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How to: Create a Morning Routine

Nutrition Stripped

How to Create a Morning Routine for Better Health | Nutrition Stripped

With a new year, or even a new season for that matter, comes open space for creating new rituals, new habits, new goals, and ultimately new routines. Creating a morning routine is one of, if not the most important thing you can do for your health and wellbeing on all levels. I’m not just talking about making coffee, getting ready for the day, eating breakfast, I’m talking about taking it deeper and living with intention behind your morning routines. Let me elaborate…


One of the first things I chat with my clients about, during goal setting, is the importance of a morning routine. It’s that important that we talk about it within the first two sessions. Morning routines are far more than habits, it’s in my opinion, essential for overall wellbeing. The way we set up our mornings is the way we set the tone for the entire day. Do you ever have those mornings where you’re rushing around trying to do “all the things” leaving yourself feeling frazzled and disconnected the whole day? I’ve been there, done that, and been back there several times especially last year when everything was so busy and things were happening left and right in both my professional and personal life. And guess what, the days where I felt overwhelm, burnout or stress were the days I didn’t practice my morning routine…in mindfulness. That’s the key here, being completely conscious and aware of being in the moment and carrying out your morning routine. To give you an example, I’m going to breakdown my personal morning routine as of January 2016 and subject to change as I change (’cause you know, we all do and gotta go with the flow of life). So here we go:

How to Create a Morning Routine | Nutrition StrippedProcessed with VSCOcam with 2 preset

+ 5:00 am: wake up only looking at my phone to turn off my alarm and putting it away. Saying an intention or mantra for the day, whatever comes to me or asking myself how I’m “being” in that moment and go from there with setting my intention for the day.

+ 5:15 am: drinking a liter of cold water while heating up water for a Matcha Tea Latte, Coffee Elevated, or warm water with lemon– it just depends on my mood that morning! Then I’ll start making a pre-workout green smoothie, green juice, or grab a piece of fruit. Super simple.

+ Intermission: things like using the bathroom (if you need help with digestion check this eBook or for more specific concerns let’s chat 1-1), changing for the gym, driving to the gym, etc.

+ 6:00 am: Move that bod time! My workouts vary from season to season and then I also switch them up on a weekly basis to make sure I’m muscle building (adding in hypertrophy exercises) followed by body weight and plyometrics (adding in higher cardio fat burning exercises). Again, I know my body and this is how I’ve designed my workouts to be but everyone is so different; if this is something you all are curious about I could write a blog post on my routine as well. Depending on my workout or what my morning schedule looks like with work, I’ll happily walk for a good 45 minutes to an hour at the park (if the weather is nice) or on the treadmill listening to podcasts, answering your comments on social media, etc. Walking is one of my favorite forms of movement.

 How to Create a Morning Routine for Better Health | Nutrition Stripped

+ 7:30-8:00 am: Back home, [newly added, I have an infrared sauna at home now and have been using that for at least 30 minutes post workout before I shower]. Then, I shower then set up for morning meditation. I practice contrast showering– I know, hold on it might sound crazy, but contrast showering means you shower with alternating hot and cold water. Towards the end of my shower, I do about 20 seconds hot, 10 seconds cold and back again for several rounds, the last round is a cold round and then I hop out. Contrast showering not only wakes up your nervous system, but it’s also a form of cold thermogenesis which does far more than burn fat, it dilates your blood vessels allowing a greater flow of oxygen to your cells, activites BAT (brown adipose tissue- the kind of fat that actually burn white fat), increased cell longevity, better immune system, on a mental/spiritual level it just wakes you up! Start small, when I first started I would do 10 seconds of cold water at the very end of my shower and then hop out- letting your body naturally come back up to normal temperature, this also allows it to adapt and work a little harder to get back to basal.

You can read more about My Skincare Routine: Body and Face Edition. I’ll be doing my minimal makeup routine here soon as requested!

+ 8:15-8:30 am: Meditation time! My favorite time of the day. I light a candle to burn sage and wood incense then start reading. Somedays I’m fine without reading and I just want to hop right into prayer then meditate on intentions and let it flow. Other days when I’m feeling particularly stressed or emotions are high around that time of the month or whatever life has thrown my way, I’ll pick up a book to help center and get in the “zone”.

