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Nutrition Stripped Strawberry Macha Salad Kathy Patalsky
Happy Sunday everyone! I’m here today to share a short and super sweet post with a giveaway! Last weekend at my Spring Brunch, I saw an entire garden full of almost ripe strawberries at Bloomsbury Farm, it got me in the mood for making something with strawberries. Kathy Patalsky has a delicious recipe for Strawberry Avocado Mache Salad in her new cookbook that I was able to share with you all here, it’s super simple, delicious, and beautiful. I’m also happy to say one of you will get to win her cookbook, which are an extension of her recipes found on her vegan food blog Healthy Happy Life. She has great recipes, very fun healthy twists on classic comfort foods made completely meatless. Although what I share on Nutrition Stripped are not vegan (read more on my food philosophy), many are vegan “friendly”, and her book is full of inspiring meals to make meatless or even with some flexibility.

Nutrition Stripped Strawberry Macha Salad Kathy Patalsky
I wish I could’ve got my hands on some mache, which is a delicious green, very delicate and almost looks like a four-leaf clover or sprout of some sort, and is incredibly nutrient dense! Instead, I used another nutrient dense green, fresh kale I had on hand, used fresh organic strawberries and creamy avocado- this combination is really delicious for how simple it was to throw together- in less than 10 minutes!
2 cups mâche lettuce
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
½ avocado, diced
1 cup sliced fresh strawberries
1 teaspoon chopped fresh mint
Pinch of freshly grated lemon zest
2 tablespoons raw hemp or sunflower seeds (optional)
Sea salt and freshly ground blackpepper
  1. Toss the mâche in 1 tablespoon lemon juice and olive oil.
  2. Divide between two serving plates. Gently toss the avocado with the strawberries, mint, and lemon zest. Arrange over the mâche.
  3. Sprinkle the hemp seeds over the top, if desired, and
    garnish with mint and additional lemon juice to taste.Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Nutrition Stripped Strawberry Macha Salad Kathy PatalskyNutrition Stripped Strawberry Macha Salad Kathy Patalsky


Simply comment below why you’d like to win Kathy’s book! 1 winner (only in the US) will be chosen at random and will be contact from my team about winning and all the details. If you can’t wait that long, you can purchase her cookbook here. I hope you all check out her fun recipes!
xx McKel

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  • Samantha

    I’d love to win a copy of Kathy’s cookbook. I follow her blog and love her simple and delicious recipes!

    • Valerie

      Hello!!! I love this website and juicy delicious pictures and well written posts. I’d love to win this cookbook because I do lots of outreach education on healthy eating and exercise to youth who are obese or at high risk. It would give me more tastes ideas and help me continue to show the world how great food can be!
      Much love, Valerie

  • I want to win Kathy’s cookbook because I love her recipes and approach to wellness.


      I would like to win Kathy’s cookbook as I am enjoy healthy eating and love her recipes. Not to mention, I would love to share them with friends/family.

  • Liz

    I’d love to win the cookbook because I’m really looking to experiment in the kitchen this summer and this would be a perfect addition to my kitchen experiments!


  • Christina

    Love the recipe! Will have to definitely make it for my roommates! Perfect way to get some fresh spring fruit into some salad 🙂 I really love the cover of that book. It’s so colourful and not to mention the food on the cover makes me want to make it right away haha. Would love to win a book like that to have new ideas and inspiration for recipes to make. Not to mention have a book stock full of new healthy and vegan recipes to keep myself healthy in university 🙂

  • Bethany

    I would love to win the cookbook so I can learn more and teach everyone around me about the healthy, happy vegan life!

  • Alex

    Wow that salad looks amazing and perfect for a summer picnic! I’d love to get my hands on this book, since I’ve been trying to cook more vegan fare.

  • ali

    love strawberries with avocado 🙂 the cookbook looks wonderful!

  • Casey

    This is outrageously gorgeous! I would love to win the cookbook because I’ve definitely been in a rut with my fruit and veggie routine. I would love some beautiful and creative recipes to infuse my kitchen with new things.

    Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!!

  • Meg Gore

    I am trying to eat healthier but I don’t always succeed. This salad makes you crave healthy and simple foods. I think if more people could see how beautiful a healthy plate can look, then more people would be eating what their body actually craves.

    Thank you for the post!

  • Liz

    I’ve been following Kathy’s blog for YEARS and can’t wait to get my hands on her book! Definitely would love some more inspiration in the kitchen 🙂

  • Arlene

    Beautiful salad – like eating a big bowl of Springtime! I’m dying to try all of the recipes in this book – a wonderful new addition to my cookbook collection.

  • J. Font

    I became a Vegan on: Jan. 1, 2015 ( a little over 4 months), and need lots of new creative, fun recipes to prepare for my family and new ideas for my lunch during my work week. I would love to win ” HEALTHY HAPPY VEGAN RECIPES”, because it would be a welcome addition to my daily life and to continue this new adventure I began early this year, to become a happier and healthier me. Kool Giveaway :)!!!!!!!

  • J. Font

    KOOL GIVEAWAY:). I became a Vegan a little over 4 months ago and ” HEALTHY HAPPY VEGAN RECIPES”, If I win would be a welcome tool in my kitchen. Thanks for this FAB giveaway!

  • Kelly

    I love Kathy and her blog! I would love to have her cookbook.

  • Courtney S

    i would love to win this cookbook for all amazing recipes and new ideas (:

  • Pam

    Caught in the throes of battling Lyme’s disease I am looking for any help to make meals healthy and give me ideas when my brain has BURPS. Its been such a struggle to have energy to cook by evening, that even chopping veggies overwhelms me, but following the thinking of your post about stress I am speaking life to myself, doing the best I can and going onward. I found the WANT TO two years ago to eat better and lost 25 lbs and then I got sick. This has really taken me down physically and emotionally but I”m not going to hate myself for what I don’t do, just trying my best. Even my husband at 60years old is finally not the young healthy pup he was for so long, so I need ideas. Trying to load up on cookbooks so this looks interesting. Thanks for the giveaway…..pick me, pick me Mr. Random. lol

  • Jessica Smith

    Absolutely beautiful. I would LOVE to win this cookbook because as an inspiring Dietitian, I am starting to broaden my horizons in the kitchen and create my own dishes. Having this cookbook will give me the inspiration I need to help me be more creative in the kitchen.

  • Because I LOVE Kathy’s 365 Smoothies Book!

  • Frances

    I would like to win this book for my best friend. she is just starting out on her vegan journey and i think this would be perfect for her! LOVE this website… it has helped me transition into a much healthier lifestyle!

  • Elisa

    I must admit I’m not a huge fan of fruit in my salads (I’d prefer to eat it alone), however this looks delicious, the flavors seem like they’d compliment each other well. I would love to win this cookbook so I could be inspired to start cooking more, particularly for my family, because they aren’t vegan and I’d like to show them how yummy healthy, wholesome vegan food is. I’m sure this cookbook would be a perfect opportunity for just that, what a great giveaway, thank you!

  • Jennai

    I am transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and would love this to help me along the way! I looked it up on Amazon and it even has a section for new vegans like me! Looks like a great cookbook that I would be proud to add to my collection!

  • I’ve had my eye on this cookbook for a while now and it’s so exciting that the release date it here! I feel like the recipes featured in the book are so summer-centric that it couldn’t come at a better time. We just got a grill and I’m so intrigued by the burger recipes in the cookbook – I’d love to try them out!

  • Katie B.

    I would love this book…we are always trying to eat more fresh veggies, so this would be perfect 🙂

  • Tiffany K. White

    I soo love your site!! I would love to win Kathy’s book, as I am a vegetarian trying to transition to vegan (very difficult) and I think this would be a great help!

  • Ansley

    Her blog is one of my favorite vegan blogs (even though I’m not myself), I would love to win the cookbook. Her recipes are really easily adaptable but always come out delicious, which is probably the number 1 thing I look for with vegan recipes.

