A superfood mushroom well known for its potent adaptogenic properties. 

Reishi (also known as Ganoderma lucidum) is a mushroom commonly used in Eastern medicine for its potential health benefits. It has a red cap and a woody texture and primarily grows on oak trees. It has recently gained popularity in the West as well, where more and more people are using it as a health and food supplement. 

Health Benefits of Reishi: 

The reishi mushroom is most commonly known for its immunity-boosting properties (1). It has also been associated with optimal heart health and blood sugar control (1, 2). Reishi as well as various other adaptogens and mushrooms have even been shown to reduce stress levels and promote energy (3). 

How To Use:

Reishi is most commonly used today in powder form, where it can be added to various desserts, smoothies, juices, and tonics. 


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Always be sure to check with your physician before deciding to add any natural home-remedies to your diet.