What is Foam Rolling?


What is Foam Rolling, Foam Rolling 101 | Nutrition Stripped

You’ve seen me post about it before, but I adore foam rolling, and many of you have asked…what is foam rolling? A legit question since it sounds like the weirdest thing, but I promise if you’re as active as me, or sit for long periods of time working, or simply have tense muscles you’ll LOVE this technique. Foam rolling is all about releasing tense muscle fibers creating more flexibility, length in your muscles, relieve tension, and can help improve lymph, circulation and combat cellulite! I enjoy doing this most before a workout or winding down at night when I do my 15 minute yoga session- turn on some tunes and get rollin’

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Lemony Sunchoke Soup


Lemony Sunchoke Soup | Nutrition Stripped

With the sun waking up and shaking off winter, spring and summer bring about times where soup is often left behind unless we’re talking about gazpacho. To soups credit, it’s a dish that should still be incorporated into our spring and summer menus since it’s easy to make, stores well as a leftover, and most importantly the fiber can help us improve our digestion (but take it easy and read my notes on these sunchokes), making us feel great from the inside out when we might be showing a little more midriff and skin, right? The combination of zesty fresh lemon made in a delicate broth surrounding chunks of fiber rich sunchokes, make it the perfect spring soup to welcome into your repertoire!

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Healthy Snacks on the go

Recipe, Video


Happy Monday everyone! The weekend is over and it’s back to a busy and productive week over here finishing up my cookbook writing- I just finished all the recipe section on Friday so it was a great weekend of celebrating! Also our first supper club of the year, Spring Brunch,  is THIS Saturday at the beautiful Bloomsbury Farm and it’s going to be amazing! Tickets are selling out, so be sure to check them out here.

Perfect timing for these quick, healthy, and energizing snacks on the go! On busy weeks it’s so great to have food prepped and healthy snacks on hand since it’s so easy to reach for a bag of chips or some snack that’ll leaving you low in energy and wanting more sugar later. Whether you’re swamped in the office, in meetings all day or running endless errands, it’s always great to have a healthy snack to keep you energized! Here are my favorite recipes below…

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Looking for San Francisco Interns!



You all know, and I hope you do, that I’m writing my first cookbook that will be out in the Spring of 2016! I’m also doing an amazing photo shoot with my dear talented friend/rockstar photographer Katie Newburn in San Francisco for 2 weeks, non-stop shooting over 120 original recipes for my book (EEEEK!!!). I’m beyond excited for this and we’d love extra hands and help to make this happen! It’ll be a lot of fun as much as it is hard-work and I’m looking for a solid team of interns that are located in the San Francisco area.

I first announced this on Instagram and all of you have been emailing me and asking specific questions about what the internship will entail, here are more details and what to do to apply:

What you’ll do!

We’re looking for a group of interns who will have various roles for the 2 weeks of the photo shoot- some may be in the kitchen cooking, some may be helping my photographer Katie Newburn with lighting and shooting, some my help with running errands, cleaning/organizing, getting food props, etc.; you will have 1 role for the entire time.

NOTE: this is not a position for nutrition students focused only on gaining experience working for me, as I will not be mentoring about nutrition during this time, it’ll be quite fast paced on a daily basis.

There will be PLENTY of food, fun, and it will be a great experience helping out on set for a cookbook.

  • Duration is 2 weeks: May 12th- May 26th
  • On site in a studio located in San Francisco
  • You’ll have 1 role assigned (note your skills in resume/email)
    1. helping with photographer, Katie and I with lighting and small details
    2. running food/cleaning/extra hands in the kitchen
    3. organizing recipes and flow of kitchen
    4. cooking with my assistant
    5. social media/behind the scenes/extra hands

Are you the right fit?

  • Professional
  • Hard-working
  • Fun
  • Lives the healthy-lovin’ lifestyle
  • Acts with integrity
  • Reliable
  • Self-starters
  • Handle pressure and working quickly
  • Love to share the NS lifestyle!
  • Must be located in SF or willing to travel
  • Not a paid internship


Simply email jobs@nutritionstripped.com with your resume, a cover letter on why you’re the perfect fit, and what your skills are that you would find most fruitful for the team.


Please share this blog post with anyone and everyone you know who would be a good match living in San Francisco! I’m really excited to be able to meet with some of you and have some fun while making my dream become a reality with this shoot!

xx McKel


My Skincare Routine: Body Edition

Natural Beauty


Taking care of one of the largest detoxification organs on our bodies, our skin, is just as important as the care we show the delicate skin on our face. Today I’m going to share a highly requested topic for the Natural Beauty Series, My Skincare Routine: Body Edition! Overall my philosophy about make-up and what we put on our bodies is parellel to my food philosophy, the simpler the better. For me, it’s not just what I put on my skin, but purposeful techniques I do to my skin that all of you can incorporate as well to keep the integrity of your skin tight, toned, healthy, and radiant. Perfect timing for bringing out the flowy spring dresses and skirts, right?

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