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Monday Mantra

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I really don’t know where to start, how to speak to or respond to this past weekends events in Paris that brought such tragedy in addition to everything that is going on in other parts of the world. The only thing I can think or feel is peace, love, and compassion. That’s all I want to share today and hope that we use times like these to reignite our higher consciousness and connection with ourselves, with each other, and our world. This is a universal challenge, for us to manifest more energy and space in our days for silence, for gratitude, for reflection, for mindfulness, for sitting and befriending the tough emotions, for love, for joy, happiness, and peace. Let’s collectively send our energy and prayers, not just today because of this event, but #prayforhumanity

With light and love,


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Coffee, Elevated

Simple in 7

Coffee, Elevated | Medicinal Mushroom Bulletproof Coffee Nutrition StrippedELEVATE (verb): to bring to the next level, to improve, to make better, to lift up. We’ve all heard about ‘bulletproof coffee’, yeah? Essentially BP coffee is MCT oil and butter that’s been emulsified with high quality coffee. Yet this is Coffee, Elevated Nutrition Stripped style, with a boost of inflammation fighting medicinal mushrooms, maca, warming nutmeg, MCT oil which has heaps of health benefits you can read about here and emulsifies the coffee and ingredients together; coconut milk rich in saturated fats and gives this a super creamy taste, and a touch of stevia to taste. Not to mention, everyone can enjoy this since it’s completely dairy-free! Oh, and did I mention you can make it in 2 minutes? Cheers!

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Hearty Black Bean and Corn Soup


Hearty Black Bean Corn Soup Nutrition Stripped

Soup. Ah, soup is the one dish I think we universally love in the fall and winter, right? This is one of my favorite go-to’s and am so happy to share this with you today in hopes you’ll create this in your kitchen later for a super easy and healthy lunch or dinner for your busy week! Hearty Black Bean and Corn Soup is a hearty combination of sweet corn, starchy black beans, fiber rich zucchini, all swimming in a tomato and vegetable stock base; topped with fresh cilantro, lime, jalapeno, and avocado and you’ve totally got it made.

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Interview with Sophie of Philosophie


Inspired Interview with Sophie of Philosophie Nutrition Stripped

This month, I’m happy to share another Inspired Interview with a friend, inspirational yogi, fit momma, and overall superfood queen, Sophie of Philosophie. Philosophie is one of my personal favorite protein powder lines (in actuality it’s a superfood mix with a punch of protein), the Cocoa Magic is my absolute favorite. Read more about how she balances life/work/fitness and health, what her favorite foods are, what a perfect day looks like and so much more!

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