Nutrition Stripped Photoshoot

McKel of Nutrition Stripped, home kitchen studioFirst of all, for anyone who knows me they know I’m not the “selfie” nor the photogenic type- I’m more of the behind the scenes type of gal- but in my element, being photographed for this shoot was effortless and so fun! I had my two dearest of friends, whom are also incredibly talented, style and photograph me doing what I do best. I’m constantly asked questions about my workspace, lifestyle, Zoey, and other things that go along with personal life; this was my way to give you a little glimpse into where all my creative juices get put into action. We took shots all around my home and outside by the garden, the studio, my office, living room, and of course the kitchen!

Without further ado welcome to my home, kitchen, and studio! Today I’m sharing with you all some pictures taken by my lovely photographer, talented friend, and overall amazing human being Crystal Martel. We had a blast shooting new pictures for the blog, which you can see they’re on every page, i.e. pantry, services, about, pressresources, contact, recipes, and more.

Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make it to the blog pages!

McKel of Nutrition Stripped, dog zoeyMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, dog zoey, home officeMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, gardening basketMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, dog zoeyMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, cast ironMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, home studioMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, home studio and officeMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, avocado mask McKel of Nutrition Stripped, avocado maskMcKel of Nutrition Stripped, cooking kitchen

Along with the new photos, I’ve also given the services page a bit of an upgrade, now you can directly checkout from the reservation form! If you’re interested, take a little tour around the site and visit the pages from the navigation bar (services, about, philosophy, faq, shop, resources, lifestyle, etc.) to see the new photos! This was so much fun and hope you all enjoy them too.

Check out Crystal K. Martel for more amazing photography on her website and instagram, especially if you’re looking for someone to capture you in your element, and for more of this photoshoot gallery there! Also, a special thank you to Red Earth Trading Company for the loveliest (and my favorite) jewelry of all time.

In other news, stay tuned tomorrow for a tasty watermelon recipe… I told y’all I can’t get enough of it lately!

xx McKel

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  1. mis says

    Oh my goodness! I love these! Where do you buy your jeans? LOVE them! You are the epitome of health! Gorgeous!!! And can I just copy your whole house!??

  2. mis says

    PS Do you have a garden as well? I would love to see a post on that! And Cast Iron. I would love a post on that too! I love the benefits of cast iron but find It such a chore to lug around and clean those heavy duty friends! I’m such a NS Nerd! :) CANNOT wait for your book!


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