Apr. 8. 2017
McKel Hill

McKel Hill

MS, RDN, LDN, Dietitian

Happy happy weekend! I hope yours is off to a great start and you’re getting time to soak in whatever makes you feel recharged and refreshed! Here’s the weekly recap of what articles I’ve been reading in the health and nutrition world and noteworthy news from the week so you can stay up to date, too. And if you see or read anything noteworthy from around the web, be sure to share with me and comment on this post so we can chat it up!

What you Should Know in Wellness

Ways our brains can learn to be more positive. (so cool!)
New research on how deep breathing can help us feel calmer.
Bone broth has become so popular these days that bones are getting more expensive and harder to find.
A new study is challenging the recent idea that being overweight could lead to a longer life. (Also an example of how a single study isn’t enough evidence!)
The existence of adrenal fatigue and the real effects of stress on our bodies. (This post and this one may help you manage stress)

Did you Know?

1 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 12 grams protein and 12 grams healthy fat. Try them in smoothies, energy balls, sprinkled on soups and salads, or a handful as a snack.

NS Favorites

Probiotics are good bacteria and are essential for many vital body functions, including healthy digestive tract (read more about probiotics in this post). Changes in routine, travel, stress, etc. can throw off our digestive system and its natural balance of good bacteria, but eating fermented foods and supplementing with a daily probiotic such as Align can help maintain digestive balance.* I’ve enjoyed taking Align probiotic every day which helps keep things balanced – especially with my busy travel schedule or extra busy seasons. Check them out here and get some coupon freebies for your own here. Or enter to win your own sample over on Instagram until Monday!

Try this Recipe

Have you tried the Simple Protein Cookies from this week yet? They’re super simple to make and are a great protein-packed treat to snack on all week!

Move that Bod!

Try the Sumo Hip Thrust Y from Hannah Davis’s full body workout:

Take a wide stance and turn toes out comfortably. Drop your hands to the center of your legs and jump back into a plank position. Immediately jump right back in towards your hands landing in that same wide foot position. Keeping your butt low, maintaining a squat hold, lift your arms up overhead in a “Y” position. Repeat the movement from this position for all reps.

Repeat after Me

“Be you. Do you. For you.” Find more mantras and inspiration on the NS Pinterest Inspire board.

What to Listen to

“Green Light” by Lorde is such a great workout jam! Listen to it on the Sweat It Out Spring 2017 playlist.

Comment of the week

Kyla said about the Cool Cucumber Soup

I love this soup!! Thanks for sharing McKel!! I made it a couple weeks ago and it was so light and refreshing. Perfect now that it’s starting to warm up and my body is craving cooling foods. I also sent the link to my bf’s mom and she made it and loved it too! 🙂

#nutritionstripped of the week


Anything you’ve seen lately you want to chat about? Share in the comments so we can nerd out on health and wellness together. Have the best weekend and don’t forget to enter to win the ultimate meal prep kit in yesterday’s post!

xx McKel

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