can “be happy”. Sometimes in life we have to let go of control, let go of “wanting”, “wishing”, trying to force things to happen when maybe it’s not the right time, rethinking of past “should haves” and let go to accept the present moment to be still enough to listen in.

Being still is one of the most powerful things we can do to harness the present moment and to listen to our next move, listen to our intuition, and connect with our heart and spirit. Granted, it’s so hard for so many of us, myself included, to just “be still”. Meditation, prayer, and silent time in the morning is helpful (check out this blog post about that too). Challenge yourself this week to let go of thoughts and be still, to listen in. See how this affects areas of your life- Are you able to love with more passion? Are you more productive with your work? Are you able to practice more self love and gratitude? Are you able to be a listening ear for a friend in need? Are you able to eat more mindfully and take care of yourself? Are you feeling happier? Be still, listen in, the answers are already there.

Wishing you lots of love and beautiful vibes,

xx McKel

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10 Foods to Always Keep in Your Fridge

The Basics

Top 10 Foods to Always Keep in your Fridge | Nutrition Stripped

I have a hunch you may want to bookmark this post for yourself later or to share with a friend, it’s essential and it’s a simple guide to which 10 Foods to Always Keep in Your Fridge! Trust me, this was a hard task trying to whittle down a list of 30+ ingredients that I love keeping in the fridge, to these bare basics everyone and anyone should keep in their fridge. Let’s get to it!

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Interview with Adam Bornstein of Born Fitness

Inspired Interview

INSPIRED | Adam Bornstein

I’m happy to introduce you all to a friend of mine and someone that’s incredibly positive, motivating, and down to earth with his philosophy about exercise and eating well. Adam is a renowned personal trainer coaching clients all over the world and known for his fantastic work with Men’s Health Magazine, being a contributor for many years then moving onto creating his own booming business. Today, Adam Born of Born Fitness is here to share his motivation to staying fit, what he’s learned from training thousands of clients all over the world, what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, and of course we had to ask him some fun questions. Introducing Adam!

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Avocado Shallot Spread


Avocado Shallot Spread | Nutrition Stripped

Can there really be more Avocado Love here on Nutrition Stripped? Before talking about this recipe, I’ve been LOVING your pictures on Instagram and via email showing me how you’re styling your tee’s, keep them coming! And if you don’t have one yet, you can order yours here now. Now, onto this unique yet delicious Avocado Shallot Spread recipe. It’s a dip, it’s a spread, it’s a condiment, it’s a filling…it’s just really good.

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Inspirational Quote | Be

Monday Mantra

How are you Being? Be Inspirational Quote | Nutrition Strippd

This isn’t much of a quote as it is a word, a mantra, and a reminder for us all to just be. What does to be even mean?

BE: to just be still, to soak in the moment, to be present, to speak/act/do through your authentic self, to love in every moment, to practice gratitude and humility, and to live! As I’m writing this I go through the same struggles, we tend to hop on the future train and bombard ourselves with questions of “what’s going to happen?”, “what if…”, “when I do ___ I’ll be happy!”, “when that time comes, I’ll feel fulfilled”, and so on. On the opposite, some of us spend way too much time in the past with questions of “what if I had done that?”, “I should’ve taken that opportunity”, “if only I had…”. What we’re not asking ourselves too often is… HOW ARE YOU BEING in this very moment, right now? All grammatical errors aside in this question, it’s something to take some time with. In this very moment, the only moment that counts, how are you being?

This is something I teach my clients through mindful eating all the time. Truly, listen in after you as yourself this question. How are you being is far greater and emcompasses more than “how are you?” and most often we’re not the ones checking in with ourselves asking this very question. I challenge you this week to ask yourself every morning or during times where you’re feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, stressed, etc.; to just simply check in with your thoughts and heart and ask yourself, how are you being? Sit on that, explore what comes up, accept it, befriend the feelings that come up, and move on.

xx McKel