  • Liesel

    I just discovered your blog – amazing and beautiful – just what I think I need right now for some inspiration! I would love to kick-up my veggie routine a bit and I think this book would help me.

  • Coco

    Kathy’s recipes are always very approachable. They’re simple, yet tasty and don’t require an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. Though I love to cook, I sometimes find myself in a bit of a time crunch, which is where HHL creations save the day! It would be so convenient to have all of them in one place, rather than having to shuffle through countless recipes trying to find the one I’m looking for. Great giveaway–thanks for hosting!

  • Danielle

    I’d love to receive a copy of Kathy’s book! I’m trying to go more and more towards an all vegan lifestyle and this would really help! Thanks.

  • Megan

    I would love to win this cookbook! Io aspire to be a health support chef, focusing on whole, organic, local and seasonal foods. I follow Kathy on social media and find her to be so inspirational! Her and her creations are beautiful.

  • This salad looks great! I would love to win this book, I’m looking for new veggie recipes to find creative ways to use the goodies in my CSA box this summer!

  • I follow your blog and hers, so I am excited you are doing this giveaway. I would love to win this cookbook since I am always looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into my meals 🙂

  • Oh I would love to win! Ive been wanting to try more vegetarian/vegan recipes this summer but I feel a little stumped as to where to go to find some that are easy (other than Nutrition Stripped and pinterest)

  • Summer

    I am a college student about to move into my first house, where I will finally be able to cook for myself while at school! I would love this cookbook to get me started on cooking wholesome and healthy student meals!

  • Emily

    I’d like to win the book because I want to eat more vegan meals. Thank you

  • Liz Z

    It would be amazing to win Kathy’s cookbook because I’ve recently transitioned to living a healthier lifestyle and the nutritional, delicious recipes would be great inspiration and motivation. I want my mom to become healthier and get out of a rut and this would make a great addition to our kitchen and our lives. By focusing on positive, enriching experiences like healthy cooking, we can all learn to be happy!

  • Emily

    I’d like to win the book because I want to eat more vegan meals.

  • Erin

    Would love to add this to my vegan cookbook collection!

  • Tina Shin

    I’d love to win Kathy’s vegan cookbook because I’m trying to slowly transition to become vegan and I think this book would help me better. Simply finding vegan receipes on the internet is what I’ve discovered to be not as easy as one would think. There are so many out there yet none that I’ve enjoyed. It all comes to taste and loving what you are eating when changing how you’re eating and I think this book can teach me to love what I’m eating and to love myself more.

  • Natalia

    I would be beyond ecstatic to win the cookbook! I think my biggest problem as a dietitian-in-training is that I’m not really a good cook! Ironically… I know all the MNT and biochemistry, but we were never really taught how to cook or shown good recipe ideas. I need ideas for healthy meals that I can use when counseling patients at my clinical internship this summer.

  • paula rothman MD

    this would be a perfect addtion to my collection. love her blog

  • Beth

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I have recently began to try a vegan diet. I am always looking for more ideas. Your website is so helpful and encouraging in making healthier choices. Thanks!!!

  • I’m always looking for new fresh food ideas and that salad looks so bomb!

  • Susan

    HI McKel,

    I would love to win a copy of Kathy’s new cookbook, because I am always interested in finding simple and delicious vegan recipes, and have enjoyed many from Kathy’s great blog.

    Thank you!

  • Livvy Call

    I would love to receive the cookbook because I want to learn the ins and outs of vegan cooking at its finest!

  • Hi Mckel! I am currently in school at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition getting my holistic health coaching certification. Being that I am a total health foodie, I love getting the chance to read new recipe books by other bloggers out there that I can share with my friends, family and clients! I’m 21 years old and am still in college so money is tight! Thank you for the opportunity to win Kathy’s book!! And also, this recipe looks delish!!! Going to eat some strawberries now!


  • Mikki

    I’d love to win Kathy’s cookbook because I’m constantly working hard to try and better the way I eat- new recipes are always a huge help and a great source of inspiration!

