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Welcome to my food and nutrition blog Nutrition Stripped, I’m thrilled that you’re taking the time to visit. This is me, McKel, a self proclaimed green smoothie connoisseur, nutrition science nerd who has an affinity for plants, whole foods, and embracing the mind body connection. 


I started Nutrition Stripped to share my passion about nutrition, wellness, and years of experience with coaching clients one-on-one. Of course, creating deliciously simple and healthy recipes all while playing with my camera in the studio and taste testing has it’s perks too. Nutrition Stripped has surpassed my dreams, this “blog” has become so much more than a writing platform, it’s become a thriving community of health “foodies” who are supporting the content I share and living the whole foods lifestyle- no matter what “diet” you’re on. I’m grateful everyday that I can inspire all of you out there taking your time to read and connect with me on here. My calling is to inspire you with my nourishing recipes to show you that healthy eating can be really fun, exciting, and down right delicious- and maybe, just maybe, to convince you to start eating more raw plants and my Stripped Green Smoothies.

When did my health journey start? In high school, I suffered from horrible migraines. I took the common route of seeing a neurologist and taking prescription medications, which never worked and would always leave me feeling lethargic, impairing my ability to do activities and to engage in things I was very passionate about (art, school, athletics). In college, I used to consume “health” foods that weren’t the best for my body, mind, or spirit- they were heavily processed, quick fixes, and full of ingredients I could barely pronounce. These “health” foods never made me feel well physically or look my best either; instead I had poor digestion, low energy during workouts and in general, and dull skin and hair. Within weeks of replacing foods I was sensitive to (mainly dairy and gluten), I noticed a radical shift in the way I felt. I no longer felt bloated, my digestion issues resolved, my hair grew longer and stronger, the acne breakouts started to clear, I had immense energy, my athletic performance increased, and best of all my migraine headaches decreased dramatically!

In college, I took several courses in philosophy and ethics, which transformed my perspective on animal life, I gravitated towards a plant-based, vegetarian lifestyle and have been living plant-based lifestyle ever since. I merged my nutrition education with those courses in philosophy and took it upon myself to research in depth the health benefits of eating plant-based- thus, my food philosophy developed naturally as a combination of those experiences in and out of school.

By incorporating more whole foods gradually overtime until the bulk of my diet was from non-processed, “living” foods, I felt even better. My energy to this day is impacted by the food I consume– like all of us– and the best lifestyle for me is one that’s abundant in plant-based whole foods, which I share here on Nutrition Stripped. We truly are what we eat, and going back to basics with plant-based, whole foods is where it’s at!

I hope that through sharing my whole food recipes, nutrition and wellness tips, and meeting some of you through my nutrition coaching programs,  you can experience a shift in your health as well. I’m incredibly grateful for all of your support in taking the time to get to know me on Nutrition Stripped and apply this lifestyle to yours as well; trust me it’s a realistic approach to living well, all it takes is a little know-how and help from moi.


In a nutshell, I’m a Nashville-based Registered Dietitian and nutritionist who focuses on whole body wellness and approaches nutrition from a whole-foods outlook. My primary focus is delivering nutrition education in a back to basics while debunking myths from current conventional nutrition propaganda, dogma, and misinformation in the media. I’m incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about natural/naturopathic/integrative and functional nutrition, sports nutrition, specialty diets including vegan/vegetarian to paleo lifestyles, and digestion efficiency.

With my coaching style, I believe in taking a individualistic and holistic approach to coaching my clients; meaning all my recommendations are tailored specifically to each unique person to reach their optimum health and ultimately lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life. I’m a dietitian at heart so I love science, numbers, and outcomes but also take into consideration the bigger picture that often can’t be measured with a number or evidenced-based science, the individual differences.

The field of nutrition is shifting and ever-changing. My ideas, thoughts, and practices will reflect this and continually change as I grow as a nutrition professional and learn of new nutrition research…. that’s the beauty of it all! I don’t believe in following any nutritional dogma; I consider myself a sponge for absorbing and learning from all techniques, theories, research, case studies, and personal experience- this translates to helping you discover what works for my clients (and you!). 

About McKel


Before focusing on what my recipes are not, I’ll tell you what they are. My recipes are nutrient dense, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, delicious, simple to make, and aimed at nourishing your body on a cellular level. All recipes featured on Nutrition Stripped are free from refined and processed ingredients; all are dairy-free, gluten-free, plant based, vegetarian/vegan friendly, and most paleo friendly, but can easily be adapted to your preferences. I’m all about flexibility and realism. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it’s quite the opposite; if we’re eating whole real foods in their most natural raw state, it doesn’t get more simple than this.

Many of my recipes are inspired by different cultures, I embrace other flavors around the world and especially those taken from my roots- Scandinavian and German. The Nutrition Stripped lifestyle is global, therefore I embrace this 100% by incorporating not-so-common ingredients to the US in hopes that you’ll all branch out and try something new and exciting!

The recipes I share on this blog are a result of my fun creations in the kitchen (typically listening to music and dancing around). Since this is more of a creative and artistic expression, at times I don’t always measure each ingredient to a T, although I do test each recipe. I urge you to find your creativeness in the kitchen and alter the recipes to meet your tastes and needs. Let loose, have some kitchen mishaps, get messy, and ultimately eat delicious whole and natural foods that you feel good about afterwards.


Yes, I eat, breathe, sleep nutrition; but I also love “experimenting”/cooking in the kitchen with my culinary creations and being active. I often get asked about my workouts, I love sprinting, weight training, biking (when the weather is nice!), boxing, and practicing yoga. I’ve also learned to make relaxation time just as important as work time, I love reading, painting, photography, exploring the beautiful city of Nashville, and anything that involves enjoying the fresh outdoor air. My favorite foods are homemade matcha tea latte, avocados, and any great quality dark chocolate I can get my hands on… seriously any kind of dark chocolate.


Prior to living in Nashville, I lived in Columbus, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University for both a B.S. in Human Ecology, Dietetics and a M.S. in Clinical Nutrition. I completed my dietetic internship while receiving a Masters of Science with an emphasis on Medical Nutrition Therapy and Clinical Nutrition at The Ohio State University. My Masters thesis investigated Dietetic Practitioners’ Knowledge, Behavior, and Practices Regarding Dietary Supplements.

I’m a member of several professional organizations (current/past): The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Tennessee Dietetics Association, the Nashville District Dietetic Association, the Ohio Dietetic Association, the Vegetarian Dietetic Practice Group, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group.

LDN: Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, State of Tennessee (2012)
RD: Registered Dietitian, American Dietetics Association (2012)
MS: Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition, The Ohio State University (2011)
BS: Bachelors of Science in Human Ecology, Dietetics, The Ohio State University (2009)

Additional Training:
Wellcoaches Training (2012)

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