Jul. 14. 2017
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McKel (Hill) Kooienga
McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

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It’s the thick of summer, literally. In Nashville it feels like 100 degrees (mostly because it is) and having long hair instantly makes me hotter than anything! So I thought it’d be fun to do a natural beauty post on how you can also switch up your hair care routine in the summer with new elements at play: more sunshine, chlorine from dips in the pool, dry heat, etc. If you have long hair or aren’t a fan of having it on your neck, then try these quick summer hairstyles too!

Cheery citrus

I’m no hair expert, but my mother has been a hair stylist for 40+ years now, so I can safely say she’s taught me a thing or two about having really healthy and strong hair from the external point of view (i.e. shampoo, products, styles, etc.). Plus I’ve taken care of the rest when it comes to nourishing your body from the inside to get that outer glow and nourish those hair strands from whole foods especially protein and healthy fats.

I swim every week year round, but more so in the summer for both workout and for leisure and chlorine can really do a number on your hair. It’s quite horrible for it in my opinion! But I love swimming so much that I take a couple steps to nourish my hair as much as possible and I hope you guys can try this out for your summer pool hangs too! My mother has always taught me this tip, and I’ve used it since I first started swimming laps in college. Use a conditioner in your hair before you go swimming, always, always. If you wet your hair and put in a conditioner before you get in the pool, your hair will absorb less chlorine in the strands because it’s already wet and has a coat of conditioner on it versus hoping in the pool with dry hair where it soaks it up like a sponge. Regardless of taking this super simple step to keeping your hair healthy, it’s also important to use some kind of clarifying shampoo set during the summer to rid your hair of chlorine and extra sweat. I’ve been loving the addition of lemon from Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon Shampoo and Conditioner (remember I was raving about their lavender line?!)

Let’s talk lemons for a second. Yes, we know they’re a great source of vitamin C which is vital in healthy skin and hair, but did you know it’s also used as a clarifying ingredient in hair care? It’s a great way to reduce excess oil build up (remember our natural hair oils are vital for healthy hair, but to a degree, we still need to clean it every once in awhile to help open up our hair follicles and promote new growth). Lemons and hair care products go really well together when it comes to brightening your natural color a little boost and shine. Now, I don’t recommend pouring lemon juice on your hair, that’s not a good idea haha! Trust me, I know because 16 year old McKel did this and made my hair really weak and VERY brassy blonde. Beyond helping to clean your hair really well from pools or just product build up, lemon smells amazing and has a very bright energizing scent which I love in the summer.

Try these lemony recipes to get vitamin C from the inside out:

Let’s switch up the styles. Here are a couple of my favorite styles in the spring and summer – you can tweak these depending on your hair length.

  • 1 single braid
  • 2 side braids, twisted together into a low bun
  • Top bun knot all the way
  • The headband low twist

Does your routine change?

I get all of our hair care and routines are different, so I’m curious, do you change it up per season? Do you find some products or ways you style your hair change in the summer? Share your routine in the comments! I’d love to know!

xx McKel


Resources: https://examine.com/supplements/limonene/

This post is in partnership with Avalon Organics, a product/brand I use regularly and enjoy. I only share the best of the best that I truly enjoy and would find beneficial to you all as well. Thanks for supporting brands that help support what we do here on Nutrition Stripped.