  • Alicia

    I’d love this book because beautiful cookbooks really inspire me in the kitchen! I’ve made some progress and would love to incorporate more vegan options into my family’s routine, but really want to make sure they are TASTY so they LOVE THEM! 🙂 🙂

  • Pam

    I’ve always read cookbooks like other people read novels & would love to add this one. I was hooked seeing that picture…beautiful!

  • Mari

    I’d love to win the cookbook because I am learning about healthier eating and lifestyle and it would definitely be a huge help, the recipes look wondeful!

  • Savannah G

    I want to win the cookbook because it’ll make cooking with my recently vegan bet friend so much easier, and I love cookbooks!

  • Mallory

    I would so love to win this cookbook!

  • Barbara S.

    Kathy’s cookbook is not only vegan but focuses on plant based eating. I would love to win this cookbook to help with my transition to a whole food, plant based diet.

    Thank you,

  • Debi

    I am trying to eat more and more healthy and I can use all the help I can get! Thanks!!

  • carolyn

    I want to win Kathy’s book because I have been following her blog for years, and LOvE her , but I buy and own waaay to many cookbooks and don’t have the money for it right now.

  • Cindy

    This cookbook looks wonderful! I would love to win it because I am always looking for healthy vegan recipes. I also read Kathy’s blog which means I know exactly how awesome her cookbook must be.

  • Courtney

    I’d love to win Kathy’s book to add new flavors and twists to my meals and lifestyle!

  • Donnie

    I’d love to win the cookbook because I am in to simple and healthy food!

  • Christine H

    I would love to win this book to get more vegan inspo to share with my family and friends so I can have them appreciate vegan foods and living as much as I do.

  • stacey bradford

    I follow her blog and would love to get a cookbook of hers.. I’ve always wanted one!

  • Shannon E.

    I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook because I am just getting started on my “wellness” journey and I think it would be a great inspiration and tool for me at this time! I also love cooking and trying out new recipes and that strawberry salad looks amazing!

  • Cheryl Gomes

    I would be simply delighted to have a copy of this beautiful cookbook! I have recently been inspired to create a healthy life path for myself and my family, and would love to have delicious recipes to cook for us…xxx

  • Teresa

    I’m on a journey, trying to find a healthy lifestyle diet. I’ve been devoted to daily exercise for the past five years and have yet to truly feel fit and blissful. I just can’t seem to get really trimmed down, and there are many days that I feel like I can do better for my body. I would love to be awarded with Kathy’s cookbook and start a new path to a better body.

  • Zoe

    I’d love to win this book because I’m a college student always looking for creative and healthy new meals to make with produce from the local farmers market!

  • Jessica

    I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook to be able to incorporate more diverse plant base recipes in my everyday meals and snacks! Also, to share new ideas/ recipes with my family and friends to help in sustainable eating practices through vegan meals!

  • Courtney

    What a beautiful and delicious salad recipe! I would love to win a copy of Kathy’s cookbook. I just began eating a whole foods, plant focused diet three weeks ago and I am so amazed by the increase in my energy level!I love eating this way and would love more healthy recipes to experiment with for my family. Thank you for your inspiring blog!

  • Rachel Hansen

    I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook because it would jumpstart my collection of healthy, clean eating recipe books I am trying to create!

  • Lindsey West

    I would really love to win this cookbook because I have a great appreciation for these healthy, beautiful recipes. As a person recently diagnosed with lactose intolerance, I love knowing that there are cookbooks like Kathy’s that I can turn to. I believe it’s about learning to find alternatives and not living a life filled with the fears of missing out, but knowing that you can actually have what you want and it actually may be more delicious than anything you’ve ever eaten before.

  • Ann

    I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook because I am trying so, so hard to eat healthy and need new ideas and motivation to keep at it!

