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Hey you!

I hope you’re doing well today! I’m sadly leaving Jackson Hole today from the Alere retreat I co-hosted with several others this past week- which was gorgeous! It was all about how to balance work/life/business and of course how our health has an impact on it. We had amazing hosts from floral designers unleashing guests creativity, branding workshops, photography workshops, and then I hosted one-on-one nutrition and wellbeing consults. It was really great! I’ll be hosting several retreats next year…around the world (!) and will be announcing those on my Events tab so just stay tuned.

On another note…like this title says, I wanted to share a survey with you all today. Every week I share so much of what I do, eat, etc. through social media and of course here…but what about you? I want to get to know you more, what you like to read, do, where you’re from, etc.; and of course any comments, suggestions, and feedback you have that would make your experience on the Nutrition Stripped blog even better.

I started this blog almost 3 years ago in January, time flies, purely as a way for me to share my passion, knowledge, and have some fun creating beautiful images and food (art was my first love!) and I had no idea what a strong community of you all it would create- that was only a mere dream of mine which has turned into a reality. Through this place we have here together, I want to connect more with you all, chat directly, but also have you chat with other women in this space—I mean why not? We’re all here for a reason right? To feel healthier, happier, and optimize our nutrition which always impacts how we feel with life in general. So, I thank you so much for supporting what I do on here, I truly would not put in the “work” each week if it weren’t for your support, emails, and comments in general- you guys are truly THE.BEST.SQUAD. ever.

I’d be so grateful for you to take this 1-minute survey, just click here! 

With so much love and gratitude,

xx McKel


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Interview with Simone of Body By Simone


Interview with Simone of Body By Simone | Nutrition Stripped

Meet the über fit Simone of Body By Simone, training and transforming the bodies of women all over the world with energy, enthusiasm, and so much fun! If you’ve ever watched any of Simone’s Instagram videos, YouTube videos, or classes on her live stream then you’d know she has some serious fun with teaching her clients. I first stumbled upon Simone several years ago when I saw an article about rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline) and was so intrigued by her fun workouts and obviously, results at getting fit! By the way, jumping on a trampoline isn’t only SO FUN but it’s effective. She tells us the nitty-gritty about what keeps her motivated to work out, but also how she keeps up the positive vibes in studio with her clients- favorite foods, and more.

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Simple Sweet Potato and Greens Bowl


Simple Sweet Potato and Greens Bowl | Nutrition Stripped

Everyone needs to have a simple go-to bowl recipe; you know something that you can combine all those random ingredients leftover in the fridge, produce at the end of the week, or pantry staples you’ve been aching to rotate out. This is it. By itself this recipe is delicious, but I encourage you to exercise flexibility and use this recipe as a guideline by using your fridge and what you have access to that week, as inspiration. This Simple Sweet Potato and Greens Bowl is my go-to this fall; the combination of antioxidant rich sweet potatoes, garlic sauteed kale, sliced figs or grapes, olives, and pumpkin seeds give this simple bowl meal a completely meatless flare without sacrificing the density and heartiness most of us are craving this time of year.

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Ten Things You Should Know Today: September 18

Ten Things


Back with another Ten Things post in the series! Let me know what you guys think of these posts, do you like these quick round up’s? Nutrition studies or research in health and wellness? Random bits of inspiration or just straight up hilarious videos I find? Let me knowwww and Happy Friday!

Weekly readings

  1. 7 hours of sleep can save your from getting sick
  2. I want to make these, this weekend!
  3. Hm, are gluten free diets actually working for autism?
  4. Purple sweet potatoes (my favorite) can help decrease colon cancer 
  5. Does water actually taste different? Amazing!
  6. Guess what happened when acupuncture was compared to drugs for reducing pain
  7. Did we really need a study to tell us how awesome hugging is?
  8. What you don’t know about Nature-deficient disorder…and why doctors are prescribing outdoor time
  9. No.big.deal. And US kids complain about the bus ride…
  10. THE healthiest thing you can eat this week...kidding, but it’s a really cool science experiment!

What’s new?

  • I’m getting excited about leaving this Monday to go to my retreat, Alere, in Jackson Hole WY with an amazing group of hosts to talk about business, how to stay healthy being a business owner, yoga in the mountains, hiking, cooking classes, photography classes, and so much more! Follow me on snapchat (mckelhill) and Instagram to get behind the scenes!

1-year ago today:

Comment of the week:

Juliana said… 

Beautiful pictures! I absolutely despise durian! I lived in Indonesia for 6 months, and of course durian was everywhere. My favorite were the signs on hotels and other tourist spots that said things like “Not everyone likes durian; please do not bring inside” or “No bare feet, no durian.” But I had some friends who loved it (thank goodness they didn’t bring it into the house). It’s true that there are no casual feelings about durian–everyone who’s experienced it has a very strong opinion. :) Thank you for sharing your adventures!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

xx McKel

p.s. hosting a little giveaway on Instagram today, stay tuned!

Apple Ribbons with Basil Walnut Pesto


Apple Ribbons with Basil Pesto | Nutrition Stripped

Some nights, when you’re craving pasta yet don’t want to fuss with something hot or do much of any cooking- this is the perfect pasta dish containing less than 10 ingredients! The marriage of tart green apples, which are not only low in sugar but contain a fiber called pectin which is great for our digestion; mixed with sweet and savory pesto made with fresh basil and meaty walnuts is so refreshing. Cheers for fall apples, apple curls, basil pesto, and the ultimate combination of sweet and savory!

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