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Guide to Plant-based Protein Supplements

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Guide to Plant-based Protein Supplements //

Top left corner down each column: Hemp protein, Garden of Life Raw Fit, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, Vega One, Ka’ Chava, PlantFusion, Sunwarrior Original, Plantfusion Phood, Vega Smoothie, Garden of Life Raw Protein, Vega Sport

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive about smoothie recipes or my smoothie bowls is about superfoods or protein powders I use. I’ve had this huge review in mind to personally taste test as many vegan/plant-based protein powders I could get my hands on, and today this post is the result of it. This Guide to Plant-based Protein Supplements, is not a review of whole food sources of protein (check back at my Q&A post for some of those sources), but a review on protein supplements.


As a Dietitian Nutritionist, whole foods are top priority in my book when it comes to getting the most from your nutrition, but there is certainly a time and place where protein supplementation can be beneficial to your diet. For example you may benefit from using protein powders if you’re an athlete or very active individuals, transitioning into vegetarian/vegan diets, if you’re on the go and need a quick snack/meal, on a specific fat loss program like many of my clients, or just want to curb a sweet tooth and bump the protein content in your favorite smoothies with some awesome flavors.

Notice how I say the word supplement when talking about protein powders? Protein powders are meant to supplement the diet not become the “staple” or sole source of protein in your diet, I want to make that clear!


  1. Taste (texture, flavor as designated by stars *, ***** being the best!)
  2. Quality (i.e. the ingredients and food sources of protein)
  3. Grams of protein per serving (also looking at amino acid content, i.e. building blocks of protein)
  4. Use (how flexible it can be used in your diet)
  5. Cost (as designated by $ where each $ is equal to $10.oo USD)

plant-based-protein-powder-review3 plant-based-protein-powder-review2


Vega Sport (chocolate, berry, and vanilla)

  • Taste: ***** I love Vega Sport, I’ve used it for years because of the nutrition, quality, and flavor- chocolate is my favorite. It has a smooth, creamy, and thick texture which is great for adding it into smoothies.
  • Quality: protein from pea protein, chia seed, alfalfa, and sprouted brown rice protein (over 5000 mg BCAA’s)
  • Nutrition: 25g protein/scoop
  • Use: smoothies, puddings (just by mixing with a little almond milk and enjoying with a spoon- it’s rather thick like pudding), mixed with water as a drink
  • Cost: $$$$$

Vega One (french vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chai, and natural)

  • Taste: **/***, this protein is a bit gritty for my liking and has a pretty strong flavor
  • Quality: pea protein, chia seed protein, sprouted brown rice protein, chlorella, hemp seed, flax seed and maca. Contains antioxidant blend, green blend, omega-3 blend, digestive and probiotic enzymes, and vitamins/minerals- a “meal” protein supplement.
  • Nutrition: 17g protein/scoop
  • Use: Best used mixed with water or almond milk to thin out as a drink
  • Cost: $$$$$

Vega Smoothie (berry, tropical, vanilla, chocolate, and natural)

  • Taste: *** Personally I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to flavors, so my favorites were the vanilla and chocolate. The tropical tango and berry were a little strong for my taste buds.
  • Quality: Vega blend [pea protein, chia seeds, hemp seed, sprouted brown rice protein]
  • Nutrition: 15g protein/scoop
  • Use: Best used mixed with water or almond milk to thin out as a drink. Can easily add to smoothies (as intended) for a boost in protein content.
  • Cost: $/$$


Raw Fit (Spiced vanilla chai, chocolate mocha)

  • Taste: $$, a little “chalky” for my liking, but when mixed into my smoothies I couldn’t tell the difference! I really enjoyed the unique flavors especially the chocolate mocha. I should note, the “chalky” flavor comes from all of the great sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds).
  • Quality: [organic sprouted blend: brown rice protein, amaranth, flax seed, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, garbanzo bean, pumpkin seed, lentil, adzuki bean, flax meal, sunflower seed, chia seed, sesame seed] An amazing array of sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains for the protein sources which is great.
  • Nutrition: 28g of protein/scoop. Contains added herbal, vitamin/mineral, probiotic blends.
  • Use: smoothies, mixed with water or almond milk to drink
  • Cost: $$$

