Grain-free Banana Bread with Cinnamon Cashew Butter

Grain-free Banana Bread with Cinnamon Cashew Butter

Grain free Banana Bread. I’m sure you’re not used to seeing or hearing of grain-free breads, understandably so as they’re a newer trend hitting food blogs everywhere (especially after the popularization of Paleo). Well I’m here to introduce, broaden your horizons, banish any fear of carbohydrates from breads, and rekindle your love of bananas. This recipe so simple to make using only all natural ingredients and it’s also incredibly delicious. JUST LIKE MAMA MADE (ha).

I went into making this recipe as a complete experiment with my pessimistic side saying “this is probably going to turn out too dry, too mushy, too sweet, etc.” Needless to say, while this bread was baking away in the oven, the aroma of classic fresh baked banana bread filled my entire house (who needs air freshener when theres baked goods?). When I pulled the bread out of the oven, sliced in and took a bite- it.was.heaven. I laughed out loud and said, “Wow, I can pull off baking?”

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Goal Setting 101

the basics


It’s already Spring! I can’t believe how quickly March has come and almost gone, but I’m ready for this Spring sunshine. Speaking of Spring, so how’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? If you’re blushing, shying away, or even have your head down in disappointment because the answer is “not coming along” ,”eehh…”, “what New Year’s Resolution?”, or “that was only a 2 week gym pass right?”, etc., then lets have a little chat about it.

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Massaged Kale Salad

Massaged Kale Salad |

Meet my favorite way to eat raw kale, the Massaged Kale Salad. I bet that title caught your attention… In my previous post I shared the concept of batch cooking and mentioned a couple of my staple batch cooking items; one of them being massaged kale salad. Massaged Kale Salad is one of my weekly if not daily salad go-to recipes. It’s full of fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, and incredibly satisfying from the king green itself, kale. What do I mean by massaged? Stripped | this recipe is super simple, made from only very few clean ingredients. Massaged | well, because the kale is massaged.

Why massage kale? Kale is a fantastic leafy green because of it’s texture, which lends to a wide variety of ways to work with; whether it’s steaming, sauteing, adding it to soups or stews for a more hearty mouthfeel, finely chopped in a salad, or of course blended in a green smoothie. Massaging basically is a process of breaking down the kale to make it more easy to digest. Think of it in this way, digestion starts in your mouth and kale has a very rough texture, which takes a lot of mastication on our parts before we can swallow it (without it feeling like a forkful of grass, ew.). Massaging prior to eating is like pre-digesting the kale. Give your kale some love, go ahead, massage away! Your jaws and tummy will thank you.

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Batch Cooking 101

The basics

IMG_2292 660

Have you ever heard of Meal Prep Mondays, meal prep, batch cooking, or bulk cooking? Surprisingly, some of you may not have a clue what I’m referring too, well this is a secret I want to share with all of you today. Today I’m sharing Batch Cooking 101 as a guide. I’ve been batch cooking or doing some form of meal prep for my entire week ever since I was a freshman in college. Back then, my busy schedule of jumping from one class to another, internship, work, and maintaining a social life, primed me for the future of a busy schedule. Undoubtably, batch cooking helped me tremendously and still continues to be a life saver in reaching my health goals and saving time, all while keeping the enjoyment when cooking.

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Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse, vegan, gluten free, avocados, berries

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse has a not-so-secret ingredient, but one that sure is unique when it comes to desserts, the avocado. This is a non-dairy vegan friendly mousse will all the great qualities of traditional mousse- it’s thick, creamy, velvety, rich in flavor, and pairs perfectly with ripe fruit. It’s full of healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients in comparison to most mousse recipes, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!

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