My favorite books that line my shelves are: The Power of Now, Awakening the Buddha Within, 10% Happier, Big Magic, The Alchemist, Rising Strong, 40 Rules of Love, etc. (check out my AMAZING instagram post where the NS community shared their favorite books, it’s such a great reference for mindful-centered books.

How I meditate might look vastly different than yours and that’s okay! Some of you might try guided meditations, meditation audio, mantras, etc. You find what works for you and do that- who cares about what everyone else does it only works and helps if you’re listening in to what truly makes you happy.

+ 9:00 am: I meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes each morning, but some days if I’m feeling really great and diving deep- I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation so I’ve been loving being there for 30 minutes or more if my work schedule allows. Again, I realize not everyone has the freedom of setting their own schedule, the goal is to know where you can shift things around in your morning, wake up earlier, etc. to make it work for you.

+ After meditation I always follow it with breakfast! Some of my go-to’s in rotation depends on my workout intensity and goals that season. In a nutshell: Simple Oat Pancakes, Overnight Oats, fruit with a Mood Boosting Cocoa Smoothie.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.43.50 AM

+ 9:15ish am: Open up work and I feel refreshed, focused, and energized to power through straight until lunch with a couple breaks to grab tea, etc. Throughout my work day I try to be as mindful as possible of my breath, always having a mind-body connection which takes a lot of practice, and I have a hunch this is a lifelong practice and I’m okay with that.

Tips to creating space for a morning routine…

because that’s sometimes half the battle!

  1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier…that means, going to bed 30 minutes earlier! #beautysleep
  2. Write out your morning routine
  3. Now close your eyes and envision yourself practicing that morning routine. This helps work out those little “in between” steps you might not think about
  4. Make time for your digestion. Yep, you heard it and I’ll say it again, make time to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning every morning.
  5. Go with the flow. The first time you start your morning routine it might be best to start adding in 1 thing at a time and then working up to it.
  6. Be “selfish”, embrace this time all about you, for you.
  7. Change with the seasons! My morning routine stays pretty consistent year round, but I’m always checking in with myself about how I can improve or switch it up if I’m feeling stagnant
  8. Just. Do. It. Try it for 2 weeks straight and report back to me — but I think you’ll have positive outcomes from it.


Have any questions? Ask! I hope that sharing my personal routine helps you cultivate your own routine and ritual, doing things that you absolutely love and that make your heart and spirit happy. I’d love to hear some of your morning routines and I know this is a topic we chat about in the NS Society– let’s start the conversation here as well.

xx McKel

main image photography @kelseycherry 

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Share your thoughts

  • Kelsey M.

    Wow thank you for posting this! I love reading about your morning routine. One of my goals for the new year is to create a better morning routine for myself and this post has really helped me get a frame work in mind. What I’m struggling with right now is figuring out how to wake up earlier! Even though I try to go to bed earlier, I find myself lying in bed wide awake unable to fall asleep and then when that alarm goes off in the morning I’m groggy and hit snooze way too many times.

    • McKel Hill

      You’re so welcome, Kelsey! I’m glad it helped, I was getting so many questions about this so here we go! I’d love to hear your feedback after a couple weeks trying your own routine xM

  • Carmen E.

    Hello from Germany :)Thanks for all the inspirational ideas!! I’m a student so it’s not always easy to go to bed early 😉 but I try because I prefer to learn in the morning. I tend to get up and then just sit straight at my desk which I feel like makes me stay tired all day long! So I will definitely try to include some of your ideas in my morning routine!

    • McKel Hill

      I hope it helps you create more space during your day and with your studies, Carmen! xx M

  • Emily

    I start school in a few days so this is going to be a great thing to try! My mornings are usually a mess so I’m hoping this will help me become more organized!
    Thank you so much for sharing! -Emily

    • McKel Hill

      Hope this helps you Emily and good luck with going back to school! xx M

  • Shelby

    I would love to read your workout routine blog post! Love this too. x

    • McKel Hill

      Thank you Shelby, will do!

  • hannah-phoebe

    hey McKel, this is sooo interesting and informative! So nice to get an insight into what someone else does! But I’m curious as to how you get through 5-9.15 so a good 4 hours AND a workout before breakfast? I thought we needed to eat within an hour of waking up :/ (sorry if it’s a strange question, i’ve had anorexia for 8 years and have lost touch with whats “normal”)
    all best and love for the new year xx

    • McKel Hill

      Great question! My body works well in this routine and everyone is different! There’s no “golden rule” about when we should eat after waking- I would categorize that one as a myth! xx

  • Jacob

    This was fantastic and informative! I am for sure a morning person and when my mornings are productive then the rest of my day is productive, as well. I normally workout in the evenings, do you suggest working out in the mornings? I am definitely going to try mediating, I have never tried before. I love mantras in yoga, so I think mediating will be a great thing to me to dive into. Thank you for being so inspiring.

