Jun. 3. 2017
McKel Hill

McKel Hill

MS, RDN, LDN, Dietitian

Happy Saturday, guys! Before I jump into the scheduled 411 today, I have a question, do you enjoy reading these every Saturday? Would you prefer them every other week, monthly, etc.? Let me serve you best by commenting below and letting me know what you like!

Here’s the weekly recap of what articles I’ve been reading in the health and nutrition world and noteworthy news from the week so you can stay up to date, too. And if you see or read anything noteworthy from around the web, be sure to share with me and comment on this post so we can chat it up!

Articles and interesting reads:

  • Should you trust the calorie counts on your fitness tracker? A question of accuracy
  • Food isn’t about isolating nutrients, it’s about the whole food, but we knew that right?
  • Some new insights on the effects of walking on this type of dementia
  • New insights into the cause and treatments of eczema and this article (this was personally intriguing since I’ve lived with eczema my entire life)
  • People who ate cocoa one to three times a month less likely to be diagnosed with irregular heart rhythm 

Did you Know?

CSA’s are a great way to support your local farming community, eat seasonally, eat fresh, and get creative in the kitchen? A lot of you have been asking me about how to find one local to you since I get a weekly CSA from Bloomsbury Farm, here in Nashville. Here are a couple resources that can help you find your local farmers and join a CSA!

  • https://www.localharvest.org/csa/
  • https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/csas

Try this Recipe

Try the Avocado Smoothie, it’s tasty, takes two minutes to make, and is full of healthy fats! Hello #beautyfood

Move that Bod!

Try this challenge! I’ve been trying to increase my core strength with how much sitting and writing I do and to prep for yoga teacher training next month. Hold a plank for as long as you can, rest for 30 seconds, and hold again, repeat this 3 times and soon you’ll be able to increase the hold time. I started at 30 seconds hold and am up to 2 minutes!

Repeat after Me

 Replace the word “busy” with “full”. It’s all about a change in perspective that can shake you out of “overwhelm”. Get more inspiration from the NS Pinterest board.

What to Listen to

“Crave You” by Flight Facilities from the Sweat It Out Summer Soundtrack!

Comment of the week

 Lena asked a great question about freezing zucchini for smoothie bowls like the Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl!

Hello. do you cook the zucchini before freeze them? 🙂 I love your blog by the way

#nutritionstripped of the week

@superbeverly rocking the NS Avocado Love tee on vacation!

Anything you’ve seen lately you want to chat about? Share in the comments so we can nerd out on health and wellness together. Have a great weekend!

xx McKel