Oct. 30. 2015
McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN


It’s Friday and Halloween weekend, hooray! One of my favorite holidays. What are you all dressing up as or doing this weekend? I’m totally keeping it low key, catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation to help spark some motivation for a super busy week ahead- trust me, I’m just like you and need a boost! I have some yummy recipes rounded up in this post in case you want to make some sweet and healthy treats to share this weekend so let’s dive into what I’ve been reading, watching, and doing this week! I’ve really been loving these “Ten Things” post, I rediscover so many recipes I have on this site that I’ve forgotten about?!

Weekly readings

  1. Where will humans be in 1,000 years?
  2. Catching up on some zzz’s this weekend? It might actually work!
  3. How your brain controls your thirst.
  4. A small piece of paper can help keep fruits and veg fresh, longer?
  5. 7 ways to fall crazy in love with yourself…by my sweet friend Nitika, she’s amazing! 
  6. More on brown fat, the type of fat that burns fat and a possibly field of exploration to combat obesity?
  7. The return of single tasking or multitasking- I’m at fault, are you?
  8. We all know stress can be bad, but how much does it really affect your overall wellbeing? A lot.  (p.s. this might be my favorite video ever.)
  9. Lady Gaga about emotions... amazing intellect and reflection about emotion intelligence and owning it!
  10. A hilarious post about why coffee makes you poop, and hey I’m a dietitian I literally talk about this every day with clients…

What’s new with NS?

  • Don’t just wait until the New Year, trust me! So many clients rush in my schedule in the New Year to “make up” for what happened over the holidays- I’m all about planning ahead and making sure you’re changing your lifestyle NOW because really…why wait? I think it’s hilarious people just think I “blog”! Food blogging is just something I do, I’m a dietitian nutritionist and coach at heart, that’s my first passion and love being able to transform lives. If you’re ready to optimize your health, sign up here and let’s chat! I had one of my recent graduates write the sweetest note and wanted to share it with you today:
  • “You know how you have that one person, place, or thing that you look to for advice, opinions, go-­‐aheads, or guidance; well … Mckel is my go to for inspiration and motivation whether it’s a new dish to try, food facts, breaking the oh-­‐so common nutritional myths, fitness tips or helpful mantras and affirmations to live by. One of the most genuine and honest people in the field, she truly reaches into the meaning behind each moral and value that she stands for. It was honestly a privilege to learn and grow as much as I did while working with Mckel. In just three short months I’ve formed new perspectives on health & well-­‐ being and was able to alter my lifestyle to one I believe everyone should live and experience; loving yourself, loving what you do, what you eat, how you move, and how you dream, believe & achieve! Talk about an all-­‐over lifestyle leader this lady is fearless in the pursuit of helping you achieve your goals. She makes this possible through hard work and determination to connect with you personally on several of life’s different pillars. I was surprised to see how my sessions flew by and was wanting more. Great job Mckel, keep inspiring women and doing what you do best, it is truly appreciated. Britni M xxx” -B.M., Minnesota, US

  • The Matcha Matcha Matcha t-shirt is on sale for this Halloween weekend only!

Featured contributions and articles:

Have you tried it yet?

1-year ago today:

  • I shared my Blondie Fig Fudge Squares, which I haven’t made in so long! Definitely motivation to give these ones another go.

Comment of the week:

Joanna said… 

I have just made a big batch of this to store in tupperware for easy peasy dinners and lunches during the week – absolutely delicious! I was worried the orange and dates would make the soup too sweet, but they actually balance out the carrot so nicely. Passing on the recipe to my friends, thanks so much for posting!

Picture of the week:

LOVE this picture of the Avocado Love tee, worn by @foodheavenshow. Thanks ladies, you totally rocked it!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! What are you up to this weekend? Make it a good one, cheers!

xx McKel