Raw Protein (original, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chai)

  • Taste: *** I can speak to the vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla chai- all were relatively the same rating on my scale for flavor and texture. A bit “chalky”, but when mixed with something you couldn’t really tell (I should note, the “chalky” flavor comes from all of the great sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds).
  • Quality: [organic sprouted blend: brown rice protein, amaranth, flax seed, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, garbanzo bean, pumpkin seed, lentil, adzuki bean, flax meal, sunflower seed, chia seed, sesame seed] An amazing array of sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains for the protein sources which is great.
  • Nutrition: 17g protein/scoop. Contains added vitamin/mineral, and digestive blends.
  • Use: smoothies, mixed with water or almond milk to drink
  • Cost: $$$


Phood (chocolate caramel, vanilla)

  • Taste: most original flavors I’ve come across thus far with protein powders and they’re all delicious. My favorite out of this bunch was the chocolate caramel.
  • Quality: Protein from pea, artichoke, sprouted amaranth, and sprouted quinoa.
  • Nutrition: 18g protein/serving + carbohydrates and fat. Contains added energy, EFA, vitamin/mineral, and digestive blends.
  • Use: smoothies, with almond milk or water as a drink
  • Cost: $$$$

Plant Fusion, original (chocolate raspberry, chocolate, cookies n’ creme, unflavored, vanilla)

  • Taste: most original flavors I’ve come across thus far with protein powders and they’re all delicious. My favorite out of this bunch (coming from a chocoholic was cookies n’ creme). The texture reminded me a bit of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, which I’m familiar with- it was great overall!
  • Quality: Protein from pea, artichoke, sprouted amaranth, and sprouted quinoa.
  • Nutrition: 21g protein/serving (4500 mg BCAA’s)
  • Use: smoothies, with almond milk or water as a drink, as a protein pudding (mixing the powder with almond milk to a “pudding” consistency)
  • Cost: $$$$


Original (chocolate, vanilla, natural)

  • Taste: $$/$$$, it’s a bit chalky due to the only protein source coming from a grain, sprouted rice but when mixed with a smoothie I couldn’t tell the difference.
  • Quality: Raw whole grain brown rice protein
  • Nutrition: 15g protein/scoop
  • Use: mixes best with water/almond milk for a drink
  • Cost: $$$

Warrior Blend (chocolate, vanilla)

  • Taste: $$$$$, my favorite from this bunch is the vanilla- it seems to go well with everything. The texture is really thick and creamy, which is great for adding to smoothies. Sunwarrior is typically the protein I use in my Stripped Green Smoothie Bowls because of the wonderful thick texture it provides.
  • Quality: proprietary blend [raw organic pea protein, cranberry protein, organic hemp seed protein]- great quality organic, sprouted, and raw variations.
  • Nutrition: 17g protein/scoop
  • Use: smoothies, baked goods like pancakes, puddings, desserts, or mixed with almond milk/water for a drink. This one is unique because of the protein blend, it’s water loving so it gets really think which is great for smoothies.
  • Cost: $$$/$$$$

Ka’ Chava | (chocolate)

  • Taste: **** This protein surprised me! With the long list of superfood ingredients including mushrooms, I had a feeling it may be a little earthy, it was far from that. It reminded me of a thin chocolate milk when mixed with water. It was the most comparable out of the bunch to a standard whey protein in texture (which is a good thing)- mixed very well with other ingredients, tasted great, and was just as good with water versus in something.
  • Quality: yellow pea protein, organic whole grain brown rice protein, chia seed protein. Contains omega-3 fiber blend, antioxidant, herbs, super-greens, digestive, and probiotic blends as well
  • Nutrition: 24g protein, carbohydrates and fats
  • Use: as a meal replacement, or cut serving in half and use with a meal/smoothie.
  • Cost: $$$$$$$/$$$$$$$$


