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Hi, welcome to our community and to Nutrition Stripped!

At Nutrition Stripped, we’re making it simple to understand and apply the science behind nutrition and the art of healthy living — all while enjoying delicious recipes (i.e. the vehicle for good nutrition!). We believe feeling your best is a way of thinking, living, and showing up for yourself by taking action.

With support from hundreds of science-backed health and nutrition articles, weekly newsletters, coaching programs, online education courses, and a global community for support — our mission is to help you live whole, eat well, and feel amazing.

Nutrition is our jam. 👋

Founded By An Expert

McKel Hill MS, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Stripped, a healthy living website dedicated to helping women feel amazing through nourishing multiple pillars of health — and also feel good about the information they were getting about nutrition and wellness.

With 10 years experience, McKel knows the real-life struggles and the solutions that have made our community feel their best. Her cookbook by HarperCollins, Nutrition Stripped Cookbook, was an Amazon bestseller and her work and expertise has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Self, SHAPE, Food Network, Dr. Oz, Real Simple, Vogue, Bon Appetit, Oprah.com, and more.

— I’ve been there before

“For years in my teens and early twenties feeling “off” and out of sync with my body from migraines, digestive issues, acne, and high stress — I thought this was my normal and I thought that felt “good”. I was determined to expand, grow, and know more about what living well, meant to me so I embarked on a journey and started exploring the world of nutrition science and nurturing the subjective (give me all the meditation, crystals, and sage) by using myself as a guinea pig.

I discovered the foods that made me feel my best and how other pillars of health such as stress management ~ chilling out ~ took my health to the next level. Ever since I had my ah-ha moment of “Oh, this is what it feels like to feel really good?!” I’ve had a relentless passion to guide others to find their way to health.” — McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN Founder

— you’re in good hands

Professional Background:

  • Bachelor of Science Human Ecology and Dietetics, The Ohio State University
  • Master of Science Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, The Ohio State University
  • Masters Thesis: Dietitian Practitioners’ Knowledge, Behaviors, and Practices Regarding Dietary Supplements.
  • RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and LDN Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Wellcoaches Behaviorial Coaching training
  • In training: Integrative Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner through the accredited Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy™ (IFNA)

Our Philosophy

— about cell food

We talk at length about nutrition because it’s, in our opinion, the catalyst to feeling really good. Scientific research is still uncovering the many ways our bodies are affected by our gut microbiota and microbiome, stress, inflammation, genetics, and lifestyle. Our food choices signal messages to the cells in our body and mind, which impacts our sense of self, how we feel, and ultimately how we show up in this world.

Our food philosophy is about teaching you how to listen and honor your body by focusing on the best nutrient-dense and responsibility sourced food nature has to offer — while enjoying a glass of wine, pizza out with girlfriends, or whatever your jam is. Explore our Food Philosophy anchored in plants and whole food, here.

— about life food

Because feeling amazing is never just about what you eat. Feeling like your best self-includes all aspects of your life that allow you to function like your best self, that allows you to get the most out of your life, love, and happiness. That’s always our end goal.

If we start to change the story we have around nourishment, we can see it for what it is at its core — it’s a message in the form of nutrients, laughter, movement, love, connection with ourselves, and it’s full picture. Dive deeper into our pillars of health here, NS Pillars Of Health.

The Recipes

We believe food should nourish your cells and healthy recipes are the best vehicles for nutrition — we also really just like good food, too.

Under the Eat Well tab, you’ll find hundreds of delicious recipes all using whole food ingredients, some that are worth the effort to make and most of them super simple to make. We like to focus on foods from the earth (hello, plants!) and knowing the source of your food, but also get that you need a level of convenience so we help you find the next best option.

Our recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based at their core — this allows you to make the meal work for you by adding proteins of your choice and other ingredients that your body thrives on. Cooking this way is a great foundation to make sure you’re consuming the incredible phytonutrients and fiber from plants that we typically don’t get enough of.


Feel Your Best

Our goal is to keep you feeling your best — whether you come to us for healthy plant-based recipes, the latest nutrition science and the art of living well, master meal planning, or you want to dive deeper with coaching — we got you!

— how we can help

Our online programs can help you master meal planning, reset digestion, manage health concerns through diet and lifestyle, and learn the basics of plant-based eating. Our newest addition to the family is the NS Society — a monthly membership making healthy eating simple with recipes, in-depth health articles, podcast, and more.

Check out these best-sellers:

— good food good vibes

Laughter, joy, happiness, and feeling good is more than just the food we eat. Founder McKel painted watercolors in graduate school for fun, and now the Avocado Love has become our best-selling t-shirt and mascot! Our community likes to wear their fruit as much as eat it, see our t-shirts.

Shop our favorites and product recommendations. All our “favorites” in the shop are products given the stamp of approval by the NS Code: does it actually work? Did we love it? Do the ingredients used make sense and live up to the claims?

We’re Like You, Too.

We know what it’s like to feel really good and we try our best to keep that status quo — we’re also like you and get off track because of #life — but we know exactly how to get back up and want to guide you to get there too👋We’re so grateful to have you in our community to learn from and serve.


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