Nutrition Stripped and recipes by McKel, have been featured in articles, magazines, and interviews spanning continents for worldwide recognition of healthy and delicious recipes and McKel’s nutrition expertise. Below is just some of the worthy mentions.

& Publications

Huffington Post | 6 Infused Waters That’ll Make It Easy To Get Hydrated, 4/22/16
HGTV | 12 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Busy Mornings, 4/22/16
HGTV | 15 Healthy Pantry Dinners for Hectic Weeknights, 4/22/16
Man Repeller | Ask a Nutritionist : Nuts and Seeds, 4/18/16
mindbodygreen | What McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped Eats in a Day, 4/12/16
Yuri Elkaim | Heathy Eating Tips, What 23 of the World’s Top Food Bloggers Recommend, 3/28/16
Man Repeller | Ask a Nutritionist: 5 Foods for Great Skin, i.e. The Beauty Foods, 3/22/2016
Bon Appetit | “You Got the Gram, Right?”, March 2016 issue
Anthropologie Blog | Work(out)-Life Balance: How McKel Hill Does Fitness, 3/22/16
The Home Magazine | Living Large in a Tiny Space, 3/16
Well + Good | The Best Healthy Instagrammers According to Well + Good Readers, 3/06/16
Bloglovin’ The Edit | 5 Reasons to Try the Alternative Savory Porridge, 3/6/16
Buzzfeed | 17 Smoothie Bowls That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat, 2/26/16
nFocus | Healthier, Happier and More Radiant with Nutrition Stripped, 2/04/16
Haven Vol. 1 available at Anthropologie | Making Chili Chocolate Truffles
Word of Mouth | Nashville Conversations: McKel Hill, 1/21/16
Nutritious Life | How Does McKel Hill Live a Nutritious Life?, 1/18/16
Vogue UK | January Wellbeing Hacks, 01/13/16
HBC Magazine | Issue II: Food is here!, 01/7/16
Buzzfeed | Here’s How Dietitians Actually Eat Healthy Without Going Broke, 01/4/16
designlovefest | Healthy Holiday, 12/21/15
Womanista | Holiday Dinner, 12/13/15
Man Repeller | Ask a Nutritionist: How Do I Get My Period Back, 12/9/15
The Coveteur | Superfood-y Smoothie Add-ins, 11/19/15
Womanista | Thanksgiving Feast, 11/17/15
Ivanka Trump | Halloween Ideas Round-up, 11/11/15
Well and Good NYC | 17 Immune Boosting Drinks so you can Survive Cold Season, 11/10/15
Town & Country Magazine | Nashville Beauty Secrets, Wellness Guru 11/5/15
MindBodyGreen | 12 Wellness Experts on How They Really Built Their Brands Online, 10/27/15
Man Repeller | Ask a Nutritionist: What Should We Snack On?, 10/13/15
MindBodyGreen | 10 of the Healthiest Food Blogs That Inspire Us To Cook, 10/12/15
MindBodyGreen | 11 Smoothie Bowls that take your Breakfast up a notch, 9/30/15
LIVESTRONG | 6 Smoothie Bowls for Breakfast, 9/29/15
THRIVE Magazine | Top Plant-Based Foodies, 10/2015 issue
SHAPE Magazine | Twitter thoughts on brussel sprouts, 10/2015 issue
The Chalkboard Magazine | 7 Ways to Eat Your Greens, 9/25/15
Beauty and Wellbeing Magazine, Interview with McKel, 9/2/15
