Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers

Blogging 101

Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers | Nutrition Stripped

In the first blog post in Blogging 101, I shared with you all my Top 5 Tips for Starting a Food Blog and also more resources found on my Food Blogging page, here. I’m so happy that it helped so many of you, I got a flood of emails and kind comments about how it was a simple and straightforward advice post for starting your blog. Many of you followed up and were asking about food photography, especially after I shared my “before and afters”; so today I’m sharing with you all Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers. Let’s get started!

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Summer Lemon Corn Soup


Summer Lemon Corn Soup | Nutrition Stripped

Hi everyone! Today is an extra special day… I’m headed to Thailand as we speak! I’m still waiting for someone to pinch me to wake up, to have this once in a lifetime opportunity is beyond me and I promise to soak it all in and also share bits and pieces with you here on the blog! I’ll still have recipes popping up for the next several weeks as I worked really hard to prepare ahead of time so I wouldn’t leave you all hanging for new things to try. This Summer Lemon Corn Soup is a recipe I started making last summer when I accidentally added lemon in my blender and forgot I did that, then in went my traditional recipe for corn chowder- hence, a citrusy and bright lemon corn soup was created! It was a happy kitchen mistake.

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Once a Year, Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before

Monday Mantra

Once A Year, Go Somewhere You've Never Been Before | Nutrition Stripped

This quote is ringing true for my life right now, going to places I’ve never been before but also challenging myself in ways that are pushing growth more than ever, and I can’t wait to share with you all those fruits of my labor when the time comes! Until then… I’m leaving for Thailand tomorrow! Eeek! I still can’t believe it and can’t wait to share with you everything I do. Keep up with what I’m exploring, eating, and doing in Thailand for the next several weeks on Instagram, Snapchat (@mckelhill), and I’ll be popping in here every now and then with some Thailand blog posts! If any of you have any tips and things I should see, eat, and do let me know.

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August | Watermelon Summer Crush

Style Your Screen

August Style Your Screen | Nutrition Stripped

Happy Friday everyone! You know what time it is! The first Friday of the month and I’m here sharing Augusts Style Your Screen to inspire your workspace this month. I’ve obviously been loving watermelon so much this summer that I brought out one of my watercolors I painted in college, I absolutely love these and have so many more fun ones to share in the future. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and enjoy this Style Your Screen!

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Warm Fruit Bowl and Cashewmilk


Warm Fruit Bowl with Cashewmilk | Nutrition Stripped

Today’s recipe is a super simple breakfast or dessert that can be made in less than 10 minutes and is delicious, and sure to give your morning a boost or satisfy a late-night sweet tooth. I’ve partnered up with Silk® Cashewmilk to showcase their new Cashewmilk poured on top of warm stone fruits, berries, and pears heated until just warm, tossed with shaved dark chocolate, toasted coconut, and a dash of ground cinnamon.

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