Dec. 1. 2017
McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN


Is it just me or do you also feel like shopping for the men in your life is harder than for the women?

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a pulse on the men’s fashion/hobby industry as much as women, but nonetheless, I asked my boyfriend to help me come up with this list for the men in your life — selfishly I think his motive was to give me his gift wish list haha!

What I’ve noticed with gift guides circulating, is there’s a lack of gifts I feel people will actually use and feel good about using. For example, the token socks or the scarf he’ll probably never actually wear but looks so good on him or the pocket knife that’s just for the “cool” factor. Truly, shopping for him is just as easy as shopping for her when you’re wearing a lens of health — asking yourself what things will help him/her feel their best. I wanted to share some gift ideas that were not only really great finds (some luxe) but most of all, gifts that actually support him in feeling his best from natural oils, self-development books, a super cool ceramic diffuser, and a cocktail or two on the whiskey rocks.

Gift Guide for Him

No. 1 —These stone whiskey rocks need no intro; they’re an innovative way to chill a cocktail in style.

No. 2 — Get him something he’ll use every day with this natural shave gel that softens skin and provides a close shave without irritation. It has sandalwood and coriander seed oil, among other stellar natural ingredients, to thank for that.

No. 3 — A jet black ceramic diffuser fits in with just about any home decor, and it’ll be his new go-to way to clear the air.

No. 4 — This flexible, yet sturdy blank journal will become his ultimate companion. It easily fits into a pocket or briefcase for notes and musings on the go, and comes at an easy price-point.

No. 5 — Bottled fountain pen ink brings proper penmanship to a new level. This commemorative ink has a story to tell, too; an explorer Monsieur J. Herbin began making pen inks around 1700 in Paris, and his inks are still widely used and internationally renowned.

No. 6 — If he’s been asking what smells so good, this is it. Pair this essential oil with the diffuser for a great packaged gift idea. The fresh scent of eucalyptus is known for its calming effects and spa-like vibes. 
No. 7 — Kicking back while listening to good tunes is an easy way to chill out and recenter. Upgrade his home stereo system with this two-speed manual turntable.

No. 8 — He’ll love this handcrafted beard comb regardless if he’s been participating in no-shave-November. Smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips help bring comfort and care to sensitive skin.

No. 9 — Yeti’s stainless steel insulated tumblers and glasses are known to be the best, and this lowball tumbler is no exception. It’s a nice drinking companion around the campfire, at a tailgate, or even in the living room.

No. 10 — Let him fall down a rabbit hole with this NY Times bestselling book as he discovers how habits are formed, and how they can change.

No. 11 — Bougie Apothicarie Mad Et Len Candle is a fancy, yet masculine candle to help him get the good vibes at home. Nashville friends, check these out at Wilder.

No. 12 — Here’s a secret: Mainstay Oil by Everyday Oil makes a great hand moisturizer for the guys. Gift him his own, so he stops using yours.

No. 13  Give the gift of experiences this year! Whether it’s a vacation, a trip, plans to volunteer time together, etc., you can create longer-lasting satisfaction and good memories while you’re at it.

What are items are your gift list for him this year? Whether that’s your boyfriend, dad, brother, cousin, etc. I’d love to hear what you are “gifting” this year for the holiday season, also someone in the community might need a little inspiration and ideas. Let’s chat!

xx McKel