Welcome to Nutrition Stripped!

Hi there beautiful people! Some way or another you’ve stumbled upon this place where I share my thoughts, ideas, and naked noms (aka good eats!) out in the open on the inter-web (ha), in short, it’s my blog! The seed was planted over a year ago of starting a blog and now this idea has sprouted; and will continually be a labor of love. I invite and welcome you to my random musings in wellness, food, fitness, and in life and love… lets get this adventure started ; )

Nutrition Stripped is your stripped-down guide to an unprocessed lifestyle with no expiration date. This blog will include topics such as: Spotlight On, Readers Pick, emerging nutrition research, my Naked Noms with the occasional recipe of course, wellness practices, frequently asked questions, Q&A’s, and a little of my life ;)

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Live in love with your body, mind, and spirit!

love and greens xo,