Hemp protein 70

  • Taste: *** It tastes as hemp protein “should” taste, a bit of grittiness to it, earthy, nutty, slightly sweet (I can only speak for the natural flavor as this is what I tried). Overall I love using hemp protein in baked goods, raw desserts, snacks, etc.
  • Quality: hemp protein
  • Nutrition: 20g protein (70% by weight), omega-3 fats
  • Use:  smoothie, mixed with almond milk/water, baked, adding to hot cereals, and other desserts. I find this protein along with Sunwarrior are easy to sneak into baked goods and other types of homemade snacks (such as my Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars)
  • Cost: $$$

Guide to Plant-based Protein Supplements //

It depends on what your goal is but in general this is a good start for where and how to use these protein supplements:

  • Which ones to use for meal replacements: Phood, Vega One, Ka’ Chava, Garden of Life Raw Fit
  • Which ones to use for meal additions/supplements: Vega Sport, Plant Fusion, Vega Smoothie, Vega One, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, Sunwarrior Original, Garden of Life Raw Protein, Hemp Protein 70


My personal top 3 favorites | 1) Chocolate Vega Sport, 2) Vanilla Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, and 3) Plant Fusion original (cookies n’ cream flavor), with a close runner up of 4) Ka’ Chava chocolate.

I hope you all loved this guide and review as I get SO many questions about my favorite protein powders to use and what the differences of them are. Bookmark this post or share it with a friend for later! Do you like guide reviews such as these? Comment below so I know to do more of them!

xx McKel

*editors note: this blog has been updated with new proteins in May 2017*

Disclaimer: The products listed above were given to me to taste test and review, I was not compensated other than with the products to use and keep. When I do product reviews, you’re hearing my honest opinion! This post may contain affiliate links, which basically means I earn a small percentage of sales from these products if you purchase them (a.k.a. you’re supporting my efforts here on Nutrition Stripped)- thank you!

Share your thoughts

  • merle

    I just wish they were all organic. Don’t know why they don’t take that extra step??! I know Garden of Life RAW is organic — wish Sunwarrior and Vega would be too…..

  • Thanks for this post!! I love the breakdown!

  • Emily

    Thanks for the info! Do you have suggestions on any protein powders without stevia added (it doesn’t agree with my digestion)?? I tried Nutiva Hemp protein powder, but after reading more online it doesn’t seem to be guaranteed gluten-free. Thanks!! 🙂

    • I’m not sure Emily- I’ve only tried these mostly! Sometimes you can purchase them all natural meaning with no flavor added, which doesn’t contain stevia. Check out these brands “natural” flavors and see 😉

  • I rely heavily on vegan protein powders right now, because I’m very active AND trying to lose weight. I have them in a morning smoothie and lunch one every day. I have tried most of those, but the one I am using right now and loving is Arbonne. Their protein powder is pea based and delicious! Have you tried it?

  • Molly

    Thank you very much for this post, it is really helpful. I’ve been using Garden of Life Raw Protein for years. I always think I should try other protein supplements but haven’t really known where to start.

  • So glad you mentioned Plant Fusion! It doesn’t get a lot of press. The company sent me tons of samples for a product I was working on and I fell in love with it. So nice to have some fun flavors other than chocolate or vanilla!

  • Gabrielle

    Great article, One of the biggest problems I have when choosing protein is digestibility, I have tried so many protein powders which made me feel really bloated and uncomfortable. Could you reccommend one which is easy to digest?

    • Hi Gabrielle,
      We’re all incredibly different in terms of digestion, so it’s hard to say without trial and error. I find sunwarrior to be really great!

  • Nice review. I have tried many of these and prefer the unflavoured, stevia-free varieties.
    A few notes: I used to like the VegaSport, too, until I realized how salty it was. I wonder how the others compare?
    Also, while the total grams of protein is nice, it would be better to compare it to the total calories.

  • Anna N.

    Agreed about adding the calorie info— without it, it’s hard to judge how the grams of protein really compare.

    • Hi Anna,
      That’s why I directly link to the site so you can see full information, I’m interested in reviewing the protein only in this post.

  • Great review, McKel! Vega Sport in chocolate is by far my favourite (of any protein powder, not just plant-based ones), closely followed by the vanilla one. I’m a huge fan because all Vega products are whole food based and full of clean ingredients. I agree with you that Vega One is a bit grittier, but given the nutritional punch that it packs, I think it’s totally worth it!