Calgary Avansino | Woman of the Week, McKel Hill, 8/27/15
Relish | 17 Ways to Turn Your Bagel Into a Thing of Beauty, 7/28/15
SONIMA | 22 Chilled Breakfast Bowls You’ll Love, 7/27/15
SELF Magazine | Is This the New Açaí?, 7/25/15
Inner Me | Woman of the Week: McKel of Nutrition Stripped!, 7/20/15
Strolby | The Stroll | Living Well in Nashville: Nutrition Stripped’s McKel Hill, 7/13/15
Bon Appetit | Are Hard Boiled Eggs Good or Bad for You?, 7/2/15
Into the Gloss | 8 Beauty Foods, 1 Really Good Salad, 7/1/15
Food Network | Plan a Summer Party with Grilled Fruit, 6/30/15
Bon Appetit | Can Lard Be Part of a Healthy Diet?, 6/29/15
Bon Appetit | Is White Rice and Kimchi a Healthy Snack?, 6/22/15
Homemade | The 12 Best Water Infusions for People Who Don’t Like Water, 6/8/15
Country Living | 15 Better Ways to Enjoy Watermelon This Summer, 6/23/15
Yahoo! Health | So Is Avocado Toast Actually Good for You?, 6/19/15
Bon Appetit | So Is Avocado Toast Actually Good for You?, 6/16/15
Blackberry Farm | Our Friend of the Farm: McKel Hill, 6/18/15
Academy of Culinary Nutrition | Top 50 Clean Food Blogs, 6/16/15
Glamour Magazine | Diet Inspiration: 7 Healthy Food Experts to Follow on Instagram, 6/10/15
Community Table | 24 Energy-Packed Breakfast Smoothie Bowls, 6/4/15
Bon Appetit | Rice Cakes: Friend or Foe?, 5/25/15
Hip & Healthy  | Fitsperation: McKel of Nutrition Striped, 5/22/15
Buzzfeed | 19 Healthy Dinners Under 500 Calories That You’ll Actually Want To Eat, 5/21/15
Greatist | The 5 Healthy Meals You’ll Never Get Sick of—for Real, 5/21/15
Harpers Bazaar | Food Tips: The “You Diet”, 5/18/15
Bon Appetit | Is Edamame Drenched in Sea Salt Still Good for You?, 5/14/15
Bon Appetit | How Much Peanut Butter Is Too Much Peanut Butter?, 5/7/15
WSMV Channel 4 News | McKel Hill Healthy Cooking, 5/7/15
Nashville Lifestyles | 5 Great Gluten Free Dishes, 5/6/15
The Chalkboard Mag | Chaga Coffee + Green Juice: What 30 of Our Favorite People Eat for Breakfast, 5/5/15
Food Network | Healthy Tropical Guacamole for Cinco de Mayo, 5/5/15
Well + Good NYC | Recipe: Turmeric Milk, 5/4/15 | 19 Makkelijke en Gezonde Maaltjes Voor één Persoon, 4/24/15
Bon Appétit | Snack, Attacked: Is a Smoothie Really Good for You?, 4/28/15
Diet-to-Go | The Top 100 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs, 4/28/15
Nashville Lifestyles | Summer Picnic Supper Cub, 4/27/15
Daily Burn | 16 DIY Projects to Give Coffee Grounds New Life, 4/20/15
Nashville Scene | Nutrition Stripped Supper Club Announces 2015 Dates, 4/13/15
Buzzfeed |  21 Easy and Healthy Meals for One, 4/16/15
The Chalkboard Mag | 10 Kitchen Staples: Nutrition Stripped’s McKel Hill Let’s Us Raid Her Pantry
Buzzfeed | 31 Low-Carb Breakfasts That Will Actually Fill You Up, 4/4/15
The Chalkboard Mag | Drink Your Omegas: Get Hooked on These 3 Chia Frescas, 4/3/15