  • Laurie Nelson

    Thank you for this opportunity! Loving your website McKel! I would use this cookbook to assist people with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other terrible chronic disease, to change their diets and lifestyles and help them heal the damage done with food. The recipes in this book look fabulous. <3

  • As a nutritionist myself, I have a love for cooking and coming up with delicious and healthy recipes. I would enjoy adding this cookbook to my collection, looks positively gorgeous!

  • I would love to win Kathy’s Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen cookbook! I check her blog Healthy Happy Life at least every other day, since my family and I stopped eating meat. My 3 and 8 year old daughters have insisted, at an age much younger than I was, that eating meat is cruel. I could not agree more!

    I’m so glad to be able to check Kathy’s blog, as well as yours and many others for ideas on making delicious, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals, snacks and smoothies. I’m still recovering from a massive failed brain surgery, so it’s incredibly helpful for me to be able to find simple, quick, inexpensive, but also yummy recipes to make each day! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  • Christina

    I love reading her blog and I don’t currently have a good, go-to resource at home for vegan recipes. This would be a nice, simple list of recipes to make snacks and dinner for myself and others!

  • Keisi

    I would love to have Kathy’s cookbook because I’ve followed her blog for a couple of years and love everything I’ve tried. I also LOVE her pictures and cannot wait to see them in her book 🙂

  • Kristen

    I would love the chance to expand my repertoire of recipes with some vegan-ness!

  • betsy nelson

    I show love by cooking for people and nurturing them with vegan food has been my thing since I became vegan 5 years ago. For this reason, I would love some new inspiration and to win Kathy’s cookbook 🙂

  • Magdalena

    I have a lot of fun experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen so I would really enjoy this cookbook!

  • I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen. My young daughters- 3 and 8 years old, recently decided it was cruel to eat meat, and that they were done eating it. I was happy, because I’ve spent most my life as a vegetarian, but I did not consider the ethical issues about eating meat from animals who live at horrific factory farms, and truly gross fast food burgers and chicken until my teens. I’m proud of my girls!

    I’m so grateful to be able to access amazing, delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, snacks and smoothies here on your blog, at Healthy Happy Life, and so many others! I am still recovering from a massive, failed brain surgery, and am constant pain, so much as I love to cook, until I heal, I need recipes that are affordable, quick to make and yummy. I check both your blogs at least every other day for new ideas. Thanks so much!

  • Wow this salad looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out when I head home from college for the summer and make it for my family. My family has less-than-healthy habits so a cookbook, especially from the wonderful Kathy Patalsky, would be an amazing resource for me to continue my love for health and wellness as well as a way to help me provide food that has amazing flavors and nutrients to my family! I check Kathy’s blog as well as yours daily, you both have been such an amazing help in my growth mentally and have helped me become comfortable with my body and what foods I put in it!

  • Diana

    I would love to win because I recently started eating healthy. I love learning all I can on how I can eat better and the positive benefits for my body. The book would help me on my newfound journey and inspire me to cook and eat better. I’m determined to keep this as a lifelong change and to teach others of the things I’m learning!

  • This looks so gorgeous and happy!!! I can’t wait to check out this book! 🙂

  • Heather Ostrowski

    I have just embarked on a clean eating Vegan journey. My health had gotten away from me over the past three years, and decided it’s time to focus on health, strength and happiness. This book has amazing recipes that will help me on this journey!

  • Ana

    Eating a more plant based diet is always my goal and this book sounds right up my alley, who would not want to be a healthy and happy vegan?!!
    Great giveaway!

  • Catherine Jackson

    I would love to win the cookbook because I want to begin my cookbook collection! My mom has always had an amazing array of cookbooks to reference. In the past year, I have fallen in love with cooking, eating healthy, and perusing recipes! I also follow Kathy’s blog and know that each recipe will be amazing! I don’t actually have any cookbooks yet, but this would be a great start! This is one of the cookbooks on my list to get! Thank you for this delicious recipe (I’m from Nashville and I love our local strawberries) and the giveaway!

  • Diana

    Always looking for healthy recipes.

  • Kelli Davis

    Coming from a meat loving family, I need some plant based recipes to experiment with!