  • Thank you SO much for doing this review, McKel! So valuable. x x

  • catherine

    I, like emily, have also been trying to find a vegan protein powder without stevia, besides hemp because I hate the taste and something that the other ingredients aren’t totally whack. I also tend to hate “natural” flavors, I’d much rather have a “cookis n creme” shake. perhaps I’m being too picky. Before I tried to quit stevia (causes me joint pain), I was using a brand called rawfusion. I really liked their peanut butter fudge flavor, though I thought their chocolate and vanilla flavors tasted…. shake-y I guess, but I still use the chocolate from time to time. Ive never seen it in stores, but my dad found it on the internet. Another powder thats really good, but not high in protein, is called rockin wellness, really delicious. Anyway, I also wanted to know if you had ever heard about stevia causing joint pain. my boyfriend wont go near it because he says it causes joint pain and he has lots of problems with his wrists, and I must say since quitting stevia mine feel a lot better. It makes me sad though, because I loved stevia and it is in EVERTYTHING these days (even stuff with sugar already added, I dont understand that really.) I love your blog by the way, and all the reviews you do are great.

    • So glad you found this helpful Catherine! Glad to help- check out my how to make your own stevia extract post as well for more information on stevia 🙂

  • Nicole

    I can’t rave enough about S.A.N. rawfusion. It is, in my opinion, the best vegan protein powder on the market. And they just came out with a banana nut flavor… Yum!

  • Love this post!! I could not agree with you more that Vega One is fantastic. I am a sucker for their chocolate, vanilla and vanilla chai flavors. My other favorite is Manitoba Harvest hemp vanilla– glad to hear we are on the same page 😉 also loving the photos in this post! Keep rockin’ it, girl!

  • Andrea

    What is this “Stripped Green Smoothie Bowl” you speak of? It sounds delicious! Recipe please 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this guide, McKel! I have been trying to buy plant-based protein powders online but have been quite overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices out there.

  • This is great information, so meticulous. I love it! I used to think I needed a protein powder, especially being a plant-based vegan, however, now I’m not so sure. Have you seen this video from I’m curious what your thoughts are! 🙂

    • Thank you Katie! It’s a very common question and scenario I see with a lot of my vegan/vegetarian clients, not getting enough protein. Feel free to contact me via services page and make a one on one session with me (Q&A) to answer some of your questions!

  • Tiffany

    This review was amazing McKel! I just stumbled across your website recently and am beyond loving it! I’ve even decided to make the investment and get a Vitamix. I wish I lived closer to you so I could do a dietary consult too. Anyway good work and keep the awesomeness coming! xx Tiffany

    • Hi Tiffany! SO glad this was helpful for you! You’re going to absolutely love the Vitamix- by the way, I consult clients all over the world! You definitely do not need to be in the same city as me, check out my services page for more details, I’d love to coach you.

  • Joyce

    Have you ever tried the perfect fit protein? What do you think about that one?

    • I haven’t tried TIU protein, I stick with the ones I mentioned in the post- my favorites being sunwarrior, vega, and plant fusion 🙂

  • Jessica H

    Thank you for posting on this topic. Quick question: What are your thoughts protein supplements that are organic vs non-organic or GMO vs Non-GMO. I want a product that is as pure as possible but food labels can be tricky these days.

    • The best option would be one that is organic and from sprouted grains if grains are used- GMO labeling is still out (i.e. not everyone engages in GMO labeling). Hope that helps!

  • Mariah

    Can you review Amazing Grass protein powders? I really enjoy them especially the original green one,
    the vanilla chai and the Trio which has barley grass, wheat grass and alfalfa. They are also organic .

    Also have you tried Activz powders… They have beets, carrot, spinach, kale and many others. They are
    handy when you don’t have produce available and keeps well. I add them to my smoothies.

    Also use powdered peanut butter which is easier to mix in smoothies. Do you recommend almond, coconut or
    soy milk? Some brands have carrageenan in them which is unhealthy so you have to be aware and read the labels .

    Enjoyed your reviews on the protein powders. I do like Sun Warrior Blend in Vanilla, and am getting ready to try Garden of Life Raw Meal in Spiced Chai.