Buzzfeed | 21 Delicious Treats That Are Sweetened With Fruit, Not Sugar, 3/29/15
Well + Good NYC | Is Instagram Making us Healthier?, 3/27/15
Food 52 | 8 Food Blog Links We Love, 3/20/15
Grazia Daily | Dish of the Day: Good Intentions Already Flagging? Wake Up Your Tastebuds With This Cashew Lime Green Smoothie, 3/18/15
Homemade | Ditch the Straw it’s all about the Smoothie Bowl, 3/14/15
The Coveteur | 5 Beauty “Products” You Can Find In Your Pantry, 3/12/15
Nashville Lifestyles | What’s In My Bag: Outdoor Exploring, 3/12/15
Into The Gloss | Good Mood Food, 3/5/15
Fitness Magazine | 8 Smoothie Bowls Better Than Ice Cream, 3/3/15
Mario Badescu Skincare | Healthy Food for Healthy Skin: The Recipe Roundup, 2/21/15
Barre3 Blog | Slow-Cooker Comfort Stew, 2/20/15
The Telegraph UK | Food’s Next Big Trend? The Smoothie Bowl, 2/19/15
Buzzfeed | 17 Gluten-Free Quick Breads That Will Warm Your Heart, 2/10/15
The Coveteur | The Healthy Grocery Shopping List, 1/27/15
Food Matters | Your How to Guide: Making the Perfect Green Smoothie, 1/18/15
Greatist | 52 Surprising Things to Make in a Vitamix, 1/16/15
Relish Magazine | A Registered Dietitian’s Advice for Healthy Eating, 1/14/15
Organic Burst | Chocolate Maca Chia Pudding by McKel Hill, 1/12/15
Organic Burst | How to Strip Down your Diet with McKel Hill, 1/12/15
Tata Harper Blog | 10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram for Nutrition and Recipe Ideas, 1/8/15
The Coveteur | The Best 3-Day Whole Foods Reset, 1/7/15
The Chalkboard Mag | Our 9 Healthy Recipe App Picks: Foodies, Smoothies + Brits, 1/6/15
Vogue | Sunday #FoodPorn: A Delicious New Year’s Detox, 1/4/15
Nashville Lifestyles | Healthy Recipes to Start 2015, 1/2/15
SHAPE Magazine | The 9 Biggest Nutrition Trends of 2015, 1/1/15
SHAPE Magazine | Healthy Holiday Cookies for Santa, 12/23/14
FitCakes | 12 Days of Christmas: 9 Holiday Brunch Recipes, 12/16/14
Real Simple Magazine | December issue pages 116-117 “Take out with a game plan”
The Chalkboard Mag | Milkin’ It: 3 Dairy-Free Recipes that are Rich in Calcium, 12/19/14
Breakfast Criminals | 10 Best Instagram Breakfasts of the Week, 12/12/14
Food Matters | McKel Hill on Food Matters Author Page, 12/10/14
Dr. Albers | Eating Mindfully | Top 50 Mindful Eating Sites of 2014, 12/4/14
The Coveteur | The Definitive Alternative Milk Guide, 12/4/14
Well + Good NYC | 7 Simple Smoothie Recipes for Holiday Season Sipping, 12/3/14
The Coveteur | How to deal this Holiday, 11/27/14
Go Gluten Free Magazine | December issue pages “Pistachio Crusted Cookies, Raw Peppermint Truffles”
Willow and Sage | Winter Issue page 97-99 “DIY Honey Avocado Face Mask”
Herself Magazine | “Holistic Issue”  page 42-43 “Strip, the unnecessary. A conversation with creator of Nutrition Stripped”
Alpha Magazine | Fall 2014 issue, page 10-12 “Break Through Meal Boredom, spice up your meals!”
