Beetroot Pineapple Salad with Mint


Pineapple Beet Salad | Nutrition Stripped

As of right now, I’m still in San Francisco shooting my cookbook and it’s been full of emotions; being absolutely spent and exhausted at the end of the day from excitement, working hard, and doing something I love is a feeling I’ll never take for granted. I wish I could show you all what’s going on with all the cookbook recipes, but for now they’ll just be little glimpses of what I’m up to on Instagram- today we’re shooting main entrees and wrapping up shooting all the soups, which are so good!

THIS. This salad has been my go-to for the past several weeks leading up to traveling, I just can’t seem to eat enough or stop making it each batch cooking day! It’s super simple, requires no more than 5 ingredients, is incredibly balanced in flavors, contains fibers, carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients galore! Juicy, sweet and slightly tart pineapple combines with sweet and earthy roasted beets, topped with blood sugar stabilizing cinnamon, soothing fresh mint and a drizzle of healthy fats from extra virgin olive oil. The entire salad takes less than 5 minutes to pull together once you have the beets roasted and tastes sublime!

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Overnight Oats, Three Ways

Recipe, Video


Hey everyone! I’m excited to share with you all today a highly requested cooking video and group of recipes! The perfect quick & easy breakfast on the go or for a busy week at home – Overnight Oats, Three Ways. These recipes encompass some of my favorite varieties of the quickest breakfast or snack to plan ahead of time.

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Matcha Tea Latte


Matcha Green Tea Latte | Nutrition Stripped

Whenever I share a picture on Instagram of one of my matcha tea lattes, ya’ll go crazy and want the recipe or a perfect how-to guide on how to make them at home for yourselves. Well, I listened and I’m here to share my favorite Matcha Tea Latte recipe, equipped with my favorite tools to use and a step by step tutorial. It’s also another green way to celebrate St. Patricks Day (hooray!), like my Pesto Green Eggs and Avocado Toast.…or enjoy together for an entire “green” meal. So cheers to the most delicious coconut milk Matcha Tea Latte, high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and completely dairy free!

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Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream


Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream | Nutrition Stripped

I’m thinking about spring. I know it’s just the start of March and technically we have a bit to go, but I’m all about spring right now and all the exciting things I have in the works to share, but also just the changing of seasons. Whenever I think of warmer months, I instantly thinking of cooling foods and the wide varieties of fruits. Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream may be the most simple dessert, I’ve shared since the BanaNO Cream ice cream yet is a bit more special feeling. It’s loaded with fiber and antioxidants from my three favorite berries including raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries and is topped with a raw vegan sweet cream sauce made from cashew nuts, raspberries, coconut, and a pinch of lemon.

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Pesto Green Eggs & Avocado Toast


Pesto Green Eggs with Avocado Toast | Nutrition Stripped

Yesterday, was one of my favorite days. It was Dr. Seuss’s birthday! I know, I know this is a totally random “favorite” day to have, but ever since I was a kid I adored every single Dr. Seuss book to the extent that I would re-read the same book over and over again- Green Eggs and Ham being one of my favorites from the bunch. I thought it would be a fun tribute to one of my favorite childhood authors by creating a completely Nutrition Stripped approved “green eggs and no ham” type of recipe completely inspired by the whackiness that is the concept, green eggs. To this day, I’ll never know or understand why Dr. Seuss’s eggs were green nor do I want to know how they got to be that off color; all I know is that I’m making my green eggs with delicious basil pesto with a side of avocado toast- all greens.

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