Apr. 29. 2017
McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN

McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN


Happy weekend everyone! I had a busy week welcoming new members into the Society and getting to know new faces! If you want to join before enrollment is over, you only have FOUR more days to get in before enrollment closes! Here’s the weekly recap of what articles I’ve been reading in the health and nutrition world and noteworthy news from the week so you can stay up to date, too. And if you see or read anything noteworthy from around the web, be sure to share with me and comment on this post so we can chat it up!

What you Should Know in Wellness

  • A new study is suggesting that sugary drinks could lead to your brain aging at a faster rate.
  • The “right” way to wash your hair from a French hairstylist (it includes oil and ACV)
  • A new study that links a salty diet to making you hungry, not thirsty
  • A report that might make you rethink ordering fish out at a restaurant (another reason to know your farmer!)
  • The impact our diets have on the planet (spoiler alert – plant based is the way to go!)

Did you Know?

Red bell peppers contain 103% DV of Vitamin A and 349% DV of Vitamin C – far more than an orange!

Try this Recipe

 Try the Simple Chickpea Burger recipe from the Society. It’s a favorite to mix up flavor wise. Check out the post for my favorite combos!

Move that Bod!

Try the  Downward Dog and Knee Drive/Extend from the Full Body HIIT Workout by Hannah Davis:Begin in a plank position. Drive the right knee in towards the chest and while you extend the leg back out, push yourself into three point downward dog position. Repeat the movement for all reps on one side before switching.

Repeat after Me

“Show up and be present.” Get more inspiration on the NS Inspire Pinterest board.

What to Listen to

 “Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem from the Spring Sweat It Out Playlist. Listen here.

Comment of the week

 Rachel said about the 5 Ingredients, 4 Meals in 3 Steps post…

Keep this coming!!! I SO need SIMPLE + nutritious in my life right now. Thank you McKel!

#nutritionstripped of the week

This meal prep goodness from Society member Cate is amazing! Only FOUR MORE DAYS to join us in the Society before enrollment for 2017 is closed for the year! Learn more here.


Anything you’ve seen lately you want to chat about? Share in the comments so we can nerd out on health and wellness together. Have a great weekend!

xx McKel