  • kathleen

    I would love a copy of this beautiful book!

  • Michelle Claassen

    I would love to win this cookbook because I’m trying to transition to a vegan diet, but need help!!! This cookbook would be really great to read!

  • Alison H.

    I would love to win her cookbook because the recipes look fantastic! What a gorgeous book!

  • I’d love a copy of Kathy’s book because she creates to-die-for recipes that are also gorgeous to look at!

  • Maddy

    I would love to win this cookbook because I am currently in school studying nutrition and I always love to learn new, healthy recipes to expand my knowledge and help my friends and family eat a healthier, more plant based diet.

  • Ashley

    I have been reading so many great reviews about this book, thank you so much for the chance to win!

  • Melissa K.

    I enjoy Kathy’s blog very much! I would love to have her book in my collection!

  • Donna F.

    I would love to win this book so I can find some new delicious plant-based recipes!

  • Adele

    This cookbook would be great to win because I’d love to find out more about how to make classic comfort foods into meatless versions.

  • Michelle

    I want to win her book so I can eat more vegetables!

  • Maxime Bonett

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you’ve really inspired me to cook more often. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle thanks to my mother but I’m not the best at cooking (I’m great with healthy snacks though!) So I would love to win Kathy’s book to help me become a better cook while maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

  • Ana

    I would love to win your book!!!

  • Janel

    I would love to win this cookbook!!! It would help my husband and I to transition towards eating more vegan meals by exploring these “comfort food with a twist” recipes!

  • Stacey

    She was the first blogger I ever followed at the start of a vegan “challenge” that ended up turning my whole eating lifestyle around! So interesting to see things come full circle on another blog I now follow and adore! 🙂

  • Karla

    I’d love to win a copy of Kathy’s cookbook as I have been in a food rut and wold love a new cookbook to help me mix things up this spring. A new good vegan cookbook is a blessing. 🙂

  • Kelli

    coming from a meat loving family I would love some plant based recipes to experiment with!

  • Isabella


    I would love to win this cookbook, because every Monday I host meatless Monday dinner parties (often using your recipes!) in an attempt to get my meat eating friends to branch out a bit. It would be super fun to use some of Kathy’s recipes!


  • Kristine

    I’d love to win because it looks great! Beautiful and healthy!

  • Ceecee

    I need more healthy recipes that are as delicious as the one above.

  • Kara T.

    My partner and I both have gastrointestinal disorders, and healthy, plant-based meals are so important for both of us to stay healthy. Kathy’s cookbook looks like it would be an awesome reference for some new recipes and some new takes on old favorites we can’t eat anymore. It’d be awesome to win!

  • I’d love to win Kathy’s book because I adore her site, and have really enjoyed the recipes of hers I’ve tried! Thank you for the chance to win. Have a lovely day 🙂

  • Dana

    I would love to win a copy of this lovely cookbook.

  • Rahmi

    What a joy it would be to cook each night out of a book as beautiful as Kathy has created! This recipe & the cover of the book are inspiring, fresh & gorgeous!

  • Becca F

    I would love to win because based on her website I’d love this cookbook to shreds (which I have been known to do)

  • There’s lots of rumors floating around that it’s a must have, especially for vegans. So yes, I want one. Especially if the recipes in it are as delicious and simple as they are on her blog.

  • I would love to win Kathy’s book! I’ve been a fan of Kathy’s blog for years and I love her recipes. She puts a twist on vegan dining like no other.

  • Alison M.

    I love learning new recipes!

  • Nicole

    I would love to win Kathy’s book as I’m always looking for new plant based recipes and her book looks great! I’ve been eating more and more meatless meals and this book would be perfect to try new recipes.

  • Charlie

    I’d love to win Kathy’s cookbook so I can enjoy fun, new recipes with my girlfriend!

  • Natalie Christian

    I would love to surprise my mother with a yummy and delicious filled cookbook for Mother’s Day! We are trying to watch what we eat and putting good things in our bodies, this would definitely be an encourager and booster! Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to win a copy of the book! Would be a great way to incorporate healthy and interesting new dishes into my lifestyle!