    Thank you for all your great information.

    • I recommend making your own nut milks, find my recipes here; also I prefer Greens+ green powders or Vibrant Health. Glad you found the review helpful!

  • christine

    Are there any savory flavors of veg protein out there? Something you can sprinkle on salads or pasta?

    • Debbie Doyle

      Determined to eat healthier, raw, organic and natural in 2015. With the price of protein powders your reviews are excellent and so helpful in selecting exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for reviewing and passing along this very informative list. You have gained another fan.

  • Julia

    Hello McKel,

    thanks so much for this Review, that really helped 🙂
    I am still looking for a great vegan Protein as well since I purchased Sunwarrior blend vanilla and I CAN NOT stand the taste at all!!! I even had it with soy milk the other day (normally I have my whey just with water) and I had to stop drinking it cause it tasted so horrible (just my personal taste – I am normally not that picky).
    I read a lot of great stuff about the Vega Sport chocolate. Can you tell me if that tastes similar to the Sunwarrior Protein? I do not like the gríttiness about it, that its so grainy. And also it Kind of tastes like gone bad Christmas Cookies… ^^ I know everones taste is different, but could you help me trying to figure out if Vega Sport is something for me? 🙂
    Have you ever tried whey? Does it taste more like that or more like the Sunwarrior Blend?

    Thank you so so much, rock on 😀

    • Happy you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to you! I don’t use whey since I don’t eat dairy, but if you do just get one that’s from grass-fed cows 😉

  • Shawn

    Hi McKell!

    Have you tried the new formulation of VEGA one? I think there have been a few changes and wanted to hear your thoughts and if you still recommend it. One of the changes is the addition of acacia gum. I believe this is to increase the fibre. What do you think of this? I’m a little wary whenever concentrated fibres are added.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Shawn, I haven’t tried the new Vega one’s yet. To be honest, the only protein I really enjoy from them is their sports performance due to the high protein and amino acid content. Otherwise my favorites are Plant Fusion and Bare Blends! Hope that helps x

  • Amy

    Absolutely loved this article! I’m looking for a plant based protein to assist with lean muscle growth. Found this really really helpful as I previously had no clue what to look for .. Thanks to your help I’m going for the Vegasport or Ka’Chava 🙂 Looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed this Amy- it can be a confusing world of vegetarian proteins that’s for sure! If you haven’t already, be sure you’re checking out my “basics” category all about protein, etc.!

  • Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will always bookmark
    your blog and may come back down the road. I want to encourage continue your great work, have a
    nice morning!

  • I love reading blogs such as this! Causes also and me to feel a warm enjoyable feeling educated!
    Thanks so much!

  • I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  • After looking at a handful of the blog articles on your blog,
    I truly like your technique of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back in the near
    future. Please visit my web site as well and let
    me know how you feel.

  • Very thorough review here, McKel. My biggest problem with most of the popular plant protein brands out there was the cheap, processed fillers (silica, xanthan gum, guar gum, sunflower lecithin), “natural flavors”, and stevia extract. These brands are good at marketing but not-so-good at delivering 100% real food, unadulterated ingredients.

    So I decided to make my own. I just launched a product you should take a look at. It’s called Pure Food Probiotic Protein and it’s the cleanest and healthiest plant protein out there. Organic, vegan ingredients and no GMOs, gluten, added sugar, “natural” flavors, or any other junk ingredients like most of the others.

    Let me know if you want some samples 🙂

  • It’s the best time to make a few plans for the long run and
    it’s time to be happy. I have learn this publish and if I could I want
    to recommend you some attention-grabbing things or tips.
    Perhaps you can write subsequent articles referring to this
    article. I wish to read more things approximately it!

  • carolyn

    Hi mckel!
    Im currently trying to gain 20 lbs and my doctor recommended i eat 100 grams protein a day. Does this sound like a lot ro you? Im 5’2 96 lbs, not doing any workouts besides yoga a few days a week. Thank you!

  • Vv

    Hello McKel! I’ve read this post several times but now is when I need it. I want to know which of all of these protein supplements is best to build/maintain muscle.

