Lion's Mane

A large white mushroom well-known for its health benefits. 

Lion’s mane mushrooms have a white, shaggy appearance. This is where the term “Lion’s mane” came from! This funghi is often found growing on decaying trees in the Northern United States as well as Canada. This mushroom has a distinctive flavor, sometimes referred to as “seafood-like”.  

Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane: 

When consumed, the lion’s mane has been associated with relief from depression and/or anxiety. A small study has shown that this was particularly prevalent in menopausal women (1). There is also a good amount of research showing that lion’s mane may also prevent dementia (1, 2). 

How To Use:

The lion’s mane mushroom can be consumed raw or cooked, as well as dried when steeped for tea. It can also be sauteed or even made into vegan crab cakes. 

NS Recommends:

Always be sure to check with your physician before deciding to add any natural home-remedies to your diet.