  • Pam

    I’ve been vegan for several years now, and it’s so inspiring to look through and experiment with recipes from a new author (new to me, that is). Every time I get my hands on a new vegan cookbook, I donate one of my omnivore cookbooks to the Little Free Library–located in our neighborhood’s community organic garden–and they get snatched up pretty quickly. I’d love to add Kathy’s cookbook to my vegan collection, especially if all the recipes are as good as the Strawberry Avocado Mache Salad!

  • Barbara Dudley

    This book would help me keep to the changes in my diet to improve my life quality and take charge of my health.

  • Vera K

    I would love to win this cookbook – I am always looking for healthy fun recipes.

  • yumm that salad looks absolutely delicious!!


  • Courtney Mills

    I would love to win this cookbook! My long time bf has been having health issues for the past 7 months. They have yet to find an explanation, but we are trying our best to clean up everything we eat. The Nutrition Stripped recipes have been great but adding even more with this cookbook would be fantastic!

  • Renée

    I would love to win Kathy Patalsky’s Cookbook so I could have fun making her delicious healthy recipes at home for my family.

  • Karen

    Really hoping to win Kathy’s Healthy, Happy Vegan Kitchen to give to my daughter and she can cook her way thru this book and publish photos of the results and comments on http://veganalamode.com/

  • KC

    As a first time mama of a little boy with a big appetite, I have tried to instill in him a love for fresh, vibrant, whole foods. He enjoys just about everything I make for him (thanks in large part to the amazing recipes I find on blogs such as yours as well as Kathy’s), but I am always up for new ideas, as sometimes we do tend to get in a rut with the same foods. Kathy’s cookbook would be an awesome way to have all her best recipes in one, easy place for easy access! We already love her blog so I know we’d adore her cookbook, as well!

  • Elise

    I love vegan cooking and would be so excited to learn new recipes from this book!

  • Brenda

    Been wanting to integrate more vegan recipes in my home…so this would be a wonderful cookbook to get that started. Plus, I simply love cookbooks…read them like novels!

  • I would LOVE <3 to win the cookbook because I LOVE cooking and am looking for more healthy clean eating resources and hope to share them with my clients and friends that I help! <3 Thanks for offering this lovely giveaway!!

  • Courtney

    I love cookbooks and would love to add this one to my collection!

  • I would absolutely love to win Kathy’s book because I am always looking for new and inspiring healthy recipes.
    Alice x

  • Kaitlin

    I would love to win Kathy’s cookbook as I am looking to live a life full of healthy living and wellness!

  • Tyra Ballard

    I’m about to turn 44 years old and have spent many years on the run taking care of everyone else. While eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first grandchild I have decided to eat cleaner to feel better! Growing up in the South everything meal had to have a meat, a green, a starch and of course bread and maybe a dessert. I now know that health issues I’ve been suffering from is a result of poor choices in my eating. I’d love the opportunity to win the recipe book to help me on my new endeavor 🙂

  • Jacky

    I’d love to have all of Kathy’s recipes in one place!

  • Kendra

    What a beautiful book! I’d love to try Kathy’s vegan recipes as I already eat vegan but struggle to get out of certain recipe ruts. I’m sure her recipes would inspire me to try new produce from the farmers market and explore different spices and herbs that I don’t normally use.

  • Kathy’s blog is wonderful, as is yours! Would love to win a copy of the new book, I have so many cookbooks already my husband won’t let me buy anymore (not that I really do what he says 🙂 ), so I need to win them!


  • Kami P

    I would love to be picked! I am the only veg person in my friend and family circle so I could use all the help I can get showing them how good it can be to be to eat veg.

  • Becky

    What a treat to offer us this giveaway. I love Healthy Happy Life and her veggie burger recipe is my tried and true favorite. My plant-based diet is in want of some inspiration and new recipes so that’s why I’d love a copy of her book. Winning her new cookbook would be fabulous, so thanks for giving us the opportunity.

