Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites

Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites | nutritionstripped.comWhat a more perfect way to start off the month of December than with a healthy sweet treat! These Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites are sure to hit the spot with your sweet tooth, but also keep you on track through the holiday season full of indulgences. Ooey-gooey dates pulsed with finely ground almonds, hazelnuts, cacao powder, chopped chocolate chunks and a secret superfood ingredient to make these malt flavored. These Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites are sure to please everyone this holiday season, I hope you enjoy!

Since we’re in holiday mode around the globe, I’m going to be sharing a lot more sweet treats than I normally would- I hope you all don’t mind that (ha ha). I absolutely love these Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites when I’m craving something sweet after dinner or for a quick snack. The perfect combination of healthy fats and carbohydrates is a hunger killer combo (POW!). These brownie bites don’t have the same texture as a cooked brownie obviously- they’re not warm, but they’re still ooey-gooey and super decedent!

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Cinnamon Tahini Protein Smoothie

Cinnamon Tahini Protein Smoothie // nutritionstripped.comMid afternoon the other day, I was hungry (per usual) and wanted something sweet, but at the same time nothing that would weight me down because let’s face it, I had work to do! I’ve been on a kick with cinnamon tahini lately and many of you continue to ask me where I buy it. I don’t, I whip it up! I thought this would be great flavor in a smoothie and just like that an idea came into fruition. Cinnamon Tahini Protein Smoothie.

I often hear with my clients they experience the dreaded 3-4 o’ clock slump where their energy is wiped out already for the day and need a “pick me up”, which eventually leads them to 1) simple sugars in the form of vending machine candies, 2) a snack high in refined carbohydrates, or 3) coffee or some other delivery system of caffeine. Ever wonder why that “slump” occurs?

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Kale Hemp Tabbouleh

Kale Hemp Tabbouleh, kale, hemp seeds, tabbouleh, saladYou all (y’all) should know by now my love for salads in all forms and most recently I shared with you one of my favorite summer salads, the Cucumber Salad with Citrus Dill Dressing. Kale Hemp Tabbouleh is another summer inspired salad using fresh ingredients, most of which you can find at your local farmers market this season. Traditional tabbouleh is made with grains, this is a complete twist using no grains and made from all raw vegetables-  it’s low carbohydrate with a high protein twist from omega-3 rich hemp seeds.

Do you remember how I said I really like saying the word baba ghanoush, well tabbouleh (tuh-boo-luh or sometimes pronounced tuh-bul-lay in the US) is another word that I add into my “fun to say word” book. What is tabbouleh?  Traditional tabbouleh contains bulgar wheat (a gluten containing grain), onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, scallions, and mint. This dish is very popular among the Middle Eastern regions and of course, the dish and ingredients vary among regions/cultures. It’s served chilled or room temperature often in many ways (i.e. entree, side, “condiment”). A fun fact about tabbouleh: it holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records!

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Coconut Flour Crepe-cakes

Coconut Flour Crepe-cakes | nutritionstripped.comCoconut Flour Crepe-cake. it’s a combination of a crepe and a pancake, thinner than a pancake, but thicker than a crepe. These Coconut Flour Crepe-cakes are easy to roll, stack, fill with yummy things, and light enough to keep your digestion happy, especially from the high amount of fiber from coconut flour. Whether you’re trying to find a new low carb go-to mea or snack, or simply want something filling with fiber and protein, this may be your new favorite pancake!

As most of you know I’m a huge fan of pancakes, if not check here for my Simply Oat Pancakes and Savory Oat Pancakes where I share the love. Today I’m not here with pancakes on my mind, it’s all about crepes and my new found love of them. It began several months when we went on a road trip for a music festival with some dear friends in Knoxville, TN and stumbled upon this adorable and simply divine crepe shop the day of our departure. I had never had a crepe before (shocking, I know), but it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. It was the perfect mix of textures and flavors (which I’m all about), and endless fillings and toppings to suit anyones taste and diet preferences. After that enjoyable experience, my mind was set on re-creating a basic crepe recipe to go with anything BUT also be more healthy and nutrient dense. Herein lies, the Coconut Flour Crepe-cake.

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Tropical Tango Green Smoothie

Tropical Tango Green Smoothie | nutritionstripped.comTropical Tango Green Smoothie takes your taste buds to paradise (similar to the one Vitamin C Surge took you on, right?), even for just 15 minutes while sippin’ on this smoothie. This is one of my favorite smoothies when I want something bright and refreshing, to help with digestion, or -{men close your eyes and ears}- for that pleasant time of the month ladies. Either way, this is a tasty smoothie for all!

As the great Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. I use food as medicine daily, and pineapple is the perfect prescription. Pineapple is not only high in digestive enzyme bromelain (more on this in a previous post), but also high in manganese.

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