Whole foods. Whole living. Plant-centric. Nourishing. Optimizing. Simple. Delicious! Stripping away nutrition “confusion” layer by layer and getting back to bare basics of whole, nourishing foods and what it means to live well. By reading my blog you can feel inspired, confident, and down right excited to strip it all away and get back to basics of eating real whole foods!

Nutrition Stripped is far more than just a food blog, it’s your guide to living whole and eating well. I’m far more than a food blogger as well- here I share my nutrition expertise and inspirations. The recipes I share on Nutrition Stripped reflect the most nutrient dense foods that are 100% nourishing, they’re heavy on the greens, gluten-free and dairy-free but offer flexibility for those who need a little wiggle room. I also share my love of fitness, how to manage stress, nutrition advice and topics, inspiration interview with other wellness warriors, and heaps of resources on living healthier. I hope that by reading my blog you’ll learn how to optimize your overall health and well being and have some fun in the process of making my recipes. Ultimately, my goal is to make eating deliciously simple…because it is!


The Nutrition Stripped lifestyle focused more on just food and nutrition, the remaining pillars of the NS lifestyle that keep you living whole and well include: stress management, exercise and moving your body, healthy and positive relationships with others, nourishing food, sleeping well, drinking water, and engaging in work that makes your truly happy!

A great place to start the NS lifestyle is to incorporate my pillars and principles of living whole and well by following my 15 Steps to Living Whole & Well, and follow these 5 core nutrition principles.

1. Back-to-basics. Be a hunter, forager, and gatherer in the 21st century! Go local. Go organic. Eat REAL whole foods that you can trace back to the source.

2. Plant-centric: Scientific research has clearly shown the many health benefits of eating a diet high in plant foods from the earth: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, pseudo-grains (none of the industrial/agriculturally mass-produced grains), legumes and beans. We don’t need science to tell us how good eating plants makes us feel, try it for yourself and be-friend these powerhouses of nutrition!

3. Get to know your farmer! If you consume animal proteins in your diet; make sure they have be humanely raised and have been fed their natural diets. Again, be able to trace your food back to the source of where they were raised, fed, and how they existed (i.e. grass fed, wild caught, pasture raised, free-range, organic, etc.).

4. Don’t consume anything with a longer expiration date than you! If you can’t pronounce a food ingredient listed on the package OR if you wouldn’t be able to find it in your grandma’s pantry…walk away and look for the real deal to simply recreate yourself. Better yet, go with something without a food label and make a meal in your own kitchen from scratch.

5. Enjoy in mindfulness! Nutrition isn’t all about counting calories, grams of fat or fiber, nor is eating only for the purpose of sustenance. Food plays many roles in our social, mental, emotional, cultural, and physical aspects of our lives. We should respect all the ways food is involved in our lives. We all, myself included, should start taking a little more time enjoying and more time “freeing” our brains from the mathematics of food, diet fads, and nutritional dogmas; and get back to bare basics of consuming whole foods as much as possible while finding what works for your body.

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