  • Charity

    Thanks for such a great comprehensive comparison. It was just what I was looking for!

  • Kyle Calcagno

    Great information. I’ve used several of these in breakfast smoothies and some are definitely better than others. The one I like most, which you actually didn’t review is Warrior Protein by Healthforce Nutritionals (the vanilla). I was curious about your thoughts on their products?

    Thank you & Cheers,

    • McKel Hill

      I haven’t used Healthforce proteins so I couldn’t say but would love to try it sometime! Thanks Kyle!

  • Teresa

    Have you tried Prana On? I’d love to know your thoughts? I’m wanting to have something that has most nutritional value.

    • McKel Hill

      I haven’t heard of it!

    • Hey there Teresa.

      Prana On is only available in Australia – so I assume you’re an aussie lady 😉

      I’ve been living in Australia for a few months now, and I’ve tried both Prana On and Raw Protein (brand is Amazonia).

      Prana On is DELICIOUS. Thin powder, excellent texture, sweet taste, almost a milkshake! Tastes a lot like the Vega products.

      Raw Protein, on the other hand, is a but more chalky and less sweet – but I like it too. Better for shakes that are already sweet (like when you add bananas and dates).

      Go ahead and buy the Prana On, you won’t regret it!

      And remember to add high protein REAL FOODS in your diet.. Here’s a very good list:

      Hope it helps! Cheers mate 😉

  • twin mama

    I’m a newbie looking to use a plant-based protein as a meal replacement (for weight-loss). I’m having a heck of a time finding a product without stevia…it’s literally a deal breaker for me. 🙁 I’d love to know if you have any recommendations. Thanks…

    • Hey there Twin Mama – and congratulations on the twins 🙂

      It’s hard to find stevia-free products on this market, but here’s a good one:

      Sprout Living Epic Protein (here’s the detailed review )

      It’s NOT a meal replacement, but it’s a good supplement to add more protein to your diet.

      I hope it helps!!


  • That’s a great post! High quality content, helpful for vegans like me who are after the mythical “Best Vegan Protein Powder” – but of course that’s a matter of personal taste.

    It’s important to remember to add many high protein REAL FOOD in your diet as well, because supplements are supposed to be just an addition, not the base of your nutrition!

    I used to think that it would be hard to achieve a high daily intake of protein on a vegan diet, but then I found out that some foods have LOTS of protein – like Lupini Beans (36g of proteins per 100g) or Pumpkin Seed (30g of prot/100g).

    Did you know about those foods? There’s a table here:

    Pretty useful, I’m implementing them on my diet now 🙂

    Hope it helps, cheers!

  • Harry

    I checked many lists and IronVegan isn’t on any. I hope it will become more popular and will not be discontinued as it has become my favorite. It’s a new product anyway. 🙂

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T-shirt Size Chart

Size US Sizes UK Sizes AUS Sizes
Small (S) 2-4 32-34 6-8
Medium (M) 6-10 36-40 9-13
Large (L) 10-14 40-44 13-17


No worries, just shoot us a quick email at [email protected] with SHOP in the subject and let us know what size you’re looking for and we’ll set you up!

Avocado Love t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The boxy crop tee doesn’t show the tummy, just slightly when you raise your hands.

Matcha Matcha Matcha t-shirt is made with a durable 100% cotton blend. It runs a bit on the larger side, but shrinks an entire size due to the cotton.

Kale Made Me Do It t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The sleeves are purposefully a little loose, hanging off the shoulders giving room to move.

Good Food Good Vibes t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The sleeves have a deep scoop showing your side body more than a normal tank, great to show off a touch of your sports bra, lacy bra, or any tank underneath.

Each t-shirt is individually hand screen printed here in Nashville, TN by our friends Grand Palace Printing. Each design is printed multiple times to ensure quality color. A lot of love goes into making every single t-shirt, here’s how to take care of it when it gets to you:

+ Wash cold
+ Line dry or lay flat to dry to retain best color and size

Shop Support

Have questions about your order? Exchanges/returns, or just to share a testimonial of your experience with Nutrition Stripped? We’re happy to help answer any and all questions you might have. Please email us at [email protected].

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