Jan. 11. 2018
McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Dietitian, Founder and CEO

Say hello to new features, articles, resources, and ease of use with recipes, with the new NS website.

By now, you may have noticed a few big changes here at NutritionStripped.com! We’ve unveiled a stunning new website, full of comprehensive features to make eating well and living whole even easier. This took about half a year to develop, create, and analyze based on how YOU like to read articles, what makes it easier for you to cook healthy at home (i.e. the recipe format), searchability through hundreds of resources, connect with the community, offer new products that help you feel healthier (hello Society), a hefty editorial calendar with content rolling out on the blog almost daily, and get the most out of your time when browsing the website.

Phew, all that to say is I’m extremely proud of the end result and excited that we’ve made nutritionstripped.com easier to use for you — also the feedback has been incredible so thank you!

A Couple Highlights

The Eat Well category where all the recipes live is one of my favorite features. As we continue to build out the site and back edit old blog posts, you’ll notice that each recipe has a key ingredient that you can click which auto-populate all other recipes with that same ingredient. It’s like magic! Have mushrooms and want to see all the recipes that use mushrooms, just click it. Another great feature we added and will continue to build out is searching recipes by dietary specification in the “options” tab.

Post Features

One of my favorite features in each recipe post is the ability to immediately go to the recipe by clicking the left tab “RECIPE” — or you can scroll like normal so you don’t miss out on the “STRIPPED” section where I always share the health and nutrition benefits of each recipe. But hey, some people just want the recipe and that’s totally cool, we listened to that feedback.

Mobile Jazz

All I have to say is, yes, we finally have an incredibly friendly mobile website and it will continue to refine and get even better, especially if you like to shop at your phone. I hope you enjoy reading on the go!

Making It Easy To Get What You Want

One of the biggest trends we saw last year was the enormous interest in questions like “Where did you get that? What’s the best pan to use for this? What journal is that? Where is that candle from?” etc. For that reason, we added an awesome sidebar that allows you to shop or check out what products were used to make a recipe or that support the article we’re talking about. It’s a great option for those of you who email us in asking those questions!

Society Subscription

We had incredible feedback from people who got the Guide to Master Meal Planning (formerly known as Society) over the past couple years — they wanted more content outside of meal planning —more recipes, in-depth nutrition and health articles, podcast, and videos to stream all year, rather than just a 1-time guide. Anytime we get feedback we always listen and take the best action to meet your needs. So, we made this idea of exclusive content, happen! 

The blue banner of posts on the homepage? That’s the all-new NS Society is a $5.99 monthly subscription to know more about living well. Those posts are available to those who are in the Society and are also denoted with the “S” symbol. You may recognize this symbol on our Green Tahini Smoothie, Coconut Quinoa Flakes Porridge10 Adaptogens for Natural Stress Relief, and Workout Nutrition, Explained. When logged into the site as a subscriber, you can filter Society-specific content on your dashboard for easy viewing, too.

Otherwise, everything else is our normal blog content, resources, and our editorial calendar is fuller than ever!

xx McKel and Team NS —

p.s. if you’re looking for the meal plans, check out the “Guide to Master Meal Planning”, which has become an incredible resource helping thousands of people master meal planning for life with tools and strategies. That’s where you’ll enjoy a full year’s worth of exclusive recipes, cooking videos, support group, and resources that help you cook healthy at home and learn the strategy behind meal planning for life.