The Art Of Living Well

Nutrition Stripped Pillars Of Health We Live By

Nourishment is more than food, it’s how you show up — how you live.

1. Squad

We know how crucial support systems are to success, but also to our well-being. Find positivity and a great support network with the people you engage with from family, friends, to work. And of course, you always have a community here at NS!

2. Stress

Stress is often overlooked, but it can be an invisible catalyst to derail your health goals. Managing stress can look like meditation for some, walking in nature, or listening to music for others. No matter what it is, incorporate this daily for better gut health, emotional well-being, spiritual connection, brain health, and longevity.

3. Body awareness

Moving your body, whether at the gym or taking a walk outside, is not only good for us physically but also mentally and emotionally. Science has shown us the positive benefits of exercise and movement for brain health, cardiovascular health, gut function, and hormonal health. Explore activities that make you happy and feel good — and do more of that.

4. Nourishment

Nourish every cell in your body with whole foods from our planet and ideally ones that positively impact the planet or do no harm. Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, “superfoods”, fermented foods (or foods that are probiotic), seaweeds, spices, and herbs. Check out our recipes to get nourished in hundreds of ways.

5. Love

Love is vital to our wellbeing — self-love, loving others, and finding compassion for our community in this beautiful universe we live in. Show up for yourself fully with love so you can show up fully for others in your life.

6. Sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Getting enough sleep, and restorative sleep at that has been shown to be a cornerstone of our wellbeing. Make sure you’re prioritizing sleep in your life and aim for 7-9 hours each night. Read more about sleep here if you need some help.

7. Explore

Remember when you were a kid and let your imagination go wild? Engage in activities as an adult that get you in a flow state and brings out the fun, joy, laughter, all for the sake of pleasure!

8. Center

Ground yourself in activities that keep you focused, productive, and ultimately keep you at your optimal performance with your mind, body, and spirit. Your morning routine can set the stage for the day.

9. Manifest

Goal setting is one of many keys to success with your health and wellness dreams/visions/whatever you like to call them. Try to envision what and how you want to feel, write it down, check-in with yourself daily, and learn to love the ~ woo ~. Learn how to set goals here.

10. Nature

Nature and animals have a beautiful way of bringing us to the present moment. Having pets, for example, has been shown to help improve and diversify our gut microbiota (pretty cool huh?), not to mention breathing in fresh air and getting vitamin D from sun rays is an added bonus. If you need a little inspiration, check out our NS mascot, Luna!