Through the Garden Smoothie


Through the Garden Smoothie | Nutrition Stripped

I’m writing you all from the airport, heading back home to Nashville from our two week stay in San Francisco shooting my first cookbook…it was such an amazing experience and I can’t tell you all how much all of your kind words, support, and suggestions for what to visit- so appreciative beyond words. It has been a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks to say the least! We’ve worked non-stop for 14 days to the point where sometimes I thought I couldn’t do it anymore yet most of the time feeling really excited, grateful, and happy about the project and how far it’s come…but I’m ready to let my mind and body relax, refuel, and refocus for the next chapter ahead. I know many of you took a holiday this weekend so you might be in the same mode as I am- let’s just say a “bounce back” mode.

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Green Fiesta Juice


Green Fiesta Juice | Nutrition Stripped

Green juices. They’re nutrient dense, they’re refreshing…and to be honest some of them are taste intensely “green”. My mission today is to share a green juice recipe that’s not only delicious, incredibly nutrient dense, while not loaded with sugar as many juices can be. Oh, and not to mention, you can totally make this using a blender! Learn how to make green juice with a little kick, without a juicer.

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Cashew Lime Green Smoothie

Cashew Lime Green Smoothie Nutrition Stripped

I have a hunch this Cashew Lime Green Smoothie will be giving the Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie a run for second place after the ultimate queen, Stripped Green Smoothie. It tastes like the tropics even though it’s in the thick of winter here in Nashville, but perfect for all my Australia loves enjoying this on the beach. When I first made this, I literally sat back and said “wow”, it’s incredibly refreshing and light tasting from the lime, yet dense enough to keep you full with the fiber rich spinach, fresh herbs, dates, and mango. The cashews are the star ingredient grounding this smoothie and taking the texture to a whole other level of creaminess- sans any dairy!

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Green Tart Smoothie

Green Tart Smoothie | Nutrition Stripped, green smoothie, low sugar green smoothie

First and foremost, Happy Halloween! Today I’m sharing the polar opposite recipe that you may expect from a food blog on Halloween, a Green Tart Smoothie. I’m doing this for a couple reasons, 1) Nutrition Stripped just isn’t a “food” blog it’s all about that whole food lifestyle I’m always talking about!; 2) I think we’ll encounter enough sugar today so need for me to put out a high sugar recipe; and 3) this smoothie is just awesome and my new favorite- ladies this one is especially for you. The Green Tart Smoothie is loaded with mineralizing greens, low sugar fruits, and plant-based proteins coming from spirulina or chlorella, and even amino acid and B vitamin rich bee pollen. I promise, after drinking this smoothie you won’t have a sugar crash like most do when eating handfuls of candies and your skin and digestion will thank you so much for it.

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Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl

Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl | Nutrition Stripped, smoothie bowl, green smoothie bowl

You’re all going to think I’ve officially gone mental with this recipe, I can already hear my mom telling me “McKel, no one is going to eat that blue stuff!”- all in good fun. This Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl came to me, well on a beautiful blue summer morning a couple weeks ago, hence the name. It’s been really hot here in Nashville so my smoothie bowls are calling MAH name in the mornings for something simple, delicious, nourishing, and cold. This one hits all of those + it incorporates my beloved protein packed spirulina, omega-3 rich chia seeds, and a fiber rich veggie, which you’ll never guess!

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