Lemony Sunchoke Soup


Lemony Sunchoke Soup | Nutrition Stripped

With the sun waking up and shaking off winter, spring and summer bring about times where soup is often left behind unless we’re talking about gazpacho. To soups credit, it’s a dish that should still be incorporated into our spring and summer menus since it’s easy to make, stores well as a leftover, and most importantly the fiber can help us improve our digestion (but take it easy and read my notes on these sunchokes), making us feel great from the inside out when we might be showing a little more midriff and skin, right? The combination of zesty fresh lemon made in a delicate broth surrounding chunks of fiber rich sunchokes, make it the perfect spring soup to welcome into your repertoire!

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Ultimate Vegetable Pot

The Ultimate Vegetable Pot, Nutrition Stripped

The New Year is literally around the corner in a couple of days and before you hear all about “detoxes”, “juice fasts”, and “cleanses” thrown at you from every direction- I highly recommend easing into new lifestyle and nutrition habits gradually or do so by doing it well and whole. In lieu of this, tomorrow I’ll be sharing an simple yet effective 7-day meal plan all about rebooting and rebalancing after the holiday season and starting fresh for 2015. The Ultimate Vegetable Pot can be a great way to transition into a New Year reboot and rebalance for anyone looking to increase the nutrients in their diet.

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Spring Green Pea Soup


Spring Green Pea Soup Simple Pea SoupSpring is in full bloom and with all the amazing fresh produce I’ve been enjoying lately, peas are amongst the best of them. Green peas are incredibly delicious, which is hard to believe coming from someone who used to dislike them so much growing up. Peas have a flavor and texture profile I’ve learned to love and appreciate especially in the plant-based lifestyle. This Spring Green Pea Soup highlights those very flavors I adore, slightly sweet, thick, creamy, nutty, and buttery all in the same bowl. Pair this Spring Green Pea Soup with crunchy and fresh pea shoots, pumpkin seeds, fresh chives, or garnish with Classic Cashew Cheese.

This soup is also fantastic to make ahead of time for the week ahead when you need a quick yet nourishing lunch, dinner, or side to a meal. The star of this soup are the obvious, green peas! Peas are one of my favorite vegetables this spring, which I think is rather amusing because I used to dislike them so much as a child. They’re incredibly nutrient dense with both vitamins and minerals, but even more so with protein! All of which are so important when practicing a healthy lifestyle, but especially my fellow plant-based eaters.

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Carrot Orange & Ginger Soup

Carrot Orange & Ginger Soup  // nutritionstripped.comCarrot Orange & Ginger Soup is a delicious spring style soup for the warmer seasons approaching us. It’s incredibly light and refreshing with sweet carrots and hints of citrus and warming ginger. The official first day of spring is just around the corner and I’ve been in the mood for celebrating spring produce in any way I can with recipes- including springtime soups!

Carrot Orange & Ginger Soup is loaded with heaps of vitamin A especially from the carrots, vitamin C from the oranges, and warming ginger which provides digestive aid amongst other health benefits. Not only is this soup nutrient dense, but it’s also low in calories, which may come at a perfect time for most who are trying to “slim” for spring and summer. Most of us don’t associate soup recipes for the spring and summer months of the year, I hope that with this recipe is can be a new favorite to enjoy!

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Black-eyed Peas and Kale Soup

Black-eyed Peas and Kale Soup | nutritionstripped.comHappy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a fun yet relaxing start to the New Year last week- I took some much needed time away from work, blogging, social media, and the like to re-energize, center, and refresh my focus for the new year. It was absolutely wonderful and I have some EXCITING things in store for you all this year, just wait! I’m back today to start off the New Year with a meal that I’ve been lovin’ the past week, Black-eyed Peas and Kale Soup, a traditional new year food.

The most traditional meal to eat on New Years Day is the classic dish of black-eyed peas served with greens, ham/pork, and sauerkraut. I’m turning this traditional meal into a vegan friendly soup, Black-eyed Peas and Kale Soup. It’s warming, comforting, incredibly healthy, delicious, and leaves you feeling satisfied and ready to tackle the new year ahead of you. 

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