Food Matters, Hungry for Change | Cheezy Quinoa Broccoli Pilaf, 11/5/14
Nashville Scene bites blog | “Nutrition Stripped Supper Clubs” launch this fall, 11/4/14
The Kitchn | 12 Stuffed Potatoes to Teach You What Comfort Food Really Means, 10/23/14
POPSUGAR | This Health Guru Nixed Clinical Jobs and Pursued Her Dream Job Instead, 10/21/14
The Nutritionista | An Interview with McKel Hill Creator of Nutrition Stripped, 10/15/14
Women’s Health Magazine | 14 Instagram Accounts All Mostly Healthy Foodies Should Follow, 9/26/14
Well + Good NYC | Fall Produce Guide from Nutrition Stripped, 9/29/14
DailyBurn | 9 Smoothie Bowl Recipes You’ll Want to Eat Every Morning, 9/18/2014
Mother Mag | 10 Energy Foods to Eat Now, 8/8/14
SHAPE Magazine | Our Favorite Healthy Food Blogs, 7/31/14
Mother Mag | Bikini Bound? Follow Our 3-day Bikini Reset Diet, 7/2/14
Relish Magazine | 3 Healthy Pasta Salad Recipes, 6/25/14
Food Network | The Beauty of Smoothie Bowls (Yes, they’re smoothies — in bowls), 6/24/14
World Lifestyle | Cook This: Sticky Fig BBQ Tempeh, 6/16/14
Spry Living Magazine | Bring to work Kale Salads, 6/16/14
MSN Healthy Living | 7 Best New Breakfasts for Weight Loss, 6/12/14
Redbook Magazine | 7 Best New Breakfasts for Weight Loss
Relish Magazine | 1 Healthy Popsicle Recipe, 5 ways, 6/3/14 | Smoothies: The Ultimate Guide, 5/29/14
FOODIE iPhone App | Simply Dairy-Free: Deliciously Healthy in 5 Ingredients. 5/19/14
The Kitchn | Green Smoothies for Hot Summers, 5/15/14
Relish Magazine | 3 Healthy 5-ingredient Salads, 5/15/14
Thrive Magazine | Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites, 4/27/14
BuzzFeed Food | 23 Healthy Low Carb Lunch Ideas, 4/7/14
Huffington Post | A New Kind of Vegan Chili + Vegan Cheese, 3/25/14
Choosing Raw | Weekend Reading, 3/24/14
Daily Mail UK | Instagram #FOODPORN: the food that’s making us drool on instagram, 3/10/14
Spry Living | Healthy Instagram Accounts we Love, 3/7/14
Daily Candy | Tahini Nation: Four Healthy Sesame Recipes, 2/26/14
Relish Magazine | Heart Healthy Menus from Dietitians, 2/24/14
Food52 | How to Make Vegan Cheese at Home, 2/21/14.
Organic Burst | Healthy Eating Features, 5 International Ways to Get your Organic Burst, 2/10/14.
British Vogue Magazine | 10 Best Instagram “Healthies”, 1/28/14.
Buzzfeed Food | 25 Vegan Recipes for your Superbowl Party, 1/19/14.
Oh My Veggies | Saturday Six, Recipe Roundup, 1/18/14.
Women’s Health Magazine | 8 Healthy-Eating Instagram Accounts You Should Follow, 1/16/14.
My Fitness Pal Blog | 14 Must Try Recipe of 2014, 1/14/14.
Glamour Magazine Spain | 2014 Top Influencers in Social Media, 1/10/14.
Buzzfeed Food | 31 Healthy and Delicious Ways to Cook with Chia Seeds, 1/3/14.
Taste the Style | 30 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2014, 1/3/14.
Fitness Magazine | Healthy Eating Instagrams to Follow, 1/2/14.
The Chalkboard Magazine | Shed the Holidays: Stripped Green Smoothie, 12.26.13.
The Kitchn | Baking Diabetes-Friendly Cookies, 12/18/13.
SHAPE Magazine |11 Healthy Homemade Gift Ideas [Raspberry Chia Jam], 12/12/13.
SHAPE Magazine |11 Crazy Delicious Desserts with Hidden Healthy Foods, 12.9.13.
Fitness Magazine | It’s Easy to Be Green: Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes , 12.4.13.
Food & Nutrition Magazine A Knife Made for Sparkling Lemonade, 12/13.
Running on Real Food | 5 Beautiful and Inspiring Food Blogs you Should be Reading, 12/1/13.
Zest & Zeal | Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas, 11/22/13
Greatist | 33 Thanksgiving Main Dishes, 11/21/13.
Potluck | Saturday Six | Vegetarian Side Dishes for Thanksgiving, 11/20/13.
Food Politic | Creamy Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, 11/18/13.
The Chic Site | Coffee Recipe Round Ups, 11/6/13.
Buzzfeed Food | 23 Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Salads, 11/5/13.
Buzzfeed Food | This is Your Brain on Superfoods: Turmeric Milk, 10/6/13. | 8 Creative Ways to Use Cauliflower , 9/26/13.
20 Creative, Delicious, Tabbouleh Recipes [Hemp Kale Tabbouleh], 8/23/13.
A Sweet Life, recipe article Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse, 8/16/13.
