Dec. 23. 2016
McKel Hill

McKel Hill

MS, RDN, LDN, Dietitian

Hey guys! Like I said in the last Get to Know NS post, I’ve written a lot over the last four years of NS. There’s a ton of info for you to use in your daily life to help you feel better and reach your wellness goals, but maybe you haven’t discovered all of it yet outside of the blog! I started out by sharing The Resources a couple of weeks ago (read more here), and today I’m sharing how to use the incredible nutrition tool that is The Kitchen! Keep reading to up your nutrition knowledge!

I know that if you’re reading NS, you’re probably into health and wellness and how to optimize your health so you can feel amazing. One huge piece of feeling empowered when it comes to your health is knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. Over my time in nutrition grad school and in the past several years working with clients, I’ve amassed a huge page with the nutrition info, benefits, uses, and tips and tricks for the most common whole food ingredients called The Kitchen. If you’ve ever wondered things like “What exactly are cacao nibs?”, “What are the benefits of cauliflower?”, “How can I add maca to my diet?”, etc., then this page is for you!

I cover the most common fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, gluten free grains, fats, legumes, superfoods, spices, baking ingredients, and sweeteners. I mean this page is a beast!

So where is The Kitchen page? You can find it from any page on NS by clicking the left hand menu and clicking “The Kitchen” on the pop out menu. Bookmark it if you know you’re going to be using it over and over again.


  Any others?

Did I leave out any of your favorite whole foods? Share them in the comments and I’ll add all the nutrition info, benefits, and best ways to use them on The Kitchen page. So go ahead, spill it!

xx McKel