  • Monica

    I love new healthy recipes!

  • Marina V.

    First I just wanted to say I adore your website and recipes. I am a fellow dietitian and I am always looking for more ways to incorporate whole foods and more vegetables/fruits into my lifestyle as well as those I educate. I think you do a wonderful job at this. Anyway, I would love to test out the recipes in Kathy’s new cookbook. I always need new, simple and nutrition recipes to share with the children and adults I educate and I’m sure this cookbook is full of just that. Also I am very excited for YOUR cookbook to come out and will be purchasing it as soon as I can. Keep up the great work 🙂


  • Marina V.

    First I just wanted to say I adore your website and recipes. I am a fellow dietitian and I am always looking for more ways to incorporate whole foods and more vegetables/fruits into my lifestyle as well as those I educate. I think you do a wonderful job at this. Anyway, I would love to test out the recipes in Kathy’s new cookbook. I always need new, simple and nutrition recipes to share with the children and adults I educate and I’m sure this cookbook is full of just that. Also I am very excited for YOUR cookbook to come out and will be purchasing it as soon as I can. Keep up the great work 🙂


  • carin

    I would love to win because who doesn’t love to win? 🙂 The cookbook looks amazing!

  • Amy

    I would love to win this beautiful and yummy looking cookbook! I am a working mother with 2 small children and a husband that I need to prepare healthy and tasty meals for. I’m trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies at every meal and this book would certainly make it much easier at tastier!

  • Lydia Claire

    The recipes look yummy and of course they are healthy!

  • Corrine

    This is a great book to add to our bookshelf of vegan cookbooks! It’s the perfect book to win.

  • Corrine

    This is perfect to add to our bookshelf of vegan cookbooks! Why wouldn’t we want to win it? =)

  • Nasim

    I’m a big fan of this blog and Kathy’s 🙂 I’m making a switch to more plant based diet, and veganism has always been something that I’ve considered. I would love to try out recipes from her new cookbook. Thanks!

  • Katelyn

    I would love to win Kathy Patalsky Cookbook. I am a new vegetarian of two months. It took me a long time to be able to figure out how to do it. I am absolutely loving it! I love to try new recipes and have been cooking a ton of vegetarian and vegan recipes. I would love to be able to have a actually cookbook to look at. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would love to win because I’m trying to really do better with my healthy eating and lifestyle! Plus it’s gorgeous to put on my countertop and inspire me.


See what wellness looks like #IRL

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T-shirt Size Chart

Size US Sizes UK Sizes AUS Sizes
Small (S) 2-4 32-34 6-8
Medium (M) 6-10 36-40 9-13
Large (L) 10-14 40-44 13-17


No worries, just shoot us a quick email at [email protected] with SHOP in the subject and let us know what size you’re looking for and we’ll set you up!

Avocado Love t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The boxy crop tee doesn’t show the tummy, just slightly when you raise your hands.

Matcha Matcha Matcha t-shirt is made with a durable 100% cotton blend. It runs a bit on the larger side, but shrinks an entire size due to the cotton.

Kale Made Me Do It t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The sleeves are purposefully a little loose, hanging off the shoulders giving room to move.

Good Food Good Vibes t-shirt is made with super soft blend of 65% poly 35% viscose; it’s lightweight, flowy, hangs off the body and runs true to size. The sleeves have a deep scoop showing your side body more than a normal tank, great to show off a touch of your sports bra, lacy bra, or any tank underneath.

Each t-shirt is individually hand screen printed here in Nashville, TN by our friends Grand Palace Printing. Each design is printed multiple times to ensure quality color. A lot of love goes into making every single t-shirt, here’s how to take care of it when it gets to you:

+ Wash cold
+ Line dry or lay flat to dry to retain best color and size

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Have questions about your order? Exchanges/returns, or just to share a testimonial of your experience with Nutrition Stripped? We’re happy to help answer any and all questions you might have. Please email us at [email protected].

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