“King of Greens” Kale Salad recipe, via H2U Health To You Magazine, page 20-21, Spring 2013.
Today’s Dietitian Magazine | “Going Nuts”, 09/2013.



Contributed articles // Our Body Book (The Body Book blog)

The Body Book | 10 Snacks for an Active Lifestyle, 4/15/15
The Body Book | A Day in the Life of a Nutritionist: McKel Hill, 3/13/15
The Body Book | Top 5 Food for Improving Digestion, 2/17/15
The Body Book | Persimmons, and Why You Should Try Them!, 2/2/15
The Body Book | How to Keep Salads Healthy, 3 Go-To Dressings, 1/26/15
The Body Book | New Years Resolution: Want to Cook More at Home? Here’s How!, 1/10/15
The Body Book | Reset & Rebalance with Nutrition Stripped, 1/6/15
The Body Book | Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Cocktail, 12/12/14
The Body Book | Gift Guide for Health Foodies and Fitness Lovers, 12/9/14
The Body Book | Thanksgiving Menu {Vegan + Gluten Free}, 11/23/14
The Body Book | Month of Gratitude: McKel Hill, 11/17,14
The Body Book | 5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays, 11/10/14
The Body Book | Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Natural Cold Remedies, 10/22/14
The Body Book | Root Veggies 101, Plus a Fall Root Roast, 10/14/14
The Body Book | Chocolate Kale Chips , 10/11/14
The Body Book | A Nutritionist’s Top 5 Tips for Healthy College Eating, 9/22/14
The Body Book | 5 Tips for a Fall Kitchen Refresh, 9/8/14
The Body Book | These Foods are Rich in Calcium and Dairy-Free, 8/27/2014
The Body Book | 3 Calcium-Rich Foods {Dairy-Free}, 8/21/14
The Body Book | What is Calcium and How Much Does Your Body Need?, 8/19/2014
The Body Book | {VIDEO} Stripped Green Smoothie, 8/13/2014
The Body Book | Keep Your Mind and Your Body on Track with These Travel Items, 8/10/2014
The Body Book | Don’t Leave Home without These Travel Snacks!, 7/17/14
The Body Book | Top 10 Tips for Summer Traveling, 7/2/14
The Body Book | How to Eat Whole Food Carbohydrates, 7/1/14
The Body Book | Carbohydrates Are Not The Enemy: Carbs 101, 6/16/2014
The Body Book | Salsa, Three Ways!, 5/22/14
The Body Book | Probiotics 101, 5/14/14
The Body Book | DIY Natural Beauty Care // Mother’s Day Gifts, 5/9/14
The Body Book | Earth Day Nourish Bowl, 4/22/14
The Body Book | 3 Unique Ways to Use Avocado, 4/17/14
The Body Book | How-To: Nut Milk, 3 Ways!, 4/8/14
The Body Book | What’s in Season this Spring, 3/11/14
The Body Book | National Artichoke Day + An Artichoke Cashew Cheese Spread!, 3/15/14
The Body Book | Pre & Post – Workout Nutrition: Fueling Your Fitness Program, 3/7/14
The Body Book | Top 10 Foods for Heart Health, 2/20/14
The Body Book | The Body Book Green Smoothie, 2/15/14
The Body Book | Smoothies 101, 2/5/14

Contributed articles // juice. Nashville
Contributed articles //  Oh My Veggies
Contributed articles // Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Food & Nutrition Magazine blog, Stone Soup
Select blogger // POPSUGAR, yumsugar
ALPHA Magazine //  The Diet Docs
Hello Healthy // My Fitness Pal

Blog Posts

Organic Burst | Tropical Superfood Smoothie Bowl, 2/10/14.
Healthy Aperture | Tips to Have a Healthy Holiday Season ,12/10/13.
The Nutritional Epiphany | McKel’s Nutrition & Health Coaching @ Nutrition Stripped, 9/3/13.
Crystal Martel Photography | [personal related] Cummins Falls, a styled photography shoot

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