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→ The Mindful Nutrition Method™

No. This is not a membership or a subscription that can be canceled, we offer a payment plan option as a convenience to be more flexible and you are still committing to make all your payments.

You will have access for 12-months after joining the program and for however long you are an active student after that initial 12-month period.

When you join, you’ll get automatic updates as they release during your active membership and you will be the first to hear of opportunities to upgrade to additional offerings.



This would be trademark and copyright infringement and we take this very seriously.

While we’re flattered that McKel’s mindful eating method is resonating with so many RD’s and health care professionals.

We don’t allow the work you see on Nutrition Stripped to be shared within your work, with clients, or reposted as it’s protected as our trademarked and proprietary method. Please refer to our Intellectual Property policy. 


→ Product Policies

We do not offer returns of any kind for any digital product, program, coaching, etc.

Please reference the terms and conditions presented upon checkout and to read more detail before committing, here.

Any available coupon code must be entered during checkout and cannot be applied to previously placed, or existing orders.

No exceptions will be made.

Depending on the product or service, we offer payment plans and pay in full options.

Both options are clearly communicated upon checkout as you choose which payment option is best for you and as you agree to the terms and conditions of that product or service. 

You will be billed depending on that cycle, automatically with the form of payment you chose.

Please reference the terms and conditions presented upon checkout and to read more detail before committing, here.

→ Media, Press, and Sponsor Inquiries

Wonderful, we’re grateful you’ve chosen the expertise of McKel and the Nutrition Stripped brand to amplify and work with your brand.

You can view our past sponsorship work, media kit, and more information on how we uniquely work with brands, here: nutritionstripped.com/partner

Email us at [email protected] to connect with us.

We’re all about trying new brands, products, and learning more about the mission of companies, like yours — even better if they meet the NS code so we can collab. more!
We have one request and if it’s not met then please don’t send us any samples —  we love our planet, we ask for the most environmentally friendly packaging possible if sending samples. We’re all about good branding and love a well-branded box, but we care more about the human impact on the health of our earth and oceans.
As a company, there are ways we all can help our earth:
  • No plastic — have newspaper lying around? Use that for our package!
  • Use anything we can reuse, refill, recycle to reduce waste
  • Check out this company innovating packaging from mushrooms, when added to water it disintegrates!

On that note, we get a lot of samples, daily and we’re grateful for it! Because of that, our energy is spread and we can’t guarantee any social share nor formal “endorsement” of any kind — if partnering on a higher level is truly what you’re after then just let me know. 

Please do not ship any packages without first reaching out to [email protected] to obtain our most recent address.

Thank you! We appreciate the invite and as much as we would love to say yes to all invitations to be interviewed on a podcast or blog, we must be selective to make sure it’s a great match and in sync.

Are you a major media outlet?

If you are a top-rated podcast or feel my message will deeply resonate with your community and your work, then please send us the details to [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

Include the following details:

  • Website and social media handles
  • Your mission
  • About your demographic
  • Topics you’d like to discuss
  • Timeline to record and when it goes live

Step 2: If you can’t find your answer, then please email [email protected] and allow 4-7 business days for our small team to get back to you.

Our customer support email hours are Monday – Thursday.

If you haven’t received a response from us after 7 business days, please email us again as sometimes emails get lost and we want to make sure you’re taken care of.