Oct. 13. 2016
McKel Hill

McKel Hill

MS, RDN, LDN, Dietitian

Hey guys! I wanted to pop in and share a little more behind the scenes of the #NScookbook events in NYC and LA with some tips for how I manage to stay well and balanced while traveling + some of my favorite spots I found in LA and NYC.

Some of you may not believe this, but I visited both LA and NYC for my first time ever during this cookbook tour! I know, why has it taken me this long to explore and enjoy these amazing yet drastically different cities!? I took inspiration in multiple forms from each city and wanted to share a bit about my experiences in both…in case you’re an LA and NYC late bloomer too 😉

While in LA, I stayed with my sweet sweet friend Sophie who you may know as Philosophiemama a.k.a superfood coconut butter goddess, yogi, power mom of the 2 most gorgeous inside and out boys you’ll ever meet. We explored the city, ate so many goodies, enjoyed cocktails, did SoulCycle and ate Pressed Juicery soft serve like a thousand times – #worthit. This experience right here reminded me again how amazing it is to form relationships in the digital space and through social media. Sophie and I literally met this way a couple of years ago and we first met #IRL during this time. It was so cool to see the benefits of social media in action. Anyway, I could go on and on about her generosity, but you guys also have to check out Moon Juice in Venice if you’re visiting LA. Abbot Kinney was the cutest street ever and also housed my favorite restaurant pick of my time in LA…Plant Food & Wine. PFW is Matthew Kenney’s brainchild, all vegan, all raw, and each dish so damn good. It was one of those meals that left you feeling inspired from every angle – many things coming to NS just based on my inspirations from LA.

NYC. NYC was a different world. Everyone kept telling me, “You’re going to love LA so much and never want to leave!” Although I enjoyed my time in LA, NYC was my jam. NYC has an incredibly exciting, creative, fast-paced, “get shit done” kind of vibe. It’s something I appreciate, but also I think I could never live there – you know with that whole workaholic burnout situation that already is my kryptonite. I had an amazing lunch with my brother at By Chloe which included all vegan burgers, chocolate chip cookies, sweet potato fries with beet ketchup, meatball subs, and smoothies (thanks to team By Chloe for hooking us up and leaving us with full bellies!). I also loved exploring Central Park (so cool!) with my good friend Keri Glassman RD, said hello to my friends and Well + Good NYC and Glossier, and bopped around town. Souen Soho was another place where I had dinner, and it was a cozy little space with macrobiotic style cuisine – fantastic and so warming and nourishing. Exactly what my body was calling for during the long weeks of travel.

I teamed up with Fresh to host in-store events in both LA and NYC. They shared some recipes from the #NScookbook, and you might have seen the mini doughnuts from the party that were so adorable!

My top tips when traveling:

  • load up on water
  • get pure green juice when you can to squeeze in extra nutrients
  • sleep > exercise and when you do exercise try walking to explore your surroundings
  • enjoy the food, enjoy the drinks, and enjoy the community!

I stayed at the EVEN Hotel New York – Times Square South which was a great location and close to everything I needed to walk to or take a quick Uber to. I always look for a hotel that has a mini-fridge, fitness center, and some type of hotel food menu or shop, just in case I don’t have all I need from grocery shopping or eating out, and EVEN had it all! They had the best snack shop I’ve ever seen in a hotel – seriously! It was full of kale chips, dark chocolate, raw spirulina bars, unsweetened ice teas, and all things NS approved. EVEN hotel also teamed up with my pals at Well+Good (who I got to hang with while I was in NYC and do a Facebook Live) to host the Mission Wellness contest to promote making wellness more accessible when it comes to travel. All around, such a cool place to stay at and definitely recommend it next time you’re trying to stay healthy while traveling.

What’d I miss?

Did I miss any of your favorite NYC or LA spots that I should check out next time? Share’ em in the comments! And so many thank yous to everyone who came out to the LA and NYC events! It’s always so amazing to meet you guys and be able to connect in real life! You guys rock.

xx McKel

This post was in partnership with EVEN Hotels and Well + Good’s Mission Wellness Contest.