Popcorn, Four Ways

Recipe, Multi-ways

Popcorn, Four Ways | Nutrition Stripped

I have the fondest of memories enjoying popcorn as a snack especially in the evening with my parents as a child; it was almost a nighttime ritual. My parents would make popcorn, I’d stand and stare anxiously and dance around the kitchen waiting for it to finish popping, most of the times eyes glazed towards watching the corn pop in fascination. We’d pour the perfectly popped kernels into a giant bowl and pass it amongst the four of us while sitting on the couch watching movies unwinding from the day. I absolutely love this memory- to this day, whenever I think of popcorn, my dad pops into mind (ha pun intended) because he’s the biggest popcorn lover of all. Some of the toppings were quite inventive (I’ll give my parents credit on this one), topping popcorn with shredded fresh cheese, grated parmesan, cinnamon, black pepper, spices, loads of butter, and good ole’ sea salt. Nowadays, living dairy free and a bit more health conscious than my 6-year old self, I’ve transformed my childhood popcorn favorites into a more sophisticated group. Meet the delicious foursome taking back popcorn: Matcha Dark Chocolate, Herb & Cheeze, Turmeric Spiced, and Cinnamon & Sea Salt.

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Tea 101

the basics

TEA 101 | Nutrition Stripped

Tea holds a very special place in my life. I know some of you may be thinking that it’s odd one food or drink can hold so much space in a person’s life, but it’s true. It’s far more than a hot beverage, it’s the ritual, the routine, the present moment-ness and mindfulness cultivated during making tea, and sharing tea with loved ones that makes it so special. When I first met Bennett, he was not a tea drinker…like at all. I used to visit him here in Nashville before I moved here and I’d have to bring my whole tea kit with me to make sure I could indulge in my tea routines while away from home. Nonetheless, he picked up on my habits and started to truly enjoy the whole process of heating the kettle, waiting to hear the whistle, pouring the hot water, and letting it rest before snuggling our hands around the mug and enjoying a cup together. Those moments were so precious to me and still are to this day when we both make tea for each other. It may be that tea is one of my love languages, but I speak through it. When he’s having a rough day or long day from work, I make him a mug of tea; when I have friends over and we’re catching up, I immediately offer tea; when my team comes over to work at my place…you guessed it tea is offered. I’ve also collected so many unique tea mugs over the years, which are very sentimental.

So whether tea already has a special place in your life or you’re just starting to learn more about drinking tea, I hope this post guides you in picking out your favorites. All it takes is your favorite mug, hot water, and the tea. Then, it’s all about enjoying the moment. Cheers! 

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Matcha Tea Latte


Matcha Green Tea Latte | Nutrition Stripped

Whenever I share a picture on Instagram of one of my matcha tea lattes, ya’ll go crazy and want the recipe or a perfect how-to guide on how to make them at home for yourselves. Well, I listened and I’m here to share my favorite Matcha Tea Latte recipe, equipped with my favorite tools to use and a step by step tutorial. It’s also another green way to celebrate St. Patricks Day (hooray!), like my Pesto Green Eggs and Avocado Toast.…or enjoy together for an entire “green” meal. So cheers to the most delicious coconut milk Matcha Tea Latte, high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and completely dairy free!

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Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream


Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream | Nutrition Stripped

I’m thinking about spring. I know it’s just the start of March and technically we have a bit to go, but I’m all about spring right now and all the exciting things I have in the works to share, but also just the changing of seasons. Whenever I think of warmer months, I instantly thinking of cooling foods and the wide varieties of fruits. Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream may be the most simple dessert, I’ve shared since the BanaNO Cream ice cream yet is a bit more special feeling. It’s loaded with fiber and antioxidants from my three favorite berries including raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries and is topped with a raw vegan sweet cream sauce made from cashew nuts, raspberries, coconut, and a pinch of lemon.

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Pesto Green Eggs & Avocado Toast


Pesto Green Eggs with Avocado Toast | Nutrition Stripped

Yesterday, was one of my favorite days. It was Dr. Seuss’s birthday! I know, I know this is a totally random “favorite” day to have, but ever since I was a kid I adored every single Dr. Seuss book to the extent that I would re-read the same book over and over again- Green Eggs and Ham being one of my favorites from the bunch. I thought it would be a fun tribute to one of my favorite childhood authors by creating a completely Nutrition Stripped approved “green eggs and no ham” type of recipe completely inspired by the whackiness that is the concept, green eggs. To this day, I’ll never know or understand why Dr. Seuss’s eggs were green nor do I want to know how they got to be that off color; all I know is that I’m making my green eggs with delicious basil pesto with a side of avocado toast- all greens.

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