Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, part II


Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, Part II | Nutrition StrippedToday I’m sharing with you all part II of the healthy traveling series, with a special focus for traveling on planes! I have several clients who are traveling via plane this holiday season and we’ve already spent several sessions going in depth about what to pack, how to prepare/plan, and choices to make once landed! It also comes at perfect timing for me as well, I’ll be traveling to Rehoboth Beach in NJ over Thanksgiving, and traveling by plane can be tricky if you’re not prepared. See part I here.

Here’s a little peek into what my travel tote looks like, these are things I never leave my house without as you can see from above: Madewell tote // Commodity Goods travel size perfume // Aloha Greens packets // Greens+ bars // Teas // my journal // Mario Badescu Rose Water or my own that I make // a comfy scarf or poncho that doubles as a blanket // Organic Bursts chlorella tablets // magazines // Tata Harper lip balm // lavender essential oils //

I recommend planning ahead as much as possible, meaning if you know you’re going to be in route for 8 hours, be sure to pack 8 hours worth of your normal food/snacks! For example, let’s say your flight leaves around 3:00pm and your arrival time is 10pm- this is about 7-8 hours of travel time to account for. Pack whatever you would normally eat in that time frame- a dinner and a couple snacks. Also, be one step ahead of the game! Realize that flights don’t go the way they’re planned (i.e. rarely) without delays or layovers, plan an extra meal or snack to make sure in the case you’re stranded, you’re still prepared!

Another tip, Don’t “bored” eat! Make yourself a rule or boundary time where you cut off food and snacking. I get it, traveling can lead to boredom especially if you’re just sitting for hours. So often I see people just mindlessly accepting the passed peanuts and snacking on them when most likely they’re not even hungry. Don’t eat just to eat or pass time.

Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, Part II | Nutrition Stripped

Traveling on a plane

These tips can be used for other modes of traveling, but I find it especially great for planes

What to pack:

  • Things that are non-perishable at room temperature like fruit, avocado, nuts, seeds, premade bars, etc.
  • Tea bags to add to hot water on the plane + your favorite travel mug to hold more water than a styrofoam cup (plus you can refill this with water)
  • Water bottle- drink, drink, drink, and then drink some more water! Traveling on planes can make you extremely dehydrated
  • Reading materials so you don’t “bored” eat!
  • Games to play, cards, etc. with your flying companion or random stranger… who knows?
  • Journals and pens, I’m constantly finding inspiration for work, for the cookbook, etc. you never know when it’ll strike
  • A cozy blanket or neck pillow for long flights
  • Rose water spray, my go-to for keeping my skin look fresh and dewy even after flying for hours!
  • Essential oils, I love lavender for instant relaxation- I get nervous flying!
  • Lip balm, to keep those lips moisturized!
  • Food. Of course the food.
  • Chlorella tablets from OB, packed with minerals and chlorophyll!
  • Side note, when I travel 90% of the time I carefully pack my Blendtec or Vitamix in my luggage- I always use it while traveling to make my Stripped Green Smoothie which I swear is the one thing that keeps my digestion happy while traveling, energy incredibly high, and feeling amazing to enjoy the trip.

What food to carry-on with you

Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, part II Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, part II

Recipes to pack while traveling

Recipes to enjoy before you leave the house traveling: *all easy on digestion yet filling, energizing, and high in vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system strong

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Healthy Travel Recipes & Snacks, Part II | Nutrition Stripped

I hope you all travel healthy, happy, and safely this holiday season and enjoy your time with family and friends! I’ll be posting as regularly and be sure to keep up with me on Instagram while I’m exploring Rehoboth- OH and also if you have suggestions of places I’d like or should visit, please do comment below!

xx McKel


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  1. says

    I LOVED this post! You’re totally my kinda gal. I travel with as much practical food and snacks as possible. My husband used to always roll his eyes and scoff when I’d be packing food, but after many times of me saving him with snacks, he’s turned that attitude right around. I’m traveling a TON this holiday season so it was good to get an outside perspective on what to bring along.

  2. says

    Oh! I wanted to ask you about packing your blender (because I always swear I will and then I never do). Do you give yourself a travel timeline rule on how long you have to be gone to consider taking it (like, if a trip is over 3 days you’ll take it, if under you won’t). Do you carry it on or check it? Do you have extremely light luggage so it won’t knock you over the weight limit? (I swear with me bringing running shoes and extra clothes for workouts and books and a computer, I lug around WAY over the weight limit).

    • says

      I use my blendtec, it’s much lighter and I pack it in my lugga- they won’t let you carry it on because of the blades haha. I take it at all times if the place I’m staying doesn’t have a solid blender to use or if there isn’t a reliable place that sells good quality smoothies ;)

  3. says

    Thank you for this post! I am due to deliver my fourth baby soon and have been thinking about what food to pack for the hospital and digestion friendly food is going to be sooo needed! While I won’t be bringing my Blendtec to the hospital, I usually do bring it along when we travel too! :)

  4. Heather says

    I don’t fly a ton so when I do, I never feel confident on what the current TSA regulations allow or restrict. Can you elaborate on the fruits/veggies that can be carried on? Is it all prepackaged in a sealed container?…or are you bringing whole fruits and vegetables on the plane?

  5. merilyn says

    thankyou lovely mckell!
    I always love your recipes and nutrition insights and tips
    and I am especially loving your videos! sooo helpful and straight forward!
    I also love your promotion of the natural … just gorgeous aesthetics too!
    good on you! … go girl! love m:)X in aus

  6. cindy says


    i love the first picture you posted, esp the taylor swift magazine ;)

    haha & super helpful post as well. though it’s pretty difficult buying water and taking it on the plane, since we cant get through the gates without throwing away all the “liquids”. and the water they sell at the airport restaurants are always so overpriced! ugh.

    what store or brand did you get your containers from? they’re super cute, and i don’t have any containers like them yet haha.

  7. Erin says

    A little off topic… Are you actually reading A Course??
    Of course (pun not intended, haha) that would make so much sense. Clean eating is such an important step to being the truth. Thank you for being a light in the world!

  8. says

    Hello,Enjoying browsing through your site! I did not see an area to add BEAUTY comments. How do you feel about PHILOSOPHY body wash bath products? Of late I realized Bare Minerals is not so pure.IT face products? Susanne Summers says hers are organic/pure-your take? I use TATCHA for face and PURITY for face. Hair no suds WEN love it,I use FIG.OH my-I noticed all posts and comments are from 2014??


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