End of the Week Frittata


End of the Week Frittata | Nutrition Stripped

It’s the end of the week, well actually it’s the beginning of the week, but let’s just say it’s like Thursday or Friday, you come home from work and open your fridge to find a bunch of random leftovers, vegetables that are hanging onto their last breath begging to be used, and a carton of eggs untouched. THIS is the recipe you need in that moment. End of the Week Frittata is a recipe you can assemble in under 10 minutes and takes no more than 30 minutes to cook in the oven- perfect amount of time to settle in from a long work day or clean up from the prep. Another added bonus, it’s one of the most flexible and forgiving “recipes” there is.

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Sunflower Cafe


 McKel's Guide to Nashville | Sunflower Cafe

It still surprises me when I stumble upon “new” restaurants serving up healthy and delicious food in the thick of the south, have living here for almost 3 years now. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “meat and three”; I had no idea what this person was talking about. Being from Ohio, we don’t have meat and threes and for the past going on 8 years, I haven’t had animal proteins besides fish, so you can tell I’m kind of out of the loop with BBQ and these meat and threes. In a nutshell, it’s a protein option with 3 southern style sides to create one filling and epic meal. Sunflower Cafe offers the best “meat and three” I’ve ever had…literally. It’s delicious regardless of your enjoyment of vegetarian food or not, everyone can find something they’ll love on the menu.

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Healthy Travel: In-flight Edition

Travel, Advice


What better timing to talk about healthy travels than now when I’m personally traveling next week to San Francisco for my 2-week photo shoot for the cookbook… EEEEEK!!!! Nonetheless, it’s not all about me here, so many of you have been requesting how to travel healthfully this time of year since so many of you are taking spring and summer vacations, flights, and road trips. Here’s the ultimate guide for traveling healthy via plane including my favorite things to bring, food to take, important steps to take, what to pack in your carry on, and more products that keep me completely sane in the stress of traveling. I hope it helps you, globetrotters!

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Interview with Justin Gelband of modelFIT



I’m happy to share with you all another personal trainer and fitness expert in the field of training women all over the globe. Justin Gelband is the creator and mastermind behind modelFIT, coining the name “The Model Whisperer”, supermodels and women who wanted to train like one, lined up at his NYC studio for a workout combination of pilates, yoga, movement, motion, balance stability, functional training and more. But don’t shy away from him just yet, he trains far more than models and you definitely don’t have to be one to reap the benefits of his workouts. Learn what motivates Justin, what inspires him, his favorite meals, and what living whole and eating well means to him!

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Caribbean Plantain & Bean Boats


Caribbean Plantain Bean Boats | Nutrition Stripped

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I’m really excited to share a recipe using plantains, since I came to the realization I have yet to do so; this recipe is the perfect example of how excited I get to make healthy eating fun, delicious, and inspiring! Caribbean Plantain & Bean Boats are the epitome of having fun with your food, not only while making it but while eating it. Starchy and slightly sweet plantains are roasted with a bit of coconut oil, then topped with a sweet corn and black bean salad with pops of fresh cilantro, red onion, lime juice, jalapeno, and diced tomatoes. It’s served open faced like my Beachy Papaya Boats and topped with shredded coconut for an extra oomph of the Caribbean. I’ve been enjoying this recipe for weeks as a quick and healthy lunch or dinner since I’ve been so busy finishing up writing the last bit of the cookbook (eeeek!)- I still can’t believe I’m off to San Francisco next week to shoot.

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