Mar. 4. 2017
McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN


Happy weekend everyone! I hope yours is off to a wonderful start and you’re finding time to do whatever gives you recharge and helps you feel amazing. Here’s the weekly recap of what articles I’ve been reading in the health and nutrition world and noteworthy news from the week so you can stay up to date, too. And if you see or read anything noteworthy from around the web, be sure to share with me and comment on this post so we can chat it up!

What You Should Know in Wellness

4 things to consider about a gluten free diet (go with what works for you, not a dogma!)

The U.K. is experiencing a vegetable shortage. Yikes!

Making a big splash this week – colon cancer is on the rise in younger people.

How to eat in order to stay productive during the work day (you can read more about all of these tips on the NS blog!)

A new review links obesity to an increased cancer risk – one more reason to live well!

Did you Know?

1/2 of a good ole avocado contains 7g fiber and 15g of healthy fats. Read up more on my favorite go-to healthy fat here.

Try This Recipe

Healthy German Chocolate Cake Squares with a special story behind them.

Move That Bod!

Have you tried the No Equipment Partner Workout from my pal Hannah yet? Be on the lookout for more workouts from Hannah in the coming months!

Repeat After Me

“I can’t, but we can.” Read up on why a supportive squad is the first pillar of the NS lifestyle here.

What to Listen to

“Be Apart” by Porches from the Winter Sweat It Out Playlist.

Comment of the week

Trista said about the Grain Free Walnut Bread

This has been saved in my “recipes to make” file for quite some time… I finally made it today and OH MY GOSH!!! It is incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect- most of the grain free breads I have made involve banana or pumpkin, but I am so excited to have a savory option now! I am a Type 1 Diabetic so I don’t eat much bread or grains, just to keep my carbohydrate intake low, so I am going to love making this bread now!

#nutritionstripped of the week


Anything you’ve seen lately you want to chat about? Share in the comments so we can nerd out on health and wellness together. Happy reading a I hope you have a great weekend!

xx McKel