    • McKel Hill

      Working out in the mornings has always been what feels right for my mind-body connection so that’s why I’m a morning person- also, I know that if I sit all day long or I’m engrossed in work and then try to peel away and workout, I’m less likely to get it in. It’s all about knowing your energy and when the best time of day works for you/schedule. You’re so welcome, and I’m so happy to have you in the Society! xM

      • Jacob

        I never thought of it like that, but if you already worked out then you have a lot more energy for the rest of the day, too. I think I will try it more next semester. Being part of the society was exactly what I am needing in my life right now.

  • Lindsay M


    Enjoyed your post! I used to be all about morning routines – I’ve always been a morning person and morning exerciser. So I’ve been completely thrown off by the fact that I can’t seem to have one now despite constantly trying. I have an 11 month old whose wake time always seems to vary for some reason or another despite my strong effort to keep everything consistent for him. I sorely miss having a routine and counting on exercising in the am but I’d have to get up at 4 am (if not earlier) if I wanted for sure get an hour in before he wakes up.

    Any thoughts on instilling a routine when you have an unpredictable situation?

    Thank you!

    • McKel Hill

      Such a great question Lindsay! For me, I view the morning routine as non-negotiable so I’ll do anything it takes to make that happen, if that means waking up even at 4am some seasons during the year- I’ll totally do that. It’s all about prioritizing which things you “MUST” do in that routine versus the luxury ones- again, try it out for 2 weeks and see if it impacts your health! I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

  • Laura

    Love this! I 100% a morning person, my problem is that since I function so much better in the morning, I want to do everything before work…working out, meditating, journaling, but if i did all that I’d need to wake up at 3AM, which is just unrealistic. I like the idea of writing everything out and seeing what I can realistically fit in and what is non-negotiable. Thanks for the tips! Would also love to know your workout routines too 🙂

  • Virginie

    Amazing but at what time do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep to get up at 5 am? 🙂

    Much love, Virginie

  • Rose

    There are so many good ideas here that I will try out. Do you have any advice for people who work shifts? I work in a hospital and a lot of the time have to get up at 5am to leave the house at 6am! I also do night shifts every now and then but try to keep these to a minimum as they make me feel so unhealthy.

    Thanks for all your great posts! 🙂

    • McKel Hill

      2 of my best friends are ICU nurses and work night shifts so I know this all too well! Reverse your “morning” routine and do whatever routine works within your schedule. xx M

  • Shyla

    This is so perfect! I love seeing what others do in their morning routines. Mornings are, and have been for quite a while, my favorite time of day! It’s the perfect opportunity to set the tone for a day filled with positivity and the best vibes. I love you’re entire routine, especially that you mentioned that it’s okay to feel selfish. I feel, sometimes, like the people around me don’t understand why I choose to take so much time to “be” and be happy in the early hours… so I’m glad I have some support in that area! I do have one question… what time do you go to bed in the evenings? I realize everyone needs different amounts of sleep and it’s important to listen to our bodies to determine what that number is. So, do you set a time for yourself or just sleep when you feel tired?

    Thanks so much!
    xo, Shyla

  • Kelsey

    LOVE this post! I would love to work toward a similar routine! I definitely need to work on drinking more water throughout the whole day, so I decided to start your habit of drinking a liter every morning — started this morning and loved it! I feel like it somehow made me reach for my water more frequently throughout the rest of the day as well. Thank you! 🙂 Would love a similar post for your night time routine!

    • McKel Hill

      That’s a great idea about the night time routine! Adding to the list as we speak. Thanks Kelsey 😉

  • Drew

    I love your blog, Mckel! Where do you get your meditation supplies (sage, bowls, etc)? I am looking into starting up my own little set up and need a little assistance. xo

    • McKel Hill

      Great question Drew- I just updated some links on the post to show you where I got those things 😉

  • Claudia

    This is excellent! What time do you usually head to bed at?

    • McKel Hill

      Ooof… early. I’ll do a nighttime routine soon but anywhere from 9-930 to make sure I’m getting 8 hours of sleep!

  • Kate

    It sounds great but what would u advise a full timer who starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 6:00 p.m.? It seems impossible to squeeze it all in 24 hours 🙁

    • McKel Hill

      It does! But it’s all about time management and how you can re-organize and prioritize your tasks, sleep schedule, waking time etc.; have you ever read the 4-hour workweek? That may be helpful with tips on time management! xx M

  • Christina

    I struggle to make my AM routine stick! I will do really well for a few days and then get out of the habit. I have quite terrible insomnia and the nights I don’t sleep I just can’t find the motivation or energy to do my routine.
    Can you please tell me more about Transcendental mediation? I’ve researched it before but it seems to be very expensive to learn from a teacher, yet I’ve heard it’s quite a simple concept. I think getting into a mediation practice that I actually like and stick to might help me sleep! It’s those racing thoughts. Thanks for this helpful post 🙂

    • McKel Hill

      Meditation in general, no matter what form you enjoy doing can help calm your mind and set up a goodnights sleep as well! Have you checked out my nighttime routine yet?

  • Sara werst

    This post is great! I feel like I can really relate to your type of workouts. I would love to hear more about your workouts. I like mornings because it’s the only time I have! Thank you 🙂

    • McKel Hill

      Thanks for sharing Sara, I’ll be writing one soon about them 😉

  • Lucy

    Thank you so much for this inspirational blog. It has changed my mindset and given me the push to get up that bit earlier and move my body. Gave it a try this morning and I feel amazing! I would love to hear more about your gym routine. I find it tricky to mix up my gym sessions and feel my body gets used to the classes I do. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks again ???? X

    • McKel Hill

      Happy that it helped Lucy! I’d be happy to write a blog post on my workouts soon! xx M

  • Mette

    Greetings from a Danish girl living in Spain. I have children so most of your routine doesn’t work for me but your post help me wanting to get better organized in the mornings. Waking up early and getting a lot done before waking up the kids. I have one problem and that’s getting to bed at night. What time do you go to bed? Lately I am getting up at 6:00 and going to bed at midnight and at the end of the week I am exhausted:(( Thank you for your wonderful blog:) Mette

    • McKel Hill

      Thank you for sharing Mette, and hello from Nashville! That’s the thing here- you make your routine work for you. I have several clients who are mommas and even taking 20 minutes to themselves in the morning for their routine changes the mood for their day. I go to bed around 9- 9:30pm to make sure I get enough sleep waking up that early! xx M

  • Elizabeth

    Just curious…how do you “make time for digestion”. I have a similar schedule in the morning but cannot go until 10AM most of the time. Who can I adjust my body?

  • brittney

    ” if this is something you all are curious about I could write a blog post on my routine as well” – NS
    Yes please do!
    So lost when it comes to fitness and where to start .

    • McKel Hill

      Thanks Brittney- I have one coming up soon! xxM

  • Florencia

    Pleaaaase create the workout post 🙂

  • Shannon

    Could you do a night routine?

    • McKel Hill

      Sure will! I have one about sleeping here:

  • Valerie

    Loved this post! I’m so inspired to take care of my body in the am! I just have one question about 5:15 – 6am. It looks like you drink a liter of water, drink coffee elevated or green tea latte and then drink your stripped green smoothie all within 45 minutes. I’m actually trying this today but I want to see if I have the order correct… thanks! 😀

    • McKel Hill

      I’m glad it inspired you! Yes, that’s personally how I do it, but everyone is different so just listen in to your body and eat/drink what you like 🙂

  • Thank you, reading your morning routine was very inspiring! In the summer I had a pretty great morning routine down, but then September rolled around, darker mornings and busy workdays and I left off. I’ll establish a morning routine again, thanks for the tips! 🙂

  • I love this post so much. A. I love mornings but…B. I’ve been struggling to get mine down since returning to an office with a commute. I usually get up quite early and work out, but have been sleeping in and working out later in the day, much less preferable.

    This post has inspired me to get back to my ‘me’ time routine.



  • Tricia Kopec

    I love this! You never realize how much time you have in the mornings to focus on yourself and get stuff done for you. A morning routine has changed the way I work day to day and I love it.

    Thanks for the awesome blog post! xo

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed the morning routine tip, Tricia! I hope you have a healthy and happy weekend!

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