Jan. 16. 2018
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McKel (Hill) Kooienga
McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

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Get excited to move your body with the help of this fitness expert advice.

Don’t beat yourself up over fitness and health resolutions this year. Instead, use this exciting time of year as a time to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t, and realign your fitness goals with a healthier, more positive philosophy. If I learned one thing from these amazing fitness experts I’ve interviewed over the years, it’s that a successful workout routine is one that fits and evolves with your lifestyle, and it finds you moving your body in a way that makes you happy. Read on for more wisdom from some of the best in the ‘biz. Be sure to click on each of their interviews to get even more inspired.

Fall In Love With Moving

“If you’re not moving your body, find somebody that you know who does, link up with them, and start. What I have found with students, is that when they begin to feel how movement changes their body, mood, overall happiness, then you’ll want to eat better and in there, a new lifestyle begins.” – Taryn Toomey, The Class

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Find a Workout That Brings You Joy

“It’s a lifestyle choice and should be about balance. Find some sort of exercise that you connect with and make it a joyous experience, not a chore.” – Simone De la Rue, Body by Simone

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Living Well Doesn’t Need to be a Chore

“Exercising often and eating nourishing meals does not need to be a chore. I am a big believer in “making it your own” so living well can be something you actually prefer and find great joy in.” – Sadie Lincoln, Barre3

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Change Your Mindset

“I’m looking at the big picture. An active, healthy lifestyle makes for a happier, healthier life. What’s more important than that? I don’t look at exercise as a punishment or a chore – it’s an essential part of my every day that always helps me to feel my best. I think people focus too much on how food and fitness make them look on the outside and this can cause a lot of unhappiness and pain. When you are able to focus on how great healthy eating and regular workouts make you feel, all of the pieces start to fall into place.” – Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful

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Make Plan of Action That Works for YOU

“Don’t believe the dogma. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t search for the magic bullet. The real secret in fitness is that many things work. So it’s your job to find what sounds best for you and what’s most sustainable. Anyone can make a workout difficult or create a diet that helps you lose weight or build muscle. But there’s a real art to making it enjoyable, doable, and possible to maintain for the long run. That’s where I come in. Simplify the message, clear out the misinformation, and give you a plan of action that you believe you can achieve…and then help you do it and see the results.” – Adam Born, Born Fitness

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Customization is Key

“I individualize lifestyle programs for people to incorporate into their daily lives! I take each and every individual’s life story and create a healthy, well-developed lifestyle exercise regimen that can be used daily to achieve any goal or objective they may have or want to achieve in their lives. Each program is based solely on the individual and their body type. I even take it to a class level where I still individualize the programs based on the level of the people in my modelFIT class including people with injuries and health conditions.” – Justin Gelband, ModelFIT

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Invest In Your Body

“You only get one body. Invest in it. it will be around a lot longer than an expensive handbag. Train outside of your comfort Zone, push the limits, nourish yourself with the best quality food and supplements, nap, have lots of sex, be in nature as much as possible.” – Russell Bateman, SBC

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Practice the 80/20 Rule

“Show up 80% of the time. This means show up to your workouts and eat the best possible foods to support your health 80% of the time.The other 20% is meant for us being “human.” We all have days and we are only human to allow ourselves a break sometimes!” – Danielle Pascente, BeFit

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Remember You’re In The Driver Seat

“I make conscious decisions in the gym, at the table, and when it’s time to rest, and I make those decisions every day. Over time the sum total of those decisions proves itself out in how I feel, how I perform, and how I look.” – Gunnar Peterson, celebrity coach and world-renowned personal trainer

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Have Fun With It

“Eat well, sweat often and laugh your ass off. That’s the magic trifecta to looking and feeling amazing without losing any of the fun along the way.” – Adam Rosante, personal trainer for Cosmo Body

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Let’s Hear It

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