Feb. 9. 2018
Written By:
McKel (Hill) Kooienga
McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Founder of Nutrition Stripped and the Mindful Nutrition Method™

5 simple ways for you and your partner to get in sync with healthy eating — and the motivation behind it.

Whether you’re struggling with maintaining your own health goals with a lack of support, are mindful of your partner’s health or health issues, or want to make a new lifestyle change and want a teammate — getting on the same page as a unit will make this new lifestyle and habit change, even more, successful. Our partners are oftentimes at the center of our support system, which makes this the strongest asset to feeling supported yet sometimes the most challenging.

We all have our own health goals to honor and so does your partner, this isn’t about making the change for someone else, it’s more about communication with your partner on how to get on the same page, why, and what it might look like. Here are 5 simple tips for you and your partner to get healthier, together!

No. 1 — Go For the Crowd-Pleasers

If you’re trying to change your eating habits, don’t set out to revolutionize meal time, okay? Start small with dishes that they won’t even think twice about. Here are a few “crowd-pleasers” that have been tested by the NS Community and continue to be some of our most popular recipes on nutritionstripped.com.

No. 2 — Squeeze in Veggies When You Can

Try to find ways to squeeze in nutrients whenever you can — especially in your partner’s favorite foods. Do they have a favorite smoothie? A favorite salad? A favorite side dish? Get creative with subtle additions like a handful of spinach in the smoothie, a sprinkle of fiber-rich toppers on the salad, or a dairy-free take on their favorite side dish.

No. 3 — Do It Together

Chat about meal plans, make a date for cooking at home, organize your grocery shopping trips — together! Communication is key in any relationship we have, so why would it be any different when it comes to voicing your needs and asking for support or help in new healthy habits you want to establish?

If you aren’t feeling support, ask for it and share with your partner your motivation and reasons why you want to make some changes in your lifestyle.

They should want the best for you — and themselves — and healthy eating is one of the paths to get there.

No. 4 — Meal Prep

Having healthy foods prepped in the fridge or snacks ready to go can be a great way to engage them in trying healthy foods. One of the biggest hurdles with meal prep and healthy eating is with the convenience and the time-factor when you’re trying to fit everything into busy schedules. Meal prep is a true life saver because it helps you keep healthy foods available for meals, snacking, and whenever the cravings hit. Get started with the Introduction to Meal Planning — after you try this healthy eating strategy out at home, you won’t look back!

There are hundreds of recipes that are meal prep-friendly here on the site. Click here to dig in.

No. 5 — Be A Role Model, Not A Goal Setter

Patience, support, communication, adventure, and tons of love are key to integrating your personal health habits into multiple lifestyles. You don’t want to nag — you want to set a good example and encourage a positive change in their daily routine. Instead of setting goals, simply be a role model. Show them the beauty of routine, discipline, and dedication when it comes to prioritizing the foods that nourish your body and make you feel really good.

Give yourself, and your loved ones, some grace with the change too. It may take many, many small steps, but the key is to remain balanced with it all so that it’s a sustainable shift in everyday life.

Let’s Hear It

Do you struggle with getting your partner excited about healthy eating? Have you discovered any tricks or tips for getting on board with each other’s lifestyles — and sticking to health goals? Comment below, and be sure to share any creations you make with your significant other on Instagram by tagging us @NutritionStripped and #NutritionStripped.