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Eat Well May. 3. 2016

Black Bean and Quinoa Taco Lettuce Wraps

May. 3. 2016
McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Founder of Nutrition Stripped and the Mindful Nutrition Method™

A hearty vegetarian take on a taco lettuce wrap filled with beans, quinoa, and sweet corn.

Say hello to these Black Bean and Quinoa Taco Lettuce Wraps full of fiber, protein, healthful fats, and everything you need to satisfy that taco craving with a healthier touch thanks to the black beans (aka pulses). 2016 is officially the International Year of the Pulses, and I’ve taken the Pulse Pledge to celebrate – a commitment to eating pulses (dry peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas) at least once a week to help reduce my carbon footprint, and I’d love for you to join me! Try incorporating pulses into your meals to make healthy eating more budget and environmentally friendly. Garnish these with fresh cilantro, diced tomato, sliced red onion, jalapeño, salsa, and lime. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Try this recipe with the Lemon Lime Guacamole, these blue corn tortilla chips, Salsa Three Ways, Summer Corn Succotash, Pineapple Mango Cayenne Paletas, or the Caribbean Plantain and Bean Boats for a huge #cincodemayo feast! Also, if you want to add a little extra protein like shrimp, grilled fish, chicken, etc., do so following the NS Philosophy, which is all about being flexible with my recipes. Learn about the featured whole food ingredients and their health benefits and nutrition information in the NS Pantry.

Things I used in this recipe: quinoa, coconut oil, organic taco seasoning, ceramic pan

p.s. This is round three of the new recipe layout that I’m giving a try in order to make room dedicated to answering your questions about wellness and sharing my nutrition expertise, AND I haven’t heard any other feedback besides you guys liking this style so I think it’s here to stay! Leave a comment to share your voice if you think otherwise.

I want to hear from you! Tell me if you like this one! I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do and feel free to “share” this recipe by tagging me @nutritionstripped and using the #nutritionstripped.

xx McKel

This post was sponsored by USA Pulses and Pulse Canada. Thank you for supporting organizations that support Nutrition Stripped!

The Recipe

Serves 6



1 cup quinoa, cooked

2 tablespoons coconut oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 red onion, thinly sliced

Pinch of sea salt and black pepper, adjust to taste

1, 15 ounce can black beans

1 cup organic sweet corn (if frozen, then thaw)

1 cup thinly sliced bell peppers (if frozen, then thaw)

1/3 cup fresh chopped cilantro

2 tablespoons taco seasoning

Juice of 1 lime

Juice of 1 lemon

1 head of Butter Leaf lettuce

Garnish options: fresh cilantro, sliced jalapeno, diced tomato, avocado



Cook quinoa to package directions.

Meanwhile, in a skillet, add coconut oil, sea salt, black pepper, onions, and garlic and cook for 8 minutes or until fragrant. Add in cooked quinoa, rinsed beans, corn, and peppers until warm. Stir in taco seasoning, juice of lime, and lemon. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Next, take one washed and dry butter leaf and dollop the quinoa mixture in the center, fill with optional garnishes and wrap edges of the butter leaf onto itself as a handheld wrap. Enjoy immediately.

Store leftover filling in an airtight glass